Many Stars

Birthday drabble for Arandil, who asked for either Elladan and Elrohir, or Legolas and Thranduil.

"Perhaps somewhere else, people have different legends for each star," said Elrohir pensively. "Just like we do."
Elladan laughed lightly.
"Even the Orcs?"
"Why not?" asked Elrohir. "See that? That's Urfak the Inebriated, that is. Nar!"
Elladan snickered, a very un-lordly sound that would not have pleased his father.
"How about that one?"
"That, dear brother, is Lugdush the…Very Confused."
"Very confused?" laughed Elladan. "What – "
"It's very simple, dear brother. You see, when he was but a young Orc…"
And Elladan gazed at the stars, and for a swift, irrational moment, wondered what they were made of.
Orcish souls?