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Chapter 5.

Artemis led them to the library (which must have had the whole content of three public libraries) it was so huge. Everyone went to their favourite seat and sat down.

"Well, people, did everyone understand the circumstances of the People's problem?" Artemis asked and when he was answered by heads nodding he continued.

"Ok, do you have any questions about the People, as I'm sure you do?" Artemis asked.

"How'd get involved with the People?" Jason asked and Artemis immediately started to blush, which was highly unusual for him.

"Ah... yes, well... I sort of kidnapped Holly and held her for ransom," Artemis replied hesitantly. Chris whistled, but everyone else looked none the wise they all knew what Artemis was like before.

"Well, tell me, what exactly have you and Holly done together?" Sacha asked and looked anywhere, but Artemis.

"We've done a number of things together. We've fought off the goblin uprising, we've been to America to get the C-cube back from Jon Spiro- you know nothing about that," Artemis said, oblivious to Sacha's strange behaviour.

"I see," Sacha replied, stiffly.

"Well, the question is do we really trust her enough to believe her and help them out," Cassie said, thoughtfully.

"I'd trust her with my life," Artemis said immediately and Sacha's head wiped round to stare at him, a look of horror on her face.


Chris walked down the hall towards Juliet's bedroom, as she'd told him she had to tell him something. He was nervous (which was the closest he ever got to feeling fear), as this was the girl he had been in love with since he first laid eyes on her. He reached her door and knocked. He heard a faint 'come in' and entered the lair of the siren.(A N Greek mythology, the sirens lured sailor onto the rocks by singing to them)

She was sitting on her bed reading a Charmed book and looked up.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey, you said you wanted to tell me something, and... well I'm all ears," he said and cringed inside. God he sounded like such an idiot.

She walked up to him, until she was so close, he could have counted everyone of her eyelashes.

"Not exactly tell you something, but show you something," she said, huskily and ran her hands down his top.

Chris' eyes widened in surprise and desire. He'd been longing for this for years now, but he was going to take this slow, he told his overactive hormones. Juliet, though, had other ideas. She rose up and kissed him, gently. Slowing the kiss progressed to a more passionate kiss. They both broke away, breathing heavily. He looked at her and brushed a lose strand of blonde hair away from her face. She looked up into his eyes, grabbed his hand and led him over to the bed. (A.N Nothing naughty here, they just kiss and cuddle the day away.)

Holly looked about, bored. She'd been sitting here for over and hour, just watching Mud Men TV (which was better than fairy TV) and now it was getting late. She decided to go looking for her weapon helmet, hoping to contact Foaly. She wandered about and looked around all the rooms she encountered and came to Juliet's room. She pushed the door open a fraction and stared. Chris and Juliet were locked in a passionate embrace, kissing her. Apparently one of them had eventually made a move, they had started to get on her nerves at breakfast when they kept stealing glances at the other, when they weren't looking.

She walked away, leaving them to their own devices and walked into a table.

"D'aravit," she grunted while holding her bleeding knee. Why wasn't her magic getting to it? Oh yeah, she had run out of that, she told herself angrily. Then she remembered her glass vial containing an acorn (since the incident in Russia they had been approved by the Council)

She rummaged around on her uniform pockets and found it. Holding it tightly in her hand, she walked down stairs in search of a door leading outside.


Outside the LEP had sent Retrieval One on the job, as once again Captain Short was Missing In Action.

"Now listen Grub I want you to stay here and keep a watch out," Captain Trouble Kelp told his brother.

"But, if Butler's there I deal with him for you," Grub said, indignantly, looking at his brother.

"No Corporal, you're staying here," Trouble said in a voice that would suggest to any normal person that the conversation was finished, but Grub was oblivious to this and kept on arguing.

The rest on the Team began taking bets on how long it would take grub to mention 'Mummy'. So far two minutes.

Suddenly, making them all jump, Root's pissed of voice came across the intercom.

"Any sign off Captain Short?" he shouted down the speakers, causing everyone to go deaf.

"No, nothing to report, sir," Trouble said.

"Well we can't go in because we aren't invited," Grub stated and Trouble instantly whacked him on the head.

"Shut up!" he hissed.

"Look!" someone said and pointed to a door. Holly Short walked (well limped) out of the door and onto the perfectly mowed lawn.

"Commander, I've spotted her, but she appears to be hurt," Trouble cried, excitedly.

He watched as Holly sat on the floor and started digging, and then she put an acorn in the hole and covered it up. She instantly glowed blue from the magic entering her body.

"She's just completed the ritual, Commander," he said.

"Well don't just stand there! Go ask her what the hell she's doing and tell her to get her arse back down to Haven!" Root shouted and blew into his mike, which, again, caused the team to go deaf. They powered up their HummingBirds and flew soundlessly down towards her.


Holly smiled as she felt the magic flow through her veins. She turned around and walked into something, an invisible something at that.

"Easy Captain, you might fall over," Said Trouble, unshielding, and grabbed her arm.

" Trouble," she cried. "Thank God you're here, I was about to lose my mind with boredom."

Trouble opened his mouth to reply, but didn't get a chance as he heard a commotion behind them and they instantly shielded.

The back door flew open and Sacha came storming out with Jason in tow.

"I'M NOT DOING IT!!!" she screamed at him, but he seemed unfazed by her outburst.

"Sacha just calm down..." he tried, but no, Sacha was in a rage.

"Jason, they is no way an I becoming some bloody tart, they've got other bloody bimbo in the force to do that!" She shouted and stormed over to the open garage door.

Intrigued the team followed her including Holly.

"Sacha what are you going to do?" Jason asked wearily, as she grabbed a gun of f of the table.

"Letting off some steam," she replied and walked over towards her motorbike.

" Sacha..." Jason began.

"No Jason, they can bloody well piss off, if they think I'm doing something like that!" She hissed and turned the bike on.

"Sacha I know your frustrated about Artemis..."

"This has nothing to do with Artemis!" She yelled at him and took off, leaving Jason behind looking grim.

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