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Rating: R for later chapters which have sexual content, violence, bad language, and other things which I suddenly can't think of that are bad. And make it R. So, if you're a young 'un, and you know it...clap your hands and leave.


The howl that echoed throughout the canyon that the four wolves were resting in was a pinnacle of pain. Such intense pain. At the sound of such grief, the four wolves lifted their heads and pricked their ears forward to catch every decibel of the mourning. One of them, a small brown colored pup, staggered dizzily to its feet and out of the cave that the pack was staying in. Upon reaching the outside, where the moonlight bathed the ground in iridescent light, the pup lifted its nose to the moon and answered the painful howl with one of its own. Three pairs of canine eyes watched the toffee colored wolf with wonder. Never had they seen the youngest one in their pack act this way. Such powerful energy resonated from the adolescent, such understanding of the pain of the howl, that another wolf, an albino white alpha of the pack, got up and walked to the entrance of the cave.

His mournful howl joined the first one, and then another one, from a stocky tan wolf, and the final wolf, a gray one with numerous battle scars, sat up and watched its pack mates howl in answer. Finally, he too rose and followed the other three, raising his muzzle in salute to the pain filled wolf somewhere near.

Four wolves howled that night in answer to that aching call for help. Four wolves called to the mourner and offered condolences. Four wolves bayed and cried for hours before finally stopping.

Seconds later, another howl, from the mourning wolf, reverberated throughout the canyon, not so painful this time, and seeming to thank them for caring.