My Big Fat Aquios Wedding

By Nicolle

This is it, Everyone! The final installment!

1st Note: For the people who seem to being missing this: THIS IS OOC!!!!! It isn't supposed to be in character.

2nd Note: When you get to Peppita's part, and trust me, you'll know what I'm talking about when you get to it, imagine it in crayon drawings.

3rd Note: The reception is a treat for anyone who read the dictionary in their game. I mean, really, the developers go to all that trouble so you know what's going on and why people do the things they do and you don't read it? Bad Gamers! No Biscuit!

4th Note: I just pulled the name Sarah out of the either, since Albel never says what 'her' name is. If you don't know what I'm talking about, do the "Why Airyglyph Lost?" PA and choose option one. Of course, if you want Albel to get all philosophical, choose option two.

Disclaimer: Star Ocean 3 belongs to Tri-Ace/Ubisoft/Square-Enix.

Chapter Eight:

I'm Going to the Chapel and I'm Gonna Get Married

Somewhere, late in the night:

Nel/Albel sat up.

"Are you okay? Do you need anything?" Claire/Cliff asked.

"I'm fine. I just can't sleep," Nel/Albel said.

The Morning Of

Albel shrugged into a shirt and pants before picking up his garment bag and heading toward the castle, Cliff in tow. After dropping their stuff in the conference room, they headed back into town for breakfast. Fayt and Roger beat them to it.

"Hey guys. Have a seat. The waitress will be back with more food in a minute," Fayt said between bites.

Albel and Cliff sat down.

"So, how'd you sleep?"

"Well, considering I wasn't having nightmares and no one was kicking me, I didn't sleep a wink."

Fayt looked at Cliff. "Man, did you luck out. When we were wandering around Elicoor, it was non-stop."

"And you've picked a very inopportune time to remind me that I need to cut out your tongue," Albel drawled.

"Yeah. Right. You can hardly move right now. Try eating first and then we'll see how lively you are," Cliff said.

"So what do you think Luther is doing now?" Roger asked.

"Who cares?" Albel asked.

"Well, when we were running through the firewall, I was talking to Blair. Apparently, Luther took control of the company from the original family that owned it. He might be busy trying to fend them off about now, considering the Eternal Sphere was their big money maker and it's gone," Cliff mused.

"I'm betting on his being dead," Albel said.

"His place in the firewall was really pretty," Roger said.

"Well now, that wasn't a very manly thing to say," Cliff said.

Roger jumped up. "What?! Having an appreciation for the finer things in life does not make you unmanly."

"Just annoying," Albel muttered into his coffee.

Roger turned and waved. "Hello, Luther!"

Fayt suddenly jumped and sent the man walking through the door into the nearest wall. He hit the ground unconscious. "Uh..."

Cliff stood up. "Who is that?"

"His name is Lotor, not Luther," Albel said, glaring at Roger. "He's the High Priest at the chapel. And I'm going to kill this fic's author when this is over for trying to insert her Voltron fandom into this. I mean, really..." He nudged the man with his foot. "He even has blue skin and white hair."

Cliff shrugged. "Well, what are you going to do?"

"I killed him," Fayt whispered.

Albel sighed. "I wish. You just knocked him out."

"What's he doing here anyway?" Cliff asked.

"Aquios has a wedding tradition that involves the purification of the groom and the groomsmen in the holy waters of Aquios," Albel said.

"Great," Cliff said, "So now what do we do?"

Albel sat back. "Let's see. Who haven't I pissed off lately?" he mused. "Ah. We'll get Claire."

A few minutes later, Claire was sitting in a chair, holding her head. "This just couldn't be an easy day, could it?" She sighed. "Well, we do have a back up in case of emergencies."

"Who?" Cliff asked.

Claire smiled brightly and a feeling of doom settled over the men. "Lasselle."

"Oh you've got to be kidding me," Albel groaned.

Cliff shrugged. "So what's the big deal? Lasselle isn't all that bad."

"You want to strip down for him?" Albel asked.

Cliff sighed. "No."

Claire laughed. "You're not going to be naked, just shirtless and shoeless. I'll grab him real quick so you can get this over with." She stood and was out the door.

Lasselle came in laughing. He looked at Fayt. "So you knocked out the High Priest? And here I thought better of you."

Fayt's face went pink.

"Follow me." The magistrate took them to a small room in the back that consisted of a small pool of water fed by the rivers running all over the palace and a balcony over their heads. "Boots off, shirts off, and no jokes about anyone being gay."

"Oh, but Lasselle!" Roger said, batting his eyes.

The magistrate kicked him out of the room. "You aren't one of the groomsmen. Out!" He shut the door tight.

"Thank you. We've been trying to get rid of him all morning," Albel said.

Lasselle nodded. "This is a simple procedure. All of you stand in the water; I say a prayer over you, and pour some water over your heads. Treat this seriously and we'll be done in five minutes."

The guys nodded while pulling their shirts off and kicking their shoes into the nearest corner. They stepped into the water and bowed their heads politely while Lasselle prayed over them. When the water hit Albel's head, he heard a distinct click. When Lasselle moved on to Cliff, he heard it again and looked around for a moment. Not seeing anyone, he figured it was something stuck in the drain. A third click when the water poured over Fayt's head made him decide it was not. When Lasselle stepped back, a flash went off.

"Oops..." someone muttered from the balcony. The boys looked up to catch a brief glimpse of blonde hair before it disappeared.

"I know you love her, Cliff, but I'm going to have to kill her," Albel said, staring up at the balcony.

"I can't beat her in a fight. What makes you think you can?"

"He has a good point," Fayt said.

"Then it's your job to make sure she doesn't get the chance to blackmail anyone."

"Will do." Cliff looked at Lasselle. "Are we done here?"

"Pretty much."

The boys trudged out of the pool and pulled their shirts back on.


Rigel followed Mishell, Mishell followed Misty Lear, Misty followed Albel, and Albel followed Mayu, helping her transport the many pieces of the cake to the garden behind the throne room.

"For the sake of my country and Lady Nel, I shall destroy you, Albel the Wicked, and free her from your evil!" An Aquarian flew at Albel, sword raised.

"Stay away from the cake!" Mayu screamed. A cast iron frying pan met the attacker's face head-on. The man hit the ground unconscious.

"Well," Albel said, "It's good to see that my training wasn't lost on you."

"Of course not, Commander." She slung the pan over her shoulder. "I just don't get to use it all that often with you around to protect me." She used the pan to point to the castle. "To the garden!"

They put the cake parts on a table while Mayu began putting it together. Albel looked around.

"Does anyone need me for anything else?"

A general shaking of heads followed.

"Good. I'm going to get dressed. I'll be in the conference room."

When he was gone, Mirage and Maria snuck out from underneath the cake table.

Something old, something new

"It was very interesting to hear that they have the same customs for brides in other parts of the universe," Lady Anne said. "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," she recited. "It's fascinating when you think about it."

"Something new, of course, is the dress," Sophia said, "It symbolizes the future."

"Something borrowed will be my earrings." Lady Anne put the gold earrings in Nel's ears. "You see, when you get married, you borrow something for the day. The borrowed item, no matter what it is, symbolizes the community, their blessings, and their commitment to helping you fulfill the one you make today."

"Something blue will also be your dress," Sophia said. "Married in blue, your love always be true! Blue symbolizes fidelity, fertility, and married love."

Someone knocked on the door and Sophia opened it. An older woman stepped inside. "I'm not late, am I?"

Lady Anne shook her head. "You're right on time." She turned to Nel. "Nel, this is Carmela."

The woman bowed to Nel before pulling out a small box. "I knew your intended when he was little. Not that he still isn't a baby." The girls laughed as she opened the box. She pulled out a thin golden chain, from which hung a gleaming golden key. "You wear something old to symbolize the past and how the past is what led us to where we are today. There's a lot of past curled up into this little key." The woman looked sad for a moment and then she put the chain over Nel's neck and let the key slip under the collar of the dress. "It belonged to someone very special and now it belongs to you. Take good care of it." She leaned forward and kissed Nel on the forehead before escaping.

Nel pulled out the key to look at it and then looked at Lady Anne. "What is this about?"

Lady Anne didn't hear the question. She was out the door as Claire and Tynave carried the dress in.

Getting Ready

Albel put his dress uniform on, carefully pulling the left sleeve down to hide his burn scars. Ready before the rest of the boys, he sat on the conference table and watched the guests fill the chapel. Cliff tapped him on the shoulder. "Ready?"

Albel nodded and tried the door. "Great. We've been locked in."

"For the sake of Aquios and Lady Nel, I shall stop this wedding!" someone yelled from the other side of the door before speeding off.

Sighing, he turned. "The only way out is the window."

"No!" Fayt cried. "You'll ruin your clothes if you go out the window. I'll go."

Albel blinked. "I have a back up uniform."

"Just sit tight."

Albel snorted. "Prattling idiot." He sat on the conference table. "Fine. I'll wait."

Fayt climbed out the window and climbed slid down a column into the chapel. The High Priestess continued her prayers while watching him, eyebrows quirked in surprise. The congregation, assembled for late morning prayers for the soon to be newly weds followed suit, continuing to repeat the prayers while watching Fayt slide to the balcony. He quickly bowed to the Queen and ran into the hallway.

The High Priestess looked and the Queen and the two shrugged at each other.

Cliff watched the boy go. "I have a hunch that there's a key."

"It's in my pocket."

"So when were you going to tell him you had a spare key?"

Albel smiled. "He was so intent on going..."

"Scrawny bastard."

Albel took out the key and unlocked the door. He waited until Fayt was outside the door and opened it suddenly, sending Fayt to the floor. "We found a key."

"I changed my mind," Fayt muttered from the floor, "I hate you."

Albel howled while Cliff pulled the boy off the floor. Fayt still grumbling, they headed down to the chapel. Albel headed to the altar while the guys met up with the girls.

"So where is the last groomsman?" Mirage asked.

"I'm right here," someone said.

They turned as one and saw an older and very distinguished looking gentleman in Airyglyph finery. His hair was snow white, but his eyes were gold and slitted.


The dragon flinched. "Please. Not so loud."

Odd Eye craned his neck from the window. "How did you do that?"

Crosell snorted. "You'll learn when you're older." He looked at the others. "So who am I escorting up to the altar?"

Claire blinked and then shook her head to clear it quickly. "You're walking both Mirage and Sophia."

The girls stepped forward and each took an arm. He looked at both of them, and then at Fayt. "Well now... If you had brought these two beauties along when you first needed me, I wouldn't have put up a fight."

Sophia giggled while Mirage rolled her eyes, but Maria's face fell and then her eyes began to burn with fury. Cliff and Fayt tackled her before she could jump the dragon.

Claire whistled. "Thank Apris Nel wasn't here to hear that." Claire clapped her hands. "All right people! Line up! Let's get this show on the road!" As soon as everyone was ready, Claire waved to the High Priestess, who in turn, signaled the musicians.

"Are you ready for this?" the High Priestess asked, as the bridesmaids and groomsmen walked up the aisle.

Albel took a deep breath. "As ready as I'll ever be."

"Don't worry. This will go so fast, you won't remember half of it."

"So I've been told." Nel came into view and he fought to stifle a gasp.

The High Priestess smiled. Adray placed Nel's hand in Albel's and the couple turned to the High Priestess. She winked at Nel. "You look beautiful," she whispered. "I have to tell you that, because he's stunned speechless."

Nel smiled and squeezed Albel's hand.

The High Priestess looked up. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today..."

Cliff's mind wandered off and a vision of the newlywed's future appeared in his head:

Nel and Albel stared each other down. Saying they weren't happy would have been the understatement of the year. Growling in frustration, Albel turned and walked out.

"Come back here! I am not your maid! You're going to clean up this mess or I'm going to kill you!"

Albel stopped at the door. "You're the woman," he snapped. "You take care of the children!"

Cliff shuddered and came back to the ceremony when Albel nudged him.

The High Priestess read the first reading. "Those who walk alone do walk in darkness..."

Mirage zoned out and a vision of Nel and Albel popped into her head.

Crosell looked down at the two humans who had invaded his home. "So when are you two leaving?"

Nel sighed. "When we're too old for them to expect us to have kids."

Mirage quickly put her hand over her mouth to hide her giggles.

The High Priestess began the second reading. "Each soul is a small light, place inside the body by Apris..."

Peppita yawned and an image of Albel and Nel's future danced in her head.

The two super heroes, Wicked Blade and Scarlet Fever, flew through the air. Seeing a Proclaimer below, they dived in for the attack, saving the puppies it was trying to erase.

Peppita giggled and King Arzei patted her on the head.

The High Priestess continued with the last reading. "As Apris takes his wives and holds them in the highest of honor, so to must the bride and groom hold each other in honor...

Fayt imagined the newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Nel and Albel lay on the beach on Hyda IV, enjoying the soft sand and the warm sun. Suddenly, the Vendeeni attacked!

Fayt shook his head. "I think I need help," he muttered. Cliff looked at him and he shrugged.

The High Priestess blessed the rings. "A ring, a perfect circle, is the symbol of marriage, love, trust, and fidelity..."

Maria's mind wandered off.

Nel had Albel tied to the chair. "So... what do we say when we want something?"

"Please, Mistress?"

Nel patted him on the head. "Good boy."

Suddenly frightened, Maria grabbed a hold of Mirage and hung on for dear life.

The High Priestess led the pair in their vows. "Please repeat after me. I, Albel Nox..."

Sophia sighed and an image of the newlyweds sprung into her head.

Nel and Albel were curled up in front of the fireplace, drinking cocoa and snuggling.

Sophia shook her head. "Sure. Like that'd ever happen. I need to grow up," she whispered to herself.

The High Priestess continued with the vows. "Please repeat after me. I, Nel Zelpher..."

Adray stood next to Lady Anne, chest puffed out in pride. A vision of Nevelle's little girl and Glou's little boy danced in his head.

A little girl, the spitting image of her father, bounced on his shoulders. "Am I really going to have another brother or sister, daddy?"

"Yes, you are," Albel said. The girl clapped her hands in delight. Two young boys and another girl wandered a head of him with Nel, bickering over who would be the next captain of the Black Brigade.

Finally having enough, Nel looked at her eldest three children. "If you don't stop fighting, you won't see your next birthdays. Is that clear?"

The three huffed. "Yes, mom."

Adray chuckled to himself.

The High Priestess smiled and closed the book she read from. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."


Tynave and Farleen busied themselves with driving Astor nuts, while the Rossetti Troupe performed for the assembled guests. Forte Huxley dragged Aznor around and 'introduced' him to the people who'd spent many a night in his cottage.

"Do you think he'll ever remember us?" Nel asked Fayt.

Fayt shrugged. "I'm surprised he remembers he's married."

Gonella back flipped by while Dulcinea sang for the children jumping up and down around her.

"So how did you get the Rossetti Troupe to perform?" Cliff asked.

"When Peppita told them that she was our flower girl, Dulcinea demanded it," Albel said. He shuddered. "She can be a scary woman when she wants to be." He put down his drink. "Yo! Peppita! Come here!"

The Rossetti Troupe's new star skipped over. "Yes?"

Albel pulled a little box out of his pocket. "Before I forget, this is for you, for being our flower girl."

Peppita took the box. Eyeing Albel suspiciously, she opened it. A little gold and emerald ring glittered inside. "Oooh... It's pretty..." She threw her arms around Albel's neck and hugged him fiercely. "Thank you!" He patted her on the back and she ran off to show Quantestorie.

Cliff laughed. "Ah, you really like that kid."

"She's a reckless brat."

"Just like you."

Albel snorted. He looked around. "What the hell is Vanilla doing?"

Everyone in the vicinity looked at said rabbit. He seemed to be in the middle of a transaction with Crosell and Odd Eye. Fayt and Maria wandered over.

"What are you three up too?" Maria asked, hands on her hips.

"Just making a transaction," Vanilla said. He collected bags of fol from the dragons.

"So it's true. You really do sell stuff to dragons. What are you buying anyway?"

The dragons looked away. Maria looked at Vanilla.

"Slide attachments."


"Well," Odd Eye began, "I figured, since Albel is getting married and that entails children, that they'd eventually use me for a slide. He puffed up proudly. "You haven't lived until you've been used as a slide."

Albel had the decency to look sheepish. "You make a very good slide."

Ryoko Leingod walked up to Crosell. "I'm told you're a dragon. Is the transformation into a humanoid form natural to a dragon of your age or is it a symbological transformation?" The two walked off, discussing the particulars of his morphing.

"There she goes again," Sophia said, "Since Uncle Robert died; Aunt Ryoko has gone back to her research. She never stops." She turned to Fayt. "Will you dance with me?"

Fayt scratched the back of his head. "Uh, sure."

"I'm telling you, this isn't Kirlsa! Look! The house we've been staying in on this rock is right over there!" Rumina fumed.

"Well, Miss Rumina, I know this isn't Kirlsa. I'm just trying to find out where Kirlsa is in relationship to here," Ruddle explained.

"Why does it matter? We're at a wedding! It's not as if your horrible sense of direction would have been cured by the miraculousness of watching Albel the Wicked tie the knot. You're never going to figure it out!"

Albel looked at Nel. "Care to dance, again?"

She shrugged. "Sure."

The Wedding Night

Albel carried Nel into the house and up to their bedroom on his back, both of them giggling from lack of sleep and a slight giddiness brought on by the amount of cider they consumed. He froze once he got in the door. On one side of the room was a picture of him, naked from the waist up and wet. On the other side of the room was a picture of Nel in lingerie. They both stared at the pictures for a moment.

"Mirage is so going to die," Nel said.

"I agree. We'll get her in the morning." He dropped Nel to her feet and helped her get out of the dress. The gold key glittered in the candle light. Albel touched it gently.

"Where did you get this?"

Nel pulled a shirt over her head. "A woman named Carmela gave it to me. Do you know what it's about?"

"It belonged to her daughter Sarah."

"She was the woman you told Fayt about."

He nodded. Impulsively, Nel hugged him and he hugged her back. Before long, they were in their jammies and crawling into bed.

Nel and Albel lay on the bed, staring up at the canopy.

"I don't get it."

Nel looked at Albel. "What?"

"How are we supposed to consummate the wedding? I'm so tired I can't move."

"Same here."

Albel reached under Nel's pillow and pulled out the knife she'd hidden there.

"How did you...?"

"You always sleep with a knife under your pillow, Nel. You don't mind if I use it do you?"


Albel sliced his thumb open and then pressed the welled up blood against the sheets. He stuck his thumb in his mouth as he put the knife back under her pillow.

"What was that for?"

"Well, I know it doesn't mean much in Aquios, but whether or not you're a virgin does mean something in Airyglyph. They'll check the sheets in the morning."

Nel was silent for a moment. "You know, I'm not a virgin."

"I know."

Nel glared at him. "Who told you?"

"He did."

Nel sat up, shocked. "You didn't do anything to him, did you?"

Albel rolled his eyes. "You were dancing with him earlier, remember? All parts of his body are exactly where they should be."

Nel lay back down. "Did you threaten him?"


Albel, still not as tipsy as he should have been for his own bachelor party, looked up at the runologist who sat down across from him.

"Got a minute?"

"I've got plenty." The Captain pushed a cider over to the man, while eyeing the 'Flirty Girl.' "What's on your mind?"

"I know it means a lot in Airyglyph, so I thought I'd let you know. Nel isn't a virgin."

Albel shrugged. "I'd assumed that much."

"I'm the man she slept with."

Dead silence fell over the table.

"What are her spots?"

The runologist handed Albel a piece of paper and a pen. "Here. You're going to need paper for this. She's got this one spot on the back of her neck about here."

"You do realize that when we're done here, I'm going to have to threaten you with mortal danger," he said as he scribbled down the notes.

"That's all right. Sanmite's nice this time of year."

Nel looked at him. "You're smiling. That makes me nervous." She poked him. "Do you still have nightmares? Fayt said you had some really bad ones."

"I haven't had one in a while. I usually only have them when I'm not in a bed. Just please don't kick me if I have one. That only makes it worse."


Albel scooted around a bit, before turning his head to the side, eyes falling shut. His breathing evened out and Nel turned on her side to look at him. Propping herself up on her elbow, she reached out, taking one of his long braids in hand. Smiling deviously, she used the tuft of blonde hair at the end to tickle his nose. Groaning a little, he batted at the hair, hand clasping her wrist loosely. Dropping his braid, Nel took his hand and lay down, finally falling asleep.

The Dangers of Getting Up Early

Nel woke up in the early hours of dawn. Sometime during the night, she and Albel had snuggled up to each other and his arm was draped loosely around her waist. Yawning, she stood and rummaged around for a something to throw on over her bare shoulders. She found Albel's dress shirt and shrugged into it before padding over to the basin to wash her face. As she patted her face dry, she looked at herself in the mirror. The reflection of the bed was empty. She turned around and found herself face to face with Albel.

He put a hand on either side of her, trapping her against the dresser. "I've figured it out, Nel." His eyes were burning with a dark, animal glow.

"What did you figure out?"

"How all those newlyweds manage to consummate the marriage. They just wait until the next morning." He kissed her before she had a chance to respond.


Nel walked down the steps of the doctor's house, hand on her stomach. She wasn't showing yet and she already felt like she weighed a ton. She spied Albel dozing under the tree outside of the doctor's house; a ten year old, red headed boy dozing next to him. Albel opened his eyes when she stood over him.


"The doctor says everything's fine."

He nodded. "Good."



"We have four children. I only see one."

Albel smirked. "Well, Glou's right here, of course." The red haired boy opened red eyes and waved lazily at his mother. "Claire's right above you."

An eight year old, dark haired girl with green eyes hung upside down from her branch in the tree. "Hi, Mommy!"

"Mirage is right here." Albel lifted his arm and a tiny, four year old girl who was the spitting image of her father yawned before nestling closer. "And Nevelle is going to take you out at the knees if you don't brace yourself."

A seven year old who was the spitting image of his mother grabbed Nel about the legs. "I gotcha this time, didn't I, Mom?"

Nel smiled and ruffled his hair. "Yes, you did."

The boy beamed with pride. "I'm going to be the next Crimson Blade!"

"That's only because you aren't good enough to be the next Captain of the Black Brigade," Glou drawled.

"And if the two of you don't drop it, neither of you are going to see your next birthdays," Albel said. The boys groaned and their father smirked. "Besides, we all know that Claire will be the next Crimson Blade and Mirage will be the next Captain of the Black Brigade."

The tiny Mirage opened blood red eyes and smiled at her siblings. "Worms."

Nel sighed. "I thought I told you not to teach them that."

Albel shrugged, having the grace to look sheepish. "I can't help what they pick up."

Nel rolled her eyes. "Yes you can." She pulled Nevelle into her arms. "Ready to go?"


Albel stood with Mirage resting in the crook of his good arm. Glou jumped up and brushed himself off while Claire back flipped out of the tree. They trailed after their parents on the walk home.

"Can we have pancakes for dinner tonight?" Claire asked, skipping along.

"Depends. Have you been good today?" Nel asked as they walked off.

"I've been extra good!"


FINAL NOTE! I would like to thank everyone who has read this fic and kept it going. I really enjoyed writing it. And, as a bonus, here is the 'Rabid Fan Girl Song' for you.

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