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Four Years Later

By Karah

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Nicholas Sparks, Di Novi Pictures, Pandora and all the other people they belong to.

Author's Note: I originally got this idea the first time I saw the music video for Cry at the end of the VHS. I wrote it over like a hundred times (not really) and I thought all of them sucked but then I watched AWTR again with my cousin and decided to try and write the fic again. Hopefully it's better then the other ones I wrote before this. This is all Landon's POV.

Summary: It's been four years since Jamie died. Landon is in med school and hangs with his friends from college and med school when he has the time or feels like it. But one day him and some of his buds are walking past a record store and see a Mandy Moore CD advertised in the window. His friends don't get why he is so freaked by the pictures. It's because Mandy Moore looks like Jamie and that makes him think about Jamie. None of his friends know he and Jamie married before she died.


It's been four years but the pain is still there. At night I remember the pain Jamie was in during her last days on earth. I still miss her and wish she hadn't gotten leukemia. All that makes it harder to move on but I know that even though Jamie has gone to heaven I'll still honour the vows I made the day we got married. I even still wear my ring. Even though none of my friends with the exception of the ones from Beaufort know what the ring really means. I was married but she died and that was the worst day of my life. Even worse then when she told me she had leukemia and when she was in the hospital after collapsing. When she went home after collapsing my dad paid for home care so she could stay home then we got married and moved into our own apartment and he still paid for home care.

People always say things will get better but I find that hard to believe when four years later I'm still in pain. Jamie was the best thing in my life and the summer we had together was hard because we both knew if would be our first and last together. It was also the best summer of my life. Jamie was sick most of the time but we still did go out. Not all the time, only when she was feeling well enough to go out. That didn't happen very often but it did sometimes and we enjoyed it when it did. We went to my mom's for dinner on Sunday after church when Jamie was feeling up to it and visited with her father and mine as well. We even spent some time with my friends that summer. I don't really talk to any of them now but when I do they always stay away from the subject of Jamie because they all know it still hurts.

My goal it to specialize in cancer and find a cure for leukemia because I need to do it. I feel like I owe Jamie that. She died at the age of eighteen and that's a very sad thing. I want others with leukemia to have the chance to live full long lives. I don't want any family to go through what we did with Jamie's leukemia and death. It's bad enough that I still feel the pain of her death and if I could've changed anything that happened then I would. I would change the things I did to make Jamie feel bad before I fell in love with her and I would change her getting sick if I could. If I could do that, Jamie would still be here and she would be the one making a medical discovery.

The night Jamie died I made her a promise that I would do whatever I could on her list. She told me once that one thing was to make a medical discovery so that's what I plan to do when I become an oncologist.

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