Chapter 4: Eric:

Eric came about a week after the truth about me and Jamie came out. So there were no awkward moments when Eric did the best bud thing by asking me how I was. It may have been four years since Jamie died but she will forever be with me. There's no changing that. We are forever linked. There is no other person for me. It would always and forever be Jamie. Eric and my other friends knew this so did the rest of them now. Jake, Steven and Matt had always tried to set me up with girls and I always said no. It didn't matter what they were like it was always and always would be Jamie. For four years, Jake, Steven and Matt didn't get why I'd say no. They'd always badgered me about going out with ladies before but now they never brought it up.

"Hey, man." Eric said.

"Hey." I said.

"What's up?" Eric asked.

"Just thinking." I replied.

"About what?" Eric asked.

"Jamie stuff." I replied.

"What Jamie stuff?" Eric asked.

"Her birthday would've been next month." I replied.

"Oh…yah." Eric said, "Are you going back to Beaufort then?"

"I don't know." I replied, "I think so. I was planning to but I don't know."

"You should…you've gone every year around her birthday." Eric said.

"It's just four years later it's still as hard." I said.

"It'll always be hard, Landon. But it should get easier as time goes by." Eric said.

"If that's true then it should be a little easier by now." I said.

"It's only been four years. Give it some time." Eric said.

"I guess." I said.

I was in loner-mode again. At least that's what Steven calls it. I just call it taking some time to myself. Except that Eric was in town and wanted to see as much as he could in the time he was here. So my loner-mode was disguised. The date of Jamie's birthday always made me go into loner-mode, deeper in than anything else. Because Jamie's birthday was also the day she died. I always went to Beaufort without seeing anyone and talking to anyone. I was there for a day and a day only. I did this because that day belonged to Jamie. That's something the guys didn't know. I mean they knew I went to Beaufort at a certain time of year because I've done it for the last four years but they never knew why and now that they know the truth about Jamie they still don't know. It's something only Eric knows.

"They'll be here soon." Eric said.

"Actually they should've been here already." I said.

We were going out to play pool with the guys and their girlfriends and a girl that Eric had met the first time he came out with us. You could say Eric was using his magic on her. Or trying. She was a med-school classmate of Tasha's and so far had not responded to Eric's advances. In this gathering I was the odd one out. The one with out a girlfriend or prospect of a girlfriend. But there was a good reason for that. Jamie. No matter what I was determined to stay true to her. To me it didn't matter if she wasn't alive anymore because after Jamie there was no one else for me. I would die a lonely old man. Even though now I was only twenty-two I had already been married and she'd died.


"Well I guess they're here." Eric said.

"Yep. That's the doorbell." I said.

So we answered the door and left. I knew the guys and girls could tell there was something bugging me and so far only Eric knew what it was. I planned to keep it that way. I didn't want the guys to know about Jamie's birthday being the day she died. Although they already knew I'd be gone then. They wouldn't ever know why if I had anything to say about it.

"So the girls decided they wanted to go to the movies." Jake announced as we left.

"What movie?" Eric asked.

"I think some chick flick." Steven replied.

"Hey!" Kate said indignant, "Just Like Heaven is a great movie."

"You've already seen it?" I asked.

"Yes. We have." Sara replied.

"So why watch it again?" Eric asked.

"Because as Kate said it's a great movie." Tasha replied.

"So that means you guys have to come with us to see it this time. And suffer through watching as you would call it a chick flick." Anna, Tasha's friend, said.

'Oh great. Just what I need right now. A movie about a ghost that falls in love with the guy living in her apartment.' I thought.

Eric was here for two weeks and then he headed back to Beaufort. When Eric left it was about a week before I would be heading that way my self. The day that would've been Jamie's twenty-second birthday and also the four year anniversary of the day she died was coming up. A fact that had me hiding out whenever possible.

Okay I'm totally stuck on what to do for the next chapter. It will be when Landon goes to Beaufort but other than that I'm stuck. So until I have some ideas of stuff and work on them this fic is on hiatus. Enjoy and let me know about this new format. I'm changing all my fics to have this format because it's eaiser to read.