I Married WHO?


LiL Pippin Padfoot

Disclaimer: Do I look like Tolkien? I thought not.

Ok, I have to have prologue to explain this story. This was actually based on a dream I had. Scary.

My friend, Trisha, thought it would be very funny if in her story she had me marry Faramir. Her very words were "You could tell she had been waiting for this day ever since she had seen the movie, the Two Towers."She's crazy. I'd dreamed about this since I read the book... Anyway, I had a dream about the story and this is my dream.

Now The Actual Prologue

My head was pounding. What had I done last night? I remembered the football game, fries, a coke, and walking home, then collapsing into bed. I opened my eyes and I was in a room, much bigger than mine.

"Whoa! Where are my Orlando Bloom posters? Who took my chair? Why is everything white? This isn't very funny."

I hopped out of bed, and I was still dressed in my clothes from last night, jeans and an MSU hoodie. And I started down the hall.