A/N : I have decided I am more than a little crazy, since this will be my fourth WIP fic! I just couldn't help it though, the idea popped into my head a while ago and despite all sensible arguments, it just refuses to leave til I write it. Still, if the idea isn't very popular I'll probably not update it often or I might take it down and start again at another time, we'll see what happens...

Title : So Mote It Be
Rating : PG
Summary : AU Season 4 - During her Will Be Done spell (Something Blue) Willow doesn't mention Buffy and Spike getting married, instead she complains about their childish behaviour...Oops! How exactly will the gang cope with the effects?
Disclaimer : All characters are Joss' own, I'm just using them for my own amusement and the amusement of anyone who wants to read this fic.

Chapter 1

"Giles! I accidently killed Spike! That's okay, right?" Buffy's barely-sarcastic tone was lost on her Watcher who was in the bathroom concentrating on clearing his vision.

"Just a minute" he called back absently, as the Slayer slammed Spike down onto a chair and picked up the nearby length of rope.

"I get this spell reversed, they'll be finding your body for weeks" he sneered, internally cursing all those stupid commandos that had made him unable to harm humans somehow.

"Oh, make a move, please" Buffy dared him, getting right in his face "I'm dying for a good slay"

- - - - - - -

"I mean I'm going through something, and you'd think once in a while Buffy would make best friends a priority" Willow complained as she paced up and down Xander's basement.

"You know that she can't just let Spike go" the boy was trying to be sympathetic but his best friend's whole 'poor me' riff was getting real old, real fast. She seemed to have forgotten that other things, things that were not Oz-related, were important too.

"Why not?" the red-head was almost yelling now "He can't hurt anyone" she reminded him "I think those two just like being in a room together so they can make trouble. Did you notice the constant petty arguments and stupid comments?" she said, waving an arm in an emphatic geture "Honestly, they're just like five year olds!"

- - - - - - -

Giles sighed as he finally emerged from the bathroom, utterly sick of hearing Spike and Buffy bickering.

"If the two of you could just remain civil long enough to-" the words died on his tongue as he arrived in the living room and took in the sight before him.

"He started it! He's mean!" a little blonde girl of no more than five stamped her foot, folding her little arms over her chest.

"She's was trying to tie me up!" a little English voice complained as a small hand reached out and shoved the girl in the shoulder "She's the mean one!" he complained, as the two began pushing and shoving each other, all the while yelling five-year-old type insults.

Giles removed his glasses, hoping that at any moment his vision would clear and what he thought he was seeing would all be an illusion. He came to realise very quickly that it was no trick his eyes were playing.

"Oh, and as usual, dear"

To Be Continued...

A/N2 : I know this is very short and mostly stolen from the ep Something Blue. It's just an intro really to see if people like the idea. If you want to see more then review and tell me, if no-ones really interested I might not bother writing more, and that's not a threat, it's just me being practical, since I'm writing three fics already! ;-)