Title: City Lights

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Chapter Title: Afterglow

Phoebe, Mark, Jared and the rest of the gang members (whose names were revealed as John Laker and Vince Carl) were under arrest.

Gil Grissom had never been so relieved to put them away. He knew how much it would mean to Greg and Nick to see those five behind bars for a long time.

Packing up the case files, Grissom made his way into his office and sat down behind his desk, rubbing the side of his head. Only minutes later, did Catherine Willows step in, a smile formed across her lips.

"Hey," she said quietly as he looked up at her, "how are you holding up?"

He replied with a shrug as he placed the case folder to his side.

"Well, I have some good news that you might want to hear," she said as she sat down in one of the chairs across from his desk, "Nick woke up earlier this morning. Sara, Warrick and Greg are already there. And so, I was wondering if you wanted to catch a ride up with me?"

"I think I stay behind," Grissom said as Catherine raised her brow, "it's not because I don't want to see Nick but because I think maybe Greg should go in first. Plus, I don't think Nick would want a whole bunch of people in the room right after he's awake."

Catherine had opened her mouth to argue but instead snapped it shut and stood up. "You're probably right. I guess then I have some work to do." She said, upset by the decision that Grissom had come to. She personally wanted to see Nick but then again Grissom had a point. Sighing, she forced herself to smile at him before leaving.

Yeah, she had work to do.


Greg was the only one that was allowed to enter Nick's room. A part of him was nervous and the other half was relieved. Relieved that Nick wasn't going to die and nervous because he was afraid of what Nick looked like in the hospital room.

And when Greg pushed open Nick's hospital door room, he had fought the urge not to turn around and throw up. Nick was hooked up to so many tubes that Greg lost count. He looked drained, as if someone had sucked the life out of him and left him here to die. As Greg got closer he could notice multiple wounds and bruises.

Nick went through hell and Greg knew it. And every time Greg looked at Nick the same thought came back to him; that could have been me.

"Hey," Greg said quietly as he pulled a chair up to Nick's beside as the Texan opened his eyes slowly to look over at Greg, "How are you feeling?"

"Crap." Nick managed to say as he and Greg both shared a smile.

Things were slightly returning to normal.

"They arrested them. Phoebe, Mark, Jared, John and Vince."

Nick's eyes shut as he took in a deep breathe, they're names sounded so different compared to the names he was use to. Use to Hawk, Snake, Weasel and Tiger. He didn't know where Phoebe came in.

"You're going to be okay, man," Greg said softly as Nick opened his eyes again to look at the younger man, "Everything is going to be okay."

"How about you? You're bullet wound?"

"I'm healing pretty damn fast from it. Doctors are really surprised."

"That's because you're lucky."

Greg shook his head at Nick's last comment. "No, if I was lucky then the both of us wouldn't be in this mess."

"G, you escaped death. What could be more lucky then that?"

"I put your life into greater danger."

"You were able to get to help. If not, the both of us could be dead by now." Nick coughed.

Nick had a point and Greg was beginning to see it.

"I'm a hero?" Greg asked, smiling a little.

Nick laughed which then turned into coughs and Greg quickly handed him the cup of water that rested on the stand besides him.

"Thanks." Nick said after taking a long sip.

Suddenly, the Hospital Door opened and in stepped a middle-aged doctor who smiled at both Nick and Greg. "Hello. I'm Doctor Harrison." She said as Greg stood up to shake her hand. "You must be a friend of Nick?"

"Yes." Greg said as he let go of her hand and watched as she walked over to Nick. "How long do you think he's going to be here?"

Dr. Harrison started to see if there was any progress what so ever in Nick's healing. "I'm not sure Mr…?"


"Mr. Sanders. It could take days, weeks, months, you just don't know."

Greg nodded slowly as he sat in his chair. If it did take days, weeks, or months then Greg knew that he would be spending most of his days in the hospital room because it was a bond that had formed between the two of them.

Both had escaped death together.

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