a/n: This is a story based on the small fragment of a tale from pages 131-134 in "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier. I was reading the book and this story hit me, and I became enthralled. Although it's only a 3 page story, it spells out someone's life, a tragic story of true love that wasn't accepted, and it could make up a book in itself. I thought it was wrong that it was confined to those three pages, so I'm expanding it. I hope you enjoy, and I am not trying to make money off of this, I don't own anything, and I'm using my own style of writing, not trying to copy Frazier's, so don't compare me to him.

XD (loving you Shannon) Sandra


All his life, Odell had been told that he could have anything his youthful heart desired. As years passed, he found that this statement was more than true. He was raised on a plantation, the eldest son in the family, and generally he was a happy boy. In all his teenage years he hadn't a reason to be otherwise. He was first in line to inherit a huge cotton plantation and all the workers that came with it. His father, a stern man with a taste for Absinthe over whiskey, was more than willing to give Odell all he had, for the boy had a promising future.

As Odell reached his late teens, his father decided that it was time for him to marry. Although he had experienced many an affair with women already, Odell had not a care in the matter, for he was brought up to believe that true love was a notion of the careless. And so his father lined up the most eligible women, each with distinguished beauty, and Odell was simply to choose the one he wanted most.

After seeing his large selection, Odell picked a fragile woman, a slight girl who was prone to fainting spells of nervous fatigue. Whenever people pondered his decision to him, he replied that she had a "transparent beauty", and no one argued, for she was the daughter of the county's other major planter, also high on society's ladder.

On their wedding night though, after Odell had removed her gown, he was less than satisfied with her wispiness. It was almost as if she wasn't there...and Odell found his mind beginning to wander. And so, unhappy and restless, he moved into a large house with his brothers, his father, and his frail new wife. Boring as his life had become, he found ways to keep himself busy. He enjoyed reading and fishing, but still he found his mind escaping its boundaries of his confined space.

And then one afternoon in the middle of autumn, just when the leaves turn, Odell's life changed completely.

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