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"The smaller the cage, the sweeter the freedom"-German Proverb

My feet hit the pavement hard as I dashed across the building's roofs. The sound of crunching gravel reached my ears, and I knew that they were chasing me. I had to escape them, no matter the cost. There!! The museum, I can make it across it... and then... no... they'll still find me. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but sadly enough, I could here the sound of their feet quickening in pace. I knew then that my time was almost up.

That's when I saw it. The building's roof was coming to an end, and there was no new roof to jump onto. My luck had come to its bitter end, and I feared falling to my death. I skidded to a halt, spraying gravel into the night air. My hands dug deep into the surface of the roof, as I tried my hardest to brake my fall. Pain washed over my hands as my skin met the rough texture of gravel and cement. I bit my lip, doing my best to stifle a scream of pain. Cruel laughter wafted over me, and I knew it was only a matter of time, then they would come, and I would be back in my cage. It made me want to cry. My legs shook unsurely as I stood up and peered over the ledge. It was a long fall, about thirty stories, and I knew that no human would ever survive that. Their noises were engulfing me know, and my breathing became quick in shallow in my fear.

"Ah, sweet naïve Midorai... you thought you could honestly outsmart us and run away?? You know you're just going to be in a higher security cell now, don't you??" a cruel female voice called out to me.

"Yes, Midorai, you already know you won't survive if you jump, you always were smart. I know you'll do the smart thing, you always do..." said a cold male voice

"I know that I won't survive if I jump... but you were wrong about one thing, I

Don't always do the smart thing," I replied, and turned around, facing the gaping oblivion of that wall.

"Midorai, what are you thinking?!?" the female voice screamed at me.

"Midorai, please, think about this!" the male voice urged.

"I already have," I replied, turning my head to face them, my hair cascading down one shoulder.

I looked down at the deep black oblivion, took a deep steadying breath... and jumped.

I could hear the two people screaming in anger as the wind whistled in my ears. The ground rushed to meet me at a surprising speed, and I held my breath. I guess that dying was better then being stuck in that cage... like some zoo animal, let out only periodically, and that was to steal. I watched in horror as the ground zoomed clearer to me, but then something unexpected happened.

Whenever you finally get ready for something, something will always happen that just fouls it all up. In my case, it was someone catching me. Just as I was about to hit the pavement, I fell hard into someone's strong arms, and tumbled across the sidewalk. I then slowly found myself slipping out of consciousness...

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