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(Okay, some things you have to know, Kagome's mother had just died in a fire that killed her and destroyed all but a few belongings. Because her father died when she was very young, Kagome has been forced to move in with her VERY rich great aunt Kay. Kay absolutely despises Kagome, so as soon as it was possible she sent Kagome away to Shikon Boarding School. This is her first day. (She doesn't have a brother in this story))

Kagome slowly rose out of the silky black limbo. She groaned slightly as she stretched her tiered mussels. Looking down at the green sailor-like school uniforms she frowned slightly. She tugged self consciously at the hem of the short skirt then looked over at the limo driver. He smiled reassuringly at her.

"All well then miss?" he asked politely. Kagome smiled in reply and nodded. "That's good, your belongings should have already been brought up to your room before you, here's your room number and key." Slowly he handed her a white piece of paper that was folded neatly in half and a small silver key with a green string daintily tied around it. His job done, the limo driver tipped his hat to Kagome slightly and walked back to his car.

Kagome watched as the limo disappeared over the horizon then turned to face the gigantic campus stretching out before her. Its stone buildings and neatly trimmed gardens might have seemed wonderful to some, but to Kagome, it looked to be nothing more than a jail. A jail to keep her captive until winter break when she would be sent back to the real hell hole, then with that done, sent back. Kagome sighed sadly and ran her hands though her thick black hair, which when in the right light, looked to be almost blue.

'No.' thought Kagome with determination coursing though her veins. 'I will walk in here with my head held high, without self pity. This school year, no matter how bad it started, will turn out to be great.' Standing up strait, Kagome strode into the boarding school gardens that led up to the main building which held the dorms.

The garden with filled with laughing joking teens. Kagome tried to soak in the atmosphere to no avail.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a sudden chill ran down Kagome's spin. Kagome knew this feeling well. Somebody was watching her, analyzing her every move. Slowly, so that nobody would notice, Kagome quickened her pace.

Sesshoumaru looked disgustedly at all the lower classmen gathered around in the garden. As for him, he sat in a secluded corner of the garden, away from the constant senseless chatter of his fellow students. His golden orbs scanned the crowed, searching for people who he might deem worthy of his time.

Suddenly he heard the ever familiar hoots and laughter from the entry way to the school gates and rolled his eyes. Koga and his gang were at it again. They did it every year, the ever famous falling off the skateboard trick.

Every year, Kouga would skate down the garden path and 'accidentally' bump into some girl that was a freshman or new student to the campus. He would end up falling on top of them, and manage to feel up every part of their body while doing it. Eventually he would get up and give a brief apology while the pathetic girl would blush and say it was fine, as if it was some sort of complement that he had just felt them up. Indeed no girl in this campus was worthy of his time, though it wasn't as if he didn't have any offers from any girl. In fact his looks had made him somewhat of a ledged at this school.

Sesshoumaru watched Kouga's flying form as he skated down the stone pathway. His eyes glanced ahead to find Kouga's victim, though it didn't take long. It was quite obvious actually, although he couldn't see the girls face, she had a spectacular body, he was reluctant to note. Her shapely legs gliding though every step, the way her curvaceous hips would move from side to side, making her skirt sway attractively back and forth.

Suddenly the sun came out from behind a cloud illuminating her hair, making it look almost a dark, dark blue. Sesshoumaru shook his head quickly as if to clear the thoughts he was having from his head.

'No.' he thought hastily, 'I, Sesshoumaru, need no one.'

Seeshoumaru looked in surprise as her form seemed to tense up suddenly as Kouga was almost upon her.

Kagome looked from side to side quickly as if to identify her stalker.

Suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw a flash of movement. Before she could really think out what to do, her body had already reacted. She quickly jumped off to the side, barely missing a boy flying past on a skateboard. Kagome watched in horror as the body somehow slipped and fell from his board, hitting the pavement hard. Briefly, Kagome said a silent prayer of thanks to her father for talking her into taking up fencing when she was five. Without the fast reflexes she had acquired from fencing, she doubted she would have been able to dodge his flailing body.

Kagome's face crinkled together in a painful grimace.

"Ouch." She whispered quietly to herself quickly rushing over to see if the boy was alright.

Sesshoumaru's eyebrows shot up in surprise as the girl managed to easily dodge Kouga's futile attempt. He rubbed his eyes to see if what he thought just happened was true. The girl had moved in almost inhuman speed that could be equal, if not surpass his own speed. A rare smirk spread across his relaxed features as he quietly relished seeing Kouga's form in a crumbled heap on the sidewalk.

'The fool deserved it.' He thought bluntly gathering up his school books. 'Now off to see the pitiful fool that I must be forced to share my dorm with.' As swift and as quite as the wind, Sesshoumaru exited his resting place, leaving not a trace behind that he had been there.

Kagome rushed to the boy's side.

"Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed breathlessly reaching down to examine a rather nasty gash on his knee. "Are you okay?"

Kagome looked up at his face to see two red eyes staring back into her blue-gray ones. His face was well tanned, with a medium sized nose. He was rather tall, about a head taller than Kagome. The boy's hair was a dark brown, reaching about to his shoulders and pulled back in a low ponytail. "I am now." He said in a low, sensual voice. Kagome slowly started to inch away from his now sitting up form. The boy quickly jumped up in an almost wolf-like manner. "I'm Kouga." He stated extending out his hand and flashing her a pearly smile. "And you are?" Kagome looked around nervously, and then turned to face Kouga again.

"I'm Kagome." She answered shaking his hand.

Suddenly he gripped her hand tightly and pulled her into him. Giving her a tight embrace he announced out to the whole courtyard.

"Kagome, you are now my woman! I shall allow no other man to have you!" he exclaimed leaning down for a kiss.

Before Kagome knew what she was doing, she quickly stomped on his foot, causing him to cry out in pain and loosen his grip on her. Taking advantage of his loosed grip, Kagome quickly pulled away, kicking him hard in the groin in the process. That accomplished she quickly punched him square in the nose, knocking him back onto the ground. Kouga rolled to his side holding his now bleeding nose between two cupped hands.

Kagome stared down at his pitiful form in shock at what she had just done. She quietly cheered for herself in her head. 'Ha! Take that you perverted basterd!!' she though triumphantly. It was only then that she noticed the crowd of shocked faces that had gathered around her and Kouga, staring at her with disbelieving faces.

Feeling the sweat roll down her forehead Kagome smiled innocently and scratched the back of her head.

"Umm...heh- my bad." She stammered quickly. "Well, got to go, you know...lots of unpacking to do." And with that Kagome quickly bolted out from the middle of the crowd, racing towards the dormitories. 'I'm such an idiot! I can't believe I just did that, on the first freaking day no less!' Kagome scolded herself mentally hitting her forehead. 'What a way to make a first impression! Hi, I'm Kagome! Let me beat the living crap out of you! I can't believe what an idiot I am!'

Kagome quickly reached the dormitory entrance and entered in a rush. Once inside, she slowed to catch her breath. Swiftly, she walked over to the elevators and pushed the button for the third floor. She waited patiently in the compact elevator space, silently humming the tune of the song that was playing over the intercom in her head.

As Kagome reached her stop she unfolded the paper with her room key on it and read the number. 'Okay, 345...that would be...' Kagome briefly regarded the sign posted up in front of her. '...to my right.' She finished. Her footsteps echoed off the plain white and green walls. She was slightly surprised to see a couple of boys heading out of their dorms. 'Oh,' she thought simply. 'These must be co-ed dorms.'

As she walked she counted down to her dorm as she approached.

'341...342...343...344...Ah! 345! Here we are!' Kagome breathlessly pulled out her small sliver door key and opened the lock to her dorm. The lock clicked and Kagome smiled successfully. Slowly, Kagome pushed the door open. The door let out a groaning creak and gave way opening up to...

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