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Kagome walked up the empty hallway toward her dorm. She had to admit, she had missed this place. It was nice to be back and feel the comfort of knowing that she no longer needed to hide.

Sliding the key into the lock, it opened with a familiar click. Knowing her bags had already been delivered into her room, Kagome headed strait for the place she knew best, the kitchen.

Kagome was starving. 'Man, the ride up here must have taken more out of me then I thought!' Kagome mused opening up the fridge and pulling out an apple.

Biting into it, Kagome felt the sweet juices flow into her mouth and she smiled. It was indeed great to be home.

Kagome looked over and noticed a note laying on the counter. Picking it up she read:

Dear Kagome and Sesshoumaru,

So sorry but Miroku and I forgot to mention that we will be on a class trip to the coast for a week with our biology class to study some type of small fish that lives in the shallows or something like that…Don't have too much having the house to yourselves! See you in about a week



Kagome let out a laughed. 'Sure sure,' Kagome thought sarcastically. 'You two are totally going to hook up.'

Kagome put down the note and walked into the living room. Upon entering the room the entire aura of the living quarters seemed to change. It went form light and bubblely to suddenly dark foreboding.

Switching on a light Kagome let out a quick yell. "GOD Sesshoumaru," Kagome scolded. "You could have at least said something when I arrived, instead of sitting in the dark and being all emo-ish. Is that black eyeliner I see?" She joked.

But Sesshoumaru didn't laugh and Sesshoumaru didn't smile. Instead he sat there glaring at her with more fire in his eyes then normal.

"So finally the slut arrives back to her den." He said standing up to face her.

"What?" Kagome uttered with a mixture of confusion and hurt in her eyes. "Did I miss something?"

"Oh no, I'm sure that you caught another helpless boy in your treacherous web of deceit and lies." He spat crossing the room to face her.

Kagome squinted her eyes, glaring knifes at him. 'What the hell did I do to him?' Kagome thought, 'And to think….I actually thought he liked me…I should have known better.'

'What was I thinking with this woman? What? Did I actually consider that we could start something together? That she wouldn't turn around and stab me in the back? No, this girl is just like them. Kagome is just like the rest. I was a fool.'

"Oh PLEASE Lord of the world. Enlighten me on what I did this time." Kagome said sarcastically throwing her arms up into the air.

"Do not make me foul my mouth by uttering your wrong doings. You are nothing but another little slut looking for the next best thing." He hissed.

Kagome looked at him unbelieving. "No please do! Because I'm not quite sure that I'm living in the same world you are! You're nothing but a pompous ass who thinks he's better then everyone else, when really you could never hold a candle to someone who was genuinely talented."

"Oh that's nice Mrs. High and Mighty. Why don't you go screw another person? Maybe it will help you climb up the social higher-achy another step." Sesshoumaru growled.

Before Kagome could restrain herself she threw her apple at him as hard as she could, Sesshoumaru, being unprepared, was unable the dodge, and could only watch helplessly as the apple flew through the air and collided with his slickly hair.

Kagome's eyes widened in shock that her projectile had actually hit her target. Then let out a small laugh. "Well, well Sesshoumaru, look how the mighty have fallen, the one and only Sesshoumaru, unable to dodge a simple apple."

Sesshoumaru's eyes flamed with anger. 'How dare she.' He fumed. 'She was the one to betray me…not the other way around. And by God this girl will pay…oh will she pay…'

Lunging forward Sesshoumaru grabbed Kagome hastily by the shoulders. "Do you think this is wise?" He growled. "Do you think you are brave facing me like this? Do you think you will gain strength from it…well girl I will put you in your place. I trusted you. I actually cared for you. I told you things I would have never told anyone in my life. And then you betray me? Not only that you betrayed me with my own brother, a nitwit who can't tell up from down. Girls like you are a dime a dozen. And I should have seen that."

Kagome's eyes glistened with hurt. "How could you say that to me!" She demanded trying to pull away but to no avail. "I have never betrayed you! Let alone with Inu-Yasha! Just who do you think I am?"

"Don't lie to me girl. Kikyou told me everything. How he drove you here. How you kissed him. How you smiled. You are nothing but a little slut with a little spark to her."

Kagome could feel tears filling her eyes. She tried to fight them but they came. All the things built inside her; her parents death, her aunt, Dan beating her, now Sesshoumaru, the only person she thought that she could rely on was accusing her of treachery. The dam she had built inside her to hold back her emotions of pain suddenly cracked with the weight and strain that had been pressed upon it and shattered into a million pieces.

A single tear slid down her face.

Sesshoumaru saw it and drew back with surprise. This girl that was so strong ago suddenly became weak…something was not right.

"So you would believe Kikyou over me? You really think that I would do that to you Sesshoumaru? Well let me fill you in." Kagome drew herself up to her full height, tears and all. "I loved you Sesshoumaru…I still love you. Everything you said to me hurt me, now I don't know what to think of you anymore. You should have known better Sesshoumaru, you know me better….you just should have known better…" Quickly Kagome ran from the room and into the bathroom. After closing the door she locked it tightly behind her and turned the shower on to drown out the sound of her sobs.

Outside the door Sesshoumaru stood motionless. 'What have I done…I just hurt the only person that I have ever truly cared for…How could I have trusted Kikyou? I know better then that…you will pay Kikyou, by God you will…'

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