Hey y'all this is the first fanfic I have ever written and I hope you like it. I also want to apologize because of how short the first chapter is. I just wanted to get this first part posted and go from there. I promise that these chapters will get longer. Please review!

Nerd and 1/2

Hermione Granger smiled as she looked out onto the pitch and spotted her best friend's mass of red hair. Although the orange Chudly Cannons uniform should have clashed horribly with his fiery mane, Ron pulled it off. Once upon a time Ron was a shy teenager who was too afraid to ask a girl to the ball and now he was a famous quidditch player with a million females pining after him. Thank God for Lizzie, she was one of the only women she knew that didn't have some sort of celebrity crush on Ron and would always cover for Hermione when she could. Today she had covered for her yet again so she could take off a little early today and catch at least half of Ron's game. He had better appreciate the effort.

Oh, he did. He most certainly did.

"'Mione! Did you see that save?" Ron grinned as he saw Hermione outside the stadium waiting for him to come out.

"You mean you actually saved something?" Hermione joked.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny, but you know that your best friend is a total stud, who is the number one ranking keeper in the world!" Ron threw his arms up in the air dramatically.

"Stud? Well wishful thinking never hurt anyone." Hermione replied sarcastically.

"You know you want a piece of this." Ron patted his chest cockily.

Yes she did. Ron had once been extremely gangly but now at 6'2" he had most certainly grown into his figure. Quidditch had done well by him. His arms were strong arms and tight stomach fit so nicely into his clothes that Hermione couldn't keep herself from staring most of the time.

"Of course I do Ron." Hermione rolled her eyes as Ron grabbed her tightly and laughed. Then put his arms around her waist and walked down the street with her.

"You know what? I better go." Hermione pulled away and looked at her watch.

"What? Why?" Ron questioned looking a little depressed. Hermione was about to respond when Ron stopped her. "And if you say that you have to work, you can forget it because you are coming out to celebrate with me."

"Right. Just what I want, to be followed around by your harem all night." Hermione sighed.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a dinner at my place. I'll even cook." Ron offered.

"Ron you can't cook."

"I can too. Rebecca taught me." He explained as he defended himself. Rebecca was tall, blonde, and model thin. She was every man's dream woman and she was Ron's newest love interest. Unfortunately she had a big problem with how close Ron and Hermione were and disliked Hermione with a passion.

"Will Rebecca like this idea?"

"Who cares? She can't stop me from hanging out with you." Ron frowned as Hermione sighed.


"Yes." Ron yelled triumphantly. Hermione smiled weakly and bit her lower lip. After they apparated to his house the streets were filled with new gossip. People wondering who she was and how she was related to Ron. Yes, this was certainly going to be an interesting night.