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femslash MMHG. Not beta read.


Troubles with reality

Sequel to troubles with dreams.

At breakfeast this morning the faculty was astonished to see their usual strict colleague so despondent and pale, but didn't dare to ask, through they kept her in their peripherical vision.

It didn't put a problem to the hated potion master Severus Snape, the head of Slytherins, the rival house of Minerva, that with a sneer made a crude remark : "I would have thought that after being laid you would be in a better mood."

The rest of the faculty coughed while some strangled on their breakfeast, meanwhile Minerva arched on eyebrows and with the most derisive voice she was capable in her actual state tried to put down the greasy gist : "I didn't know you were interested 'Severus'... nor that you tried yourself to divination. In both aspect I'm afraid there is huge progress to make."

Snape smirked. "You shouldn't dream like that. The reality risks to hurt with the waking call. And I don't need to try my double vision, when my eyes see easily enough a hickey on your neck."

Minerva blushed furiously and checked herself. She raised her collar and dared anyone to comment, through she hoped desperately her death glares would discourage any brave. Snape with a victorious sneer dared a sarcastic "congratulations by the way!", while the rest of the faculty gave her franc, prying and even dumbfounded looks.

When Albus Dumbledore arrived this morning as always in his cheerful mood, it was to be greeted by the sight of a gloating potion master, a mad and blushing deputy headmistress, and the rest of the faculty with their mouth hanging open.

His eyes twinkling like crazy he asked if he missed something. Minerva hurried up to assure him nothing was amiss before anyone could talk and diverted his attention toward his breakfeast.

Then she 'accidentally' gave Snape a stab from heeled shoed in his tibia, preventing him to be more an ass than usual. Pomfrey gave her a dark look and went helping the man who was showing an extended vocabulary worthy of a sailor. The other professors dipped their noses in their dishes trying not to be seen smiling.

Dumbledore didn't seem to see anything. It was humming happily for herself. Then from nowhere he asked if anybody have remarked something special yesterday night. The professors presents made interested face and nodded curiously, wanting to know what it was they felt that night.

Minerva wondered what they could be talking about, not that it would be astonishing if she missed a giant at two feet of her when she was otherwise 'busy'. She remembered vividly and in detail how she had been pleasurably distracted this night and her cheek heated, giving her a healthy and young appearance.

Hermione who was looking in her direction from the Gryffondor table smiled sadly. Her love was resplendent this morning. She felt sad trough that Minerva didn't look her way once, she seemed really embarrassed. Hermione hardened her resolve and dipped her face in her dish.

Minerva for her part listened from one ear to the mad rambling at her table and took a chocolate rather that tea this morning. It made her think of Hermione eyes. All made her think of her young lover, but she didn't dare look at her house table, afraid it would be her undoing.

And so breakfeast passed.

Hermione worked her pain away, concentrating solely on the N.E.W.Ts. and with her planning full as it was, she didn't have time to think about The Night or the woman responsible of the pain in her heart. She worked hard and when she finally fell in bed, it was exhausted in the hope dreams wouldn't visit her. And so days passed, always the same in gray colors.

The professors at first thought Hermione had sized herself again, but it was soon obvious than it was not exactly the case. Oh she did her homework and they were excellent, but she didn't talk as much and she presented always a pale and tired face.

Mrs Pomfrey was worried about her health. Hermione was more often than not absent for eating in the great hall. Normally she would have talked with the head house of the student, but she didn't think it would help.

Minerva was strange this past days. She was often found daydreaming, and the usually punctual professor to a obsession came late in classes. Pomfrey didn't know if Minerva had really a lover, but if it was the case, he was far from being a positive influence.

The faculty had joked in the past that the strict and unbendable professor needed to be laid, but they were rapidly reconsidering the question. If Minerva seemed happy and was smiling, it would have been worth the rest, but it was not even the case. And so gossips flied avidly at Hogwarts.

Did her prince charming even know she was pinning about him? It would seem so, after all who would have given an hickey otherwise? Some believed it was Dumbledore, they had always a strong and long friendship and they passed a great deal of time together...

But the old man didn't act differently at all. What was more strange with him was that when Pomfrey exprimed her worries, he just glossed over it with a annoying and knowing twinkle in his eyes.

Could it be Snape? He had after all a dark charm. But no he wouldn't have so blatantly made remarked the hickey if he was concerned. He was too much of a private person. There was Hagrid too. The half giant seemed particularly affective with her when drunk. But he couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it.

These three were not the only men around, but nobody could see the transfiguration professor with Flitwick or even -god help us- Flinch. Stayed the woman professors... After all there had been rumors about her and the flying teacher madam Hooch who was a know lesbian.

The latter shook sadly her head when questioned : "There was a time I was really interested but she always refused me." Maybe was she already taken with Sibyl Trelawney... All these fights might hid something more...

Hearing that, the divination professor, who decided to come down to taunt her nemesis, strangled herself on her tea and her face took a vivid and angry red color. She hurried up in her tower shouting about various painful death of all people she crossed on her way.

Anyway the ambiance at Hogwarts seemed more particular than usual and the faculty was often see laughing their head out.


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