"Wanna say that to my face?"

"I said, I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Aja cringed at the harsh language. But she wasn't the only one uncomfortable on the set of the violent gang movie.

"Remind me again what we're doing here," Shana muttered.

Jerrica shrugged. "Sean Harrison has a part in this film. He's a friend of Kimber's, and he invited her to the set."

"Like I said," Shana said, rolling her eyes, "remind me again what we're doing here."

"Ssh!" Raya hissed. "They're filming! Besides...look at Kimber's face!"

The red-head was gazing dreamily as her friend Sean, the hot young British actor, stepped forward sporting a policeman's uniform. "Oh, isn't he wonderful?" she breathed.

"I didn't know Sean was into this sort of movie," Aja said, wincing again as vulgar language was flung about the made-up street scene.

Jerrica shrugged. "It's just a movie. I'm sure they're all--"

"--fuck you up, too, pig!"

"--very nice young men."

"CUT!" the director called. "Okay, bring out the stuntmen!"

Sean Harrison took his officer's cap off and spun it on his finger, whistling as he spotted Kimber. "Hello, luv!"

"Sean!" Kimber cried, throwing her arms around him in a hug. "You were terrific!"

"She didn't hear a word he said," Shana smiled.

"Good for her," Aja muttered. "Wish I hadn't."

"Callate!" Raya said again.

"Well, dove, I've got to go back to me trailer and dress for the next scene."

"What are you doing next?" Kimber asked excitedly.

Sean laughed. "Same setting, only I've got to go put on a ripped-up uniform and get the makeup department to make it look like I've had me ass kicked. Ta for now!"

Kimber waved at him as he left, still watching him with dreamy eyes.

"Is it him she's seeing, or a movie star?" Aja wondered.

"Sean is a movie star," Jerrica answered flippantly.

Aja shrugged. "That's not exactly what I meant, but take up for him if you like." She walked away a little angrily.

"What's up with her?" Raya wondered.

"Must be an Asian thing," Shana muttered jokingly of her Chinese friend.

"Nonsense; she's just jealous, that's all," Kimber said hotly.

Jerrica and the other girls seemed a little startled with Kimber's sudden outburst, but said nothing.

"Look!" Shana cried, breaking the silence after a few moments. "The stunt people have started the fight scene!"

Sure enough, they were going at it. Knives lashed through the air and fake blood sprayed the pretend street and stained the fake building walls. Then men swung their fists at each other and kicked. It looked almost too real, especially with the men grunting and moaning as though they were in real pain.

"Okay...and...CUT!" the director yelled again. "Great job, everybody! Perfect! All right--stuntmen off the set! Where's Sean?"

The cop stuntman who'd taken Sean's part and the true actor looked at each other for almost a long time before the stuntman was shooed away. Standing there, face-to-face, they looked almost like the same man. Then the stuntman turned away and took off his wig. He didn't look at all like Sean anymore; instead of raven hair, his was soft blonde, and his skin was a shade more tan. But he was just as familiar to the girls.

"Jeff!" Kimber cried. The stuntman looked up in surprise at the sound of her voice.

"Kimber? Oh, my gosh! Kimber, is that really you?" he asked as he trotted over.

"Jeff, your lip's bleeding!" she said worriedly.

"Don't worry; it's only makeup, right, Jeff?" Raya said.

"Um...no, this is real," Jeff said, running a finger along his split lip.

"Let's go find you a doctor!" Kimber said quickly.

Jeff laughed. "That's not necessary, sweetheart. This happens all the time."

Shana smiled. "I'm glad you're not worried. That looked so real!"

"Some of it was real," Jeff admitted. "Not the knives, of course, but I'm not the only one who walked away wounded." He jerked his head to where there was a small medical van parked, and the group watched as two paramedics bandaged some shirtless man's waist. "He got kicked in the side a bit too hard."

"That's terrible!" Raya exclaimed.

Jeff shook his head. "We're trained to take pain." He laughed.

Kimber's eyes looked at Jeff's face adoringly. "You're so brave!" she said.

"Nah. So, Kimber... What are you doing here?"

Shana rolled her eyes, whispering to Jerrica, "Here we go again!"

Jeff was in the restroom, dabbing at his busted lip, when someone walked in.

"Are you alright?" Sean's silky smooth, accented voice asked softly.

Jeff didn't look up. He felt very awkward around Sean. He figured it was because the slightly younger boy was a very famous actor, while Jeff hardly got any publicity himself. Stuntmen may earn a reputation with the film industry, but they certainly didn't have their own fan clubs.

"I'm okay; it's just a cut," Jeff said as nonchalantly as possible. "I don't have a trailer to clean up in," he added, trying unsuccessfully not to sound bitter. He wouldn't have minded being so well-known, too, but just didn't have the talent for acting. Stunts were as close as he'd ever be able to come to Hollywood, and he knew it. So, unfortunately, did Sean.

"Oh? That's too bad. Maybe you'd like to come over to my trailer?" the Englishman said smoothly. "You can clean up there, if you like."

Jeff felt a sudden chill at the words. Sean's tone was kind, but there was something devious in the undercurrent that Jeff couldn't place. It was exciting, in a way, but it also frightened him--very much.

"No thanks," he said a bit harshly. "I can handle it here; I'm a big boy."

"I've noticed," Sean said, looking him up and down.

Jeff felt his face flush and he knew he had to get out of that bathroom before... something happened. "Excuse me, Mr. Harrison," he said icily, pushing past Sean and hurrying back to the set.

Sean shivered from the contact of Jeff's shoulder against his. He craved another touch, but figured it was the best he'd get--for now. He stood there next to the sink until the door closed and he heard Jeff's footsteps fade quickly down the hall. Then he combed his silky dark hair and went back outside to find Kimber and the girls to take them all to dinner.