It was the love I myself once had with a boy...except for one fact, he was a boy, he had a life, and I didn't

-Enjoy the story-

As they lay on soft bed, their bodies intertwined as one, love faded. Memories flooded through, good and bad. The dark night covered the room like a soft soothing blanket. The night reminded them of hope to come. If there was life, there was love... Tiredly Rath lay in his silken blankets, unable to comprehend his lovers torment. Why did she cry, why did she suddenly refuse to look into his eyes as he held her close? Was it guilt? Was it another hidden feeling? Love faded... but in its' path it brought new life. It was almost impossible to understand but yet... he did. As she cried into his chest, he felt each and every little droplet pound into his heart, hammering its' way into his chest, sparkling diamonds in a hidden mine, his memory of her. It was then he realized, his love wasn't fading, it was just a different kind of love; something he hadn't read out of the books when he was little. It wasn't the lust, the fact that she made him feel needed, the endless recklessness of two hearts. No, the love that was pure, that was true, was what he had, the need to be with her, the fact that her heart made his feel whole. The love he had was the desire to wake up everyday and look into her eyes, so the world would shine once more. It was love in its' youngest, purest form. Taking her soft silky white face in his strong hands, he carefully pulled her face up to look into his. Smiling he delicately wiped away her tears and bent his head forward, joining his mouth to hers his soft lips kissed her wet ones. Smiling he pressed his cheek against hers and whispered, I will always love you, wait for me. In that breath, he lay down and fell into a tormentless sleep. As he did, he thanked God for the love Cesia gave him; he thanked God for how she showed him there was life beyond love.