Liz, I am Still In Love With You
By Karah

Disclaimer: The main characters belong to Francine Pascal and the others probably belong to me.

Author's Note: This is my first SVH: SY fanfic so please feel free to let me know what you think, but be nice. This stuff happens after Conner and Liz start dating and before he starts drinking and before rehab.

Prologue: Still In Love:

Basketball Court:

The basketball team was practicing for the game that night and the star player Todd Wilkins was distracted by thoughts of his ex-girlfriend.

'I'm still in love with Liz only I know she won't take me back and besides she's dating McDermott now, there's nothing I can do to change what happened last year.' Todd thought, 'Or maybe I can break up---No! Liz would hate me. And I need Liz in my life!'

Oracle Office:

While at the Oracle office, Liz was doing some editing work for the paper just as Conner walked in.

"Hey, Liz." Conner said.

"Hey, Conner." Liz said not looking up at Conner.

'How can I be so in love with Todd when I'm dating Conner?' Liz asked herself.

"So when will you be done here?" Conner asked.

"Not for a while. I'll phone you tonight after the game." Liz replied.

"Ok but I might actually see you at the game." Conner said.

"What? You never come to games." Liz said stunned.

"Yah, I know but I want to tonight." Conner said.

"Ok you do that but can you leave now? You're kind of distracting me from my work, Conner." Liz said.

"Ok. I'll leave." Conner said walking out the door.

'Something is going on with Conner.' Liz thought.

"Hey, Megan, what's with Conner with today?" Liz asked her sophomore friend.

"Him wanting to go to a game? Tell me you don't know why he's going." Megan replied.

"I really don't." Liz said.

"The star player, your ex-boyfriend. Conner feels threatened by him." Megan said.

"Ok that was last year and things aren't cool with him." Liz said.

After B-ball Practice, Guys locker room:

'Help! Who can I tell on the team that won't tell Liz or Conner?' Todd wondered.

"Hey man." AJ Morgan said.

"Hey, Morgan. What's up?" Todd asked.

"Well, do you think Jess would go out with me again?" AJ asked.

"I really don't know. Just ask her." Todd replied.

'Should I tell AJ?' Todd asked himself.

"I will. What's up with you?" AJ asked.

"Ok, swear you won't tell anyone." Todd said as the other guys left.

"I won't." AJ promised.

"Ok. I'm kind of still in love with Liz I just don't want to mess things up with her and McDermott." Todd said.

"Well I'm giving you the same advice you gave me, well kind of the same: Talk to Liz and see what she says. She might say the same." AJ said.

"AJ, I really need Liz in my life as more than a friend. I do not want to wreck things between her and McDermott. Heck, he'll probably kill me if that happens." Todd said.

"Then go to the Oracle office and talk to her." AJ said.

"Ok. I will, I guess." Todd said.

Todd walks to the Oracle office after talking to AJ.

Oracle Office:

As soon as Todd walked into the Oracle office, he saw that Liz was busy with newspaper stuff.

"Hey, Liz." Todd said.

"Hey, Todd. Ready for the game tonight?" Liz asked.

"Yep. Who's covering the game for the Oracle?" Todd replied.

"Me. Craig is sick." Liz replied.

"Well you've done it before." Todd said.

"But why do I get the feeling that you didn't come here to talk about your favorite sport with me?" Liz asked.

"Because I didn't. I want to talk to you about stuff but I can do it later." Todd said.

"Todd, you can say it whatever it is. As you know were the only ones in here right now." Liz said.

"Liz, what I have to say I kind of hard to say. But I'll say it anyway." Todd said, "I'm still in love with you. I have been all year; I just didn't know what to do about it even when you weren't with somebody. There. I said it."

"And now I'm with Conner. Who by the way, is coming to the game tonight." Liz said, "He doesn't go to any kind of games. But according to Megan, his sister, he's coming because he's threatened by you."

"Yah well any guy would be. We did date for the whole school year last year." Todd said.

"I know and that was last year. I thought we had both moved on with our lives, Todd." Liz said.

'Who are you kidding, Liz? You may be with Conner but you don't want to be.' Liz thought.

"Just think about what I said." Todd said.

"Ok." Liz said about to changed the subject, "So where are you planning on going for college next year?"

"Anywhere I can get a b-ball scholarship from." Todd replied, "You?"

"I'm thinking about Yale, Harvard or Stanford." Liz replied.

"Knowing you as well as I think I do your probably applying to all three though." Todd said.

"I am. Ok if that were anyone else, with the exception of Jess, that would be way too freaky." Liz said.

"It's what happens when you date for as long as we did." Todd said.

Basketball Game:

Liz was sitting in the stands with Maria and Enid taking notes on the game, she did not notice when Conner and Megan showed up.

"Your way to into this whole cover-the-game because Craig is sick." Conner said snapping Liz out of her little world.

"Live with it, Conner. She is always like this when writing any kind of article for The Oracle. It's her life." Maria said.

'Just as long as she's mine until I get bored of her.' Conner thought.

"So how does the scoring go for this game?" Conner asked.

"Two points for each basket made." Liz replied paying more attention to the game then to Conner.

'She is ignoring me, which is unusual for Liz. Maybe Maria's right though.' Conner thought.

Liz spent the whole game ignoring Conner and concentrated on writing her article for The Oracle as well as wondering if Conner only had one reason to be at the game. After the game, Liz was about to leave the gym when Todd walked up to her.

"Hey, Liz." Todd said.

"Hey." Liz said, "Great game."

"Thanks." Todd said as Conner walked up to them.

"Liz, want to come to HOJ with Maria, Megan and me?" Conner asked emphasizing the word 'me' and not acknowledging that Todd was standing there.

"Would but I have to write up the article and finish my homework for Monday." Liz said.

"Ok, to you tomorrow?" Conner asked.

"Sure." Liz replied.

"Ok, bye." Conner said walking away.

"That is one weird dude." Todd said.

"I know it. That's not even the most of it either." Liz said.

"Interesting." Todd said, "So do you really have to do homework and the article today?"

"Not really I just told Conner that so he'd leave the subject alone. Why?" Liz asked.

"Well I was wondering if you'd like to go somewhere and talk." Todd replied.

"Sure, just not House of Java. Conner would totally freak and I really don't need that right now. Its sort of bad enough he tried talking to me through the entire game." Liz said.

"Good. Well I would say we could go to the Dairi Burger and talk but it don't exist anymore so how about the Stardrop?" Todd asked.

"Sure. I'll just let Jess know and be back." Liz said, "It's her turn to have the Jeep."

"Okay." Todd said.

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