Chapter 2: Just Friends:

Wakefield house, Saturday afternoon:

As Liz was sitting at her desk with her computer turned on, she wondered how threatened Conner was by Todd and how much he knew about Todd and her relationship.

'He can't know that much.' Liz reasoned, 'He just started at SVH, and even if he does know a lot how do I know it's all the truth. Because depending on who told him it could be mostly made up.'


"Come in." Liz said.

"Hey, Liz." Steven said.

"Hey, Steve." Liz said, "How's school?"

"School is good." Steven said, "Although I can't wait for summer."

"A bunch more months and it will be finals then you can have your summer." Liz said.

"I know." Steven said, "So how are things with Conner?"

"Usual. Nothing ever changes with him." Liz replied, "Except that he came to the basketball game last night."

"Why?" Steven asked.

"Because he knows about last year. He thinks it will change everything. I think he doesn't like change." Liz replied.

"So he's threatened by what you and Todd had?" Steven asked.

"I guess. He also knows that it will never be like that with him." Liz replied.

"Cause you can't copy with someone what you had with someone else." Steven said.

"That would just be a little absurd." Liz said.

"It would be. Anyway I just came up here to let you know that the phone is for you." Steven said.

"I didn't even hear the phone ring." Liz said.

"Why not?" Steven asked.

"Writing the article on the game. Has to go to the printers tomorrow." Liz replied.

"You covered the game?" Steven asked.

"Yep." Liz replied, "Had to tune Conner out though so I could write the notes. By the way, who's on the phone?"

"Todd is." Steven said, "I thought you two weren't talking."

"We haven't been really. Until yesterday after school. It was weird. He just walked into The Oracle office to talk." Liz said before picking up the phone.

"Hey, Liz." Todd said.

"Hey." Liz said noticing that her brother left the room.

"You busy right now?" Todd asked.

"Just writing the article." Liz replied.

Down stairs Jess answered the door and found that Conner was standing there.

"Is Liz here?" Conner asked.

"Yes, but she's busy." Jessica replied.

"Writing the article on last night's game?" Conner asked.

"Don't know. She's on the phone." Jessica replied.

"With?" Conner asked.

"A friend." Jessica replied in a tone she hoped would keep him from asking which friend, not that she even knew it was Todd.

"Okay. Well can you tell her I stopped by?" Conner asked.

"Sure. I guess." Jess replied.

"Thanks, Jessica." Conner said before walking back to his mustang.

"Bye, Conner." Jess said.

'He is really strange.' Jessica thought as she shut the front door and went back to watching her movie.

Todd's House:

"After you're done the article do you want to hang out at the Stardrop?" Todd asked.

"Sure. I was supposed to go shopping with Jess but I can do that later." Liz replied.

"Ok. So what time?" Todd asked.

"Ummm...I should be done soon. Why don't I call you when I'm done? That way we can decide what time." Liz replied.

"I should go. Some of the guys from the team are here and we were playing a game but I needed to call you." Todd said.

"OK. Bye, Todd." Liz said.

"Bye, Liz." Todd said before they both hung up.

Todd went back outside to start the game up again, while at the Wakefield's house Liz was working on her article.

"Hey, Wilkins." A.J. said, "Ready to play again?"

"Yep." Todd said.

The game was started again and not stopped until Todd's father came out about half an hour later with the cordless phone.

"It's Liz." Mr. Wilkins said giving Todd the phone.

"Thanks, Dad." Todd said taking the phone, "Hey, Liz. Done the article?"

"Yah. Though I can't say Jess was too happy about me canceling on her. Especially after Conner came by while we were talking before." Liz replied.

"Do you know why he was there?" Todd asked.

"No. But he probably wanted to go to HOJ." Liz replied.

"Would you have if I hadn't phoned?" Todd wanted to know.

"No. That place gets boring. And Conner is getting on my nerves." Liz replied.

"OK. So you want to go to the Stardrop now?" Todd asked.

"Sure. There's nothing to do around here and Jess is giving me the evil eye." Liz replied.

"K. I'll meet you there in fifteen minutes." Todd said.

"OK. See you then." Liz said before hanging up.

"What was that all about?" Ken asked after Todd hung up.

"Nothing." Todd replied.

"I know you and that wasn't nothing. That was you talking to your ex who you haven't talked to since you broke up with her in the summer." Ken said.

"OK. I was talking to Liz. What's wrong with that?" Todd asked.

"Hello! She has a boyfriend and your still in love with her." Ken replied.

"True, but if she were in love with Conner then why would she have said yes to hanging out with me?" Todd asked.

"No idea. Do you think she's in love with McDermott?" Ken asked.

"I don't. She doesn't act like she is." Todd replied.

"OK. Do you think you have a chance with her?" Ken asked.

"In reality or dreams?" Todd asked.

"In reality." Ken replied.

"Don't know. I really want one though." Todd said.

"The only way you'll ever get a chance is if she breaks up with him." Ken said.

"And she wouldn't...he'll probably break up with her and then she'll be all Liz about it." Todd said, "Anyway you guys got to go 'cause I got to go."

"See ya later." Ken said.

A.J., Ken and a few other guys who were on the basketball team left then Todd jumped into his car and drove to the Stardrop. About five minutes after he got there Liz showed up.

"Hey." Todd said.

"Hey." Liz said, "I know I was supposed to be here five minutes ago but Conner showed up as I was leaving."

"That's OK. Ken cornered me about the phone call." Todd said.

"He was there when I called?" Liz asked.

"Yah. And A.J. and some of the other guys from the basketball team." Todd said, "It's just a way for us SVH players to get together and play without the El carro guys."

"They get really competitive on the court." Liz said.

"They do...that's why some of the guys like to get together and play without them. Ken just likes to play on the side." Todd said.

"Cool." Liz said.

"Yah...remember the last year when I tried to get you to play better?" Todd asked.

"Yes! I had dreams of basketballs for a month afterwards. I didn't get any better though." Liz said.

"Yes you did. After a week you could at least hit the backboard." Todd said.

"And I couldn't even do that too great." Liz said.

"Yes you could." Todd said, "I know basketball. I know - knew you. I could see that you were getting better."

"Then we got into that fight and broke up and the subject of you teaching me how to play basketball was never mentioned. Jess and Enid wouldn't even talk about it." Liz said, "I walked in on Jess talking to Cara and Lila about it one day though and bit her head off."

"Yah...none of the guys would mention it after that either. Especially since they walked in on the fight." Todd said.

"I was so mad at you that day." Liz said, "I was tired of you spending all that time with the basketball team and the guys that I was really fed up with only spending time with while you were shooting practice shots at home."

"I never knew that." Todd said.

"I couldn't tell you." Liz said.

"Why not?" Todd asked.

"Because I didn't even know that was bugging me until the fight and by then it was too late." Liz replied, "You know I would've talked to you about it before if I had known that it was bugging me."

"Yes." Todd said, "Can we change the subject 'cause this is just a little depressing."

"Sure." Liz said, "I don't really want to talk about last year right now anyway."

"So you and Conner. How'd that happen?" Todd asked.

"Just did I guess." Liz replied, "After the earthquake happened Lila's mom and dad let us stay there. Then school started and I met Megan and she said I could live there instead of the Fowlers so I moved in there. Turned out that Conner was her brother and had the room on the other side of the bathroom from me. I don't really know how we started going out."

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