Lost in the Shadows

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Aoko looked at the empty desk next to her. It had been 3 days since her best friend had disappeared. No one knew what had happened, not even his own mother. She still remembered that night. The day that he'd disappeared. Her father had been at a heist the previous night and it had gone terribly wrong...

Kaitou Kid laughed as he dodged the taskforce. As usual, Inspector Nakamori let out some words that made the best insulter look like a 5 year-old. Kid laughed again, making the inspector shout even more descriptive words about what he was going to do with Kid.

"Nakamori-keibu, if you keep talking like that, you'll make the earth uninhabitable." Remarked Kid, as he rounded the corner.

"GET BACK HERE!" The inspector roared as he followed him the thief.

As the inspector rounded the corner, he heard a gun shot and his heart stopped cold. In front of the policeman, Kid tripped and fell.

"KID!" Nakamori shouted. He didn't like anyone interfering with the heists. Killing the Kaitou Kid was definitely way out in left field.

The inspector ran to his side, only to find Kid sitting up, clutching his arm. The bullet hadn't gone through the bone but it wasn't a pretty sight. He quickly ripped his shirt to bandage the Kaitou. He'd rather have Kid escape than for him to capture Kid because he was injured, and very badly at that. It just wouldn't be fair to take advantage of the fact that someone else had brought Kid down.

"Nakamori-keibu, Get out of here right now!" Kid shouted at him.

What the hell? The inspector thought.

"GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!" Kid shouted again, pushing the inspector away. "If you ever want to see Aoko again, get out of here."

The thief's words stung into the inspector's heart long enough for Kid to stand up and jump out a window, activating his glider. More shots could be heard, and Kid jerked as he flew away. No one knew if he'd survived or not.

Next day...

"HE'S ALIVE! THE $(&#($ING KID'S ALIVE!" Nakamori's voice rang through the police station, sounding strangely happy.

Most of the wise and seasoned police officers gave him a wide berth, but one of the newbies decided to find out what it was this time.

"Nakamori-san? What did he write this time?" The unlucky officer asked him as he walked into Nakamori's office.

"The Kid left a note saying that he's doing another heist tonight, but this time there's no riddle to solve and he says he has an announcement." The inspector, for once, wasn't angry. Instead, he was surprised and a little worried.

"Does that mean it may not be the same one?"

"No it's the same. He left a note about something that only he and I would know about to make sure I knew it was him."

"Ah, I see. Shall I get the listened and have him get ready for the heist?"

"Yeah, tell him this time it's at the Tokyo New Arts Museum. It's set for 6 p.m. tonight."

The newbie bowed, turned around and walked out. Meanwhile, the inspector went over the other clue left by the thief.

What did he mean by 'One last call'? He asked himself. And why did he use Aoko's name, the same way as he said it last night, as the password to let me know it's him?

That night...

All the policemen were on their guard. Something wasn't right, and they could tell. For one, not once since he had received the note, did Inspector Nakamori curse the Kaitou Kid. Also, Kid didn't give them a riddle to solve, and instead said he had an announcement to make and where to be to hear it. That wasn't like the Kid at all. They weren't even for sure that this was a genuine notice, but Inspector Nakamori still assured them that it was.

All of the sudden, a wind came up and most of their hats came off of their head. Looking up to see where they went, they noticed that the Kaitou Kid was standing on the roof, looking down at them. The hats were quickly forgotten.

"Gentlemen," he started, his voice very loud. "I'm so glad that you could make it. To let you know, I'm not going to actually steal anything." There were any queried looks at his speech. "Instead, I'm here to make an announcement. I've finally got what I've been looking for, for the past 20 years. The Pandora Gem is mine, and I've destroyed it. Now I go back into retirement. So long Inspector Nakamori, Kaitou Kid Taskforce." He jumped off of the roof and opened his glider. Everyone shouted at him from below as he flew into the sunset, never to be seen again...

"Nakamori-chan? You alright?" The voice brought Aoko out of her memories, and back into reality.

"Yeah, sorry for making you worried, Hakuba-kun." She responded, not quite listening.

"You're worried about Kuroba-kun." Akako said, her voice filled with sweetness and caring.

"Yeah, just wondering where he is. Why hasn't he tried to get a hold of one of us?" She asked the other two, letting her despair and anger come through. "Why?"

"I don't know, Nakamori-chan, but I'll try to find him." Hakuba told her. He hated to see her like this, for she was collapsing in on herself. Where ever you are, Kuroba, you need to come back. I don't think that she can handle you being away. Especially when you disappear without a trace, his mind told the world.

Far way...

The boy on the bed tossed and turned in his sleep. He still had nightmares about what had happened a few nights ago.

"AOKO!" He shouted, sitting up suddenly. "Aoko..." he started to sob as he thought about her. "I'm so sorry...I wish I could come back...I need you." He spoke quietly through his tears.

He finished crying, wiping off the tear tracks on his face. He got up, walking over to the window. As he stood there, his finger found the bandage on his arm that protected the wound he'd gotten.

"Aoko, I promise you that I'll come back..." Kuroba Kaito spoke to her, even though she couldn't hear her. "I promise..."

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