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Summary: The snow Queen Tempest puts a spell on Sam and makes her heart freeze over with ice, Sam has no control of her actions any more. It's up to Danny to save her before he loses her…forever to the snow.

Sub-Summary: When Sam becomes falls under the spell of the Snow Queen Tempest, Danny must leave Amity Park to save his childhood friend, and discover his true feelings along the way

Author's Notes: NO ONE CAN TAKE THIS IDEA! I had to ask both my parents to help me come up with an idea! UGHH! But I finally dawned upon me! So enjoy the story!

Open Your Eyes

Chapter 1: Let it snow, let it snow LET IT SNOW!

Sam woke up; her room looked darker and felt colder then it did most mornings. "Maybe wearing my halter top to bed wasn't such a great idea!" She said to herself harshly. She stumbled out of bed and fell to the floor. "Maybe I shouldn't have left the window open either!" She picked herself up and walked over to her window. She drew open her drapes to be blinded by white.

"Sam!" A voice shouted from below her window. She looked down to see Danny looking up at her. "It snowed!" He said confused, yet thrilled.

"Really?" She asked sarcastically. "I haven't noticed..." she stuck her head back inside. "I'll be right down!" She called. She pulled a black sweater, jeans and coat on over her pajamas.

She walked out of her house, snowflakes falling on her nose and eyelashes. She laughed to herself. She then saw Danny, throwing snowballs at the little kids across the street. She laughed again; "Come on Danny cut it out!"

Danny turned around, awestruck on how lovely Sam looked in the snow. But he shook his head and laughed, "Not until they call THE PHANTOM THEIR KING!"

Sam grabbed Danny's arm and started dragging him up her street.

"Aw! But Sammy! I was having fun!" He pouted his lips, "Why did you make me leave?" He laughed. He pulled off his hat and brushed off the snow. She watched him do this, his cheeks we're rosy from the cold and his midnight black hair had white snowflakes in it.

She smiled at him, but it changed to an annoyed smirk, "Oh well! So where's Tucker?"

Danny shrugged his shoulders. "Wasn't home when I went to his house."

"I think I remember him saying something about going to Delaware to visit his relatives." Sam said, rubbing her jacket sleeve. "Guess it's just us for the weekend okay?"

Danny's cheeks became rosier, "Course it is, best friends aren't we?"

She nodded, "How about we go get a cup of coffee at that new café, uh, what is it called?" It was then she realized she was still linking her arm in his. They both blushed. She unlinked her arm and placed them behind her back.

"Uh, I think the place is called Fairy Tale?" Danny asked her unsure of himself.

She nodded, "Sure! Why not let's go!"

They made their way to the coffee shop. It was different from a lot of the other café's around the town. They walked in, and were greeted by aromas of strong coffees and fresh baked pastries. "Wow..." Sam gasped out. "This place is amazing..."

The walls were painted purple, and the waitress wore wings. The place did look like it came out of a storybook.

"Hey there! Would you two sweethearts like a seat or are ya orderin' to go?" A waitress came up and asked Sam and Danny, her make up was done nicely and it matched her dark blue wings.

As Sam started to say 'We aren't a couple' Danny cut her short by saying yes to a table. She looked at him; she was confused, usually they would be in perfect sync when it came to tell people that they weren't going out.

Danny pulled out Sam's chair and she sat down slowly. Danny tucked her chair in and then sat in his own. "Danny are you alright?" She asked. Though she always loved it when Danny treated her like this.

"Yea I'm fine Sam why?" He rose his right eyebrow at her; "I wonder if we get menus here or something..." he looked around the café to see how people ordered there.

"Uh, nothing, never mind." She smiled, leaning back in her chair.

"Well, hi there love birds, might I suggest the special for the young man and an espresso for the Miss okay?"

Sam glared at the waitress, but Danny didn't seem to care so she shook it off. They shrugged and nodded. The waitress smiled, "I'll be right back..." She smirked and winked at Danny.

"She's kind of weird." Sam rolled her eyes. She noticed she did that a lot when it came to Danny and pretty girls.

They waited a few moments before the girl returned with their coffees. Sam's cup was a pure white mug. Danny's cup on the other hand, was dark red and had, what looked like, a heart inside melting ice, with an opened eye on the cup. He stared at it in bewilderment.

"You wondering about the heart right?" She laughed, hugging the tray she brought the drinks in on.

He nodded. "It's so detailed like it was painted onto the cup."

"Oh, well it was." She nodded. "It was said, that the woman who made that coffee right there in that cup melted the heart, and opened the eyes of her best friend, so that his feelings would warm his soul." She smiled.

"Cute legend." Sam grinned, taking a sip of her warm, bitter espresso.

The waitress nodded and walked off to attend other business.

Danny nodded, "Yea...it is." He said slowly, sipping the hot liquid. "Ah!" he set the cup down quickly. "COFFEE! COFFEE HOT!"

Sam laughed; taking a napkin and wiping whipped cream from Danny's nose. "Coffee tends to be hot Danny." She shook her head.

"Yes I know that, well, I feel nice and warm though!" He smiled.

She gave him thumbs up and looked out the window. "It's amazing how sudden this snow came right?"

He nodded, "It was weird, when I woke up this morning, I thought I saw my ghost breath, turned out it was just the cold, it's unusual how warm it is in here though."

"Yup, that it is." She took off her jacket and pulled off her sweater.

Danny gulped, "Ha-ha! You look hot I mean SEEM! SEEM!" He rubbed the back of his neck, not looking directly at her.

Sam coughed, "Yea-huh? Are you sure you're okay?" She asked, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. She finished off her espresso, setting her mug onto the table.

"Yes Sam, fine I'm just fine, maybe out of it but fine." Danny grinned, he felt his pants loosen.

"Okay. So you almost finished Danny?"

He shook his head and looked at her. He was baffled at how she finished hers so quick. "I hardly even sipped mine Sam!" He shrugged his shoulders and risked giving his mouth 3rd degree burns. He gulped it down. "HOT!" he shouted, fanning his mouth.

Sam jumped out of her chair and put her hands on Danny's shoulders. "Are you okay, or rather is your mouth okay?" she asked with her sarcastic charm, looking down at him.

"Uh, yea I'm okay." He blushed at her touch. He waved his hand at her as a sign he was okay. She nodded and backed away to her seat.

"You two ready to go?" The waitress returned with a bill in hand. They nodded at her, and Danny smiled sheepishly.

"What's that shy smile for Prince Charming?" The waitress asked.

"I'm a bit short." He shook his head and looked in his pockets for more money.

"You know what, you two go off and have a great day together, I'll take care of the money." She walked off whistling, but turned sharply when the wind, made tapping sounds at the window.

Danny saw his ghost breath, "Oh no..."

Sam's eyes opened wide, "Time to go ghost..."

Danny nodded, "Cover me?" he asked her, his eyes filled with worry. She nodded her head and walked over towards him, standing in front of while he changed. He flew through the window and left Sam standing in the coffee shop, "Good luck, Danny..." She whispered out, putting her sweater and coat back on.

She left the shop, and walked home alone.

Author's Notes: Chapter 1 is finished, and it's confusing! I know there isn't much action or anything, but it'll all come, that's how stories work.