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Summary: The snow Queen Tempest puts a spell on Sam and makes her heart freeze over with ice, Sam has no control of her actions any more. It's up to Danny to save her before he loses her…forever to the snow.

Sub-Summary: When Sam becomes falls under the spell of the Snow Queen Tempest, Danny must leave Amity Park to save his childhood friend, and discover his true feelings along the way.

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Open Your Eyes

Chapter 5: His Gift, Her Curse

"Yea!" Sam said with a sudden courage. "You shouldn't be treating me like this, there's no real feeling!"


Had Sam really spent a lifetime getting lost in lies? She thought she had. She was blind to the truth.

At the moment, she wasn't in much of a mood to find out. Her wound from that bitch ghost Tempest was starting to feel cold. It was driving her crazy, everything was driving her to the brink of hatred and anger. It was all so blurry, all so confusing. She wanted the pain in her arm to go away; She wanted; she wanted a moment of peace. She closed her eyes and it felt like ice water was becoming her blood, her heart felt frozen. Her life was frozen. "I HATE YOU DANNY!"

What's happening to me? I didn't want to say that. She wanted to apologize, but she could no longer speak.

Danny looked at her, his warm blue eyes staring deeply into her frozen violet ones. Sam was changing before his eyes; it was horrifying. He rushed to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her freezing body. He was losing his best friend. This wasn't possible. Five minutes ago she was fine, a little edgy sure, but she was fine. Danny was scared. He bit his bottom lip in frustration and closed his eyes tight.

"Sam," he whispered. "I know you can hear me, come back to me…please?" He remained quiet, until he felt a cold drop of water hit his chest. He looked at his friend, she was trying to fight it, Sam was strong, and Danny knew that.

Sam threw her head up and suddenly pushed him away hard. She was being controlled; this wasn't Sam! She just wasn't human.

"Sam! Stop it now!" Danny shouted; he turned away from her as he quickly wiped away falling tears.

I lost her; I know it…

Danny quickly snapped back into reality, what was she talking about? Unreal feelings? Lies? It was all so puzzling. "Open your eyes Danny!" he said aloud to himself. "Can't you see what's happening in front of you?" He looked up at her and gasped. Sam's skin was losing what was left of its color. When he reached for her, she screamed and pushed him away more fiercely then the time before.

Danny stumbled backwards and hit his head hard on the bedpost of Sam's bed. He slipped into unconsciousness.

Sam showed no emotion, but one lone tear ran along her cheek. She picked him up off the floor and placed him on her bed. She walked out of the house, at midnight, and into the snowstorm. An ice carriage picked her up in the park, and the beautiful woman that scratched Sam, took her way.

Danny awoke, his head pounding with a dull ache. He propped himself up with one arm and looked at his surroundings. He saw the purple walls and the blood red comforter and knew he was still in Sam's bedroom. "She must have put me on the bed." He tried to remember what exactly happened. Though, he was dreading the flow of memory that took place before his black out.

He suddenly recalled his tears, her tears, there last hug, or so he thought. Danny pushed himself up and transformed back into his ghost form and ran to the window, he could make out Sam's boot prints from the window. He jumped out and floated down softly.

A young girl with red hair broke out of the shadows when she saw the young ghost boy float down. She ran out and stopped when the boy landed in front of her. "Are you…the Halfa?" She asked, her bright emerald green eyes, intense even the black of the night.

Danny nodded dumbstruck, now even more questions buzzed through his head. Why are you here I need to find Sam. How did you know I'm a halfa? Are you a ghost? Are you a halfa too? What are you? Can you help me?

All Danny did was nod. He knew he didn't have the time to talk. "I've come to tell you of Tempest." She said. She grabbed Danny's hand and pulled him quickly to the same coffee shop. The start of all of these problems…though Danny had no idea that this oh-so-simple store had any connection.

"Catty!" she called out when the entered the shop, it was dark, the only light being was a peek of light underneath the curtain from the next room. "I found him, he was at the girl's house."

Catty walked out from behind of the curtain, a weird blue glow forthcoming from the small of her back. Her blonde hair was tied off to a lose ponytail to the side. She smiled at Danny, "You probably don't recognize me, that's okay. Samantha didn't either."

Danny's eyes opened wide when he heard Sam's name. "Do you know what happened to her?" he spoke softly; afraid he was going to cry again. Danny had only cried a few times in his life. He could only recall 2 times though, when he had his accident. And when he thought he lost Sam to a bitch he didn't even the name of.

Catty nodded and put her hands on his shoulders. "You are gifted Danny. Not with just your other world powers, but with the warmth of the sun, the stars, and the moon." Catty smiled. "You can get Sam back, but, she's is the cursed one." Catty got a solemn look on her face as she pulled away from Danny.

The red haired girl walked in front of Danny and tried her best to give him a warm smile.

Danny ignored her attempts and stared at Catty, "Cursed? What's wrong with her?"

Catty sat down and looked back at Danny. "Have you ever heard the story of the Snow Queen? When the Queen puts a spell on the little girl's friend Kay and makes his heart freeze over with cold?" Danny nodded. He remembered that story very well; ironically, it was Sam's favorite has a younger child. "Do you see anything in common? You are like the little girl in the story Danny. You cared for Sam as a sister until this turn of events did you not?"

Danny nodded; his feelings for Sam were changing.

Catty nodded, "That's what's happening to Sam as we speak. Her hear and soul are becoming ice, but instead of a broken piece of evil mirror entering the heart, it was that wound Tempest the Snow Queen, gave Sam." Catty grabbed Danny's hand. "You are devoted to protecting your friend, and I'm going to tell you how to get her back."

Danny nodded.

Sam…I'm coming for you, I swear.

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