I watched in horror as my father died by werewolf venom. Everything stopped as I watched all of my siblings turn to muck below me. I waited for my disperse but found it never came. I was forced to find food all by myself. Unfortunately, it took me five times to finally put my fangs in the right place on the pathetic humans neck. It was at that moment I decided that I would somehow bring back my mother, father, and is other two brides. Now I stand, In front of he ashes of their ashes. A smirk plays my face as I watch the Dwirgi scatter across the laboratory in Castle Dracula. Finally, I shall be able to fly with my father, cackle with my mother, and rule a world of havoc and distress. "Start the machine," I shout at Igor. "Yes, Master" was is reply.

With a turn of a knob, the ashes were electrocuted and formed four bodies. I laugh with excitement. "Pull the switches. Bring your Master back to life!" I exclaim loudly. Almost instantly, the ashes began to shimmer and sparkle as I finally see Marishka, Verona, mother, and father's bodies come to life. Marishka with her long brown hair and gypsy costume, Verona with her brown eyes and green dress, my mother with her curly red hair and pink gown, and finally my father with his normal black attire. The three brides instantly squealed with delight as they noticed they were alive. Dracula on the other hand didn't look surprised at all. He just kept staring at me, a grin on his face.

By this time the brides were practically hanging off him in happiness. I just stood there as he passionately kissed Marishka and Verona. Dracula paused while Aleera waited expectantly for her turn. "Aleera, my darling..." she opened her eyes and silently cooed, "Yes, Master?" Dracula grinned at the sound of her voice. "Behold, our son!" he exclaimed and looked in my direction. Aleera squealed in happiness as she hurried over to me, open-armed. I was a little taken aback when all three brides inspected me. "What lovely black hair he has!" my mother said as she ran her hand through my short, dark hair. "He also has blue eyes!" Verona exclaimed with excitement. "Just like Master!" Marishka said, not taking her eyes of me.

Father suddenly appeared behind mother and startled her by saying, "He looks like an Alexander." Aleera instantly spun around and silently said, "Yes." He finally planted a kiss on her lips and pulled out a few moments later. "We need to feed..." At this all four vampires looked up at him, smiling as their fangs grew. Dracula then transformed and flew out the window, Alexander and the brides on his tail.