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Song rights to "To Love Somebody," written by Barry Gibb, as performed by the Bee Gees, circa 1968.

A Simple Song


Kim Possible

Ron wishes to tell Kim how he really feels about her, and the perfect opportunity is coming up, the annual talent show, what will Ron do to show his love for Kim, read, and find out.

Ron Stoppable had a plan, one of the best plans of his life, he was going to tell his best friend since Pre-K, Kim Possible, just how he had felt about her, he'd had a massive crush on Kim since their freshman year, but he could never find a way to voice it to her.

To everyone around him, he was a textbook loser, to Kim, he was her best friend, a little goofy, but that's what made him who he was, to others, he was a buffoon, but tonight, it would be different, he had been training in secret for months, and he was going to wow Kim with a song he had been practicing for some time, he had already talked to Kim, and had asked her to please be there, she had agreed, rolling her eyes, and wondering why Ron would want to defend his title as talent show champion, he had never continued into something twice in a row, but she decided to give him some moral support, as always.

She had no idea that in as little as two hours, she would be completely blown away by Ron's daring, and fall madly in love with her best friend.