Kim's POV

I walked into the auditorium early for the talent show, Ron would be defending his title as champion, and I had to admit, I was a little worried, I was afraid that Ron would fall flat on his face, and I didn't know what to do for him if he did, so I sat down in the closest seat to the stage, right in the middle, and looked around, the first person I saw, was Monique, she came over and sat down to my right, "What up, Kim?" she asked, "Not much, you got any idea what Ron's up to?" I asked, hoping that she would, and if she did, she would tell me, she shook her head, and told me, "Uh-uh, not that easy, girlfriend, I know what he's doing, but he wants to surprise you, so you're just gonna have to wait." I knew that tonight was going to be nothing but sheer anticipation, waiting for Ron to step out onto that stage, and do his thing, then, I saw Wade coming out from behind the curtains, he walked over to where I was sitting, and sat down to my left, "He ready yet, Wade?" Monique asked, "Yeah, he's as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but it'll pass once the curtain opens up." "What do you two know that I don't?" I asked, looking from Wade, to Monique, and back, Wade nodded, "It's a surprise, Kim, you're gonna have to find out on your own." I sat on the edge of my seat, until I saw Mr. Barkin walk up to the center of the stage, and begin to talk, "Welcome back to the annual talent show, due to last years hot sauce incident, that will not be allowed this year," he paused, and I remembered that Ron had swallowed an entire packet of Diablo Hot Sauce in one swallow while he was buying me time to get to the school, he had almost created third degree burns on two of the judges, then Mr. Barkin began to speak again, "And our first contestant of the day, last years champion, Ron Stoppable." I looked up just as the curtains were being drawn back, in the middle of the stage, stood Ron, in an outfit I had never seen him wear before, he was wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a black necktie, around his neck, a guitar had been placed over his shoulder, and the pick was in his right hand, poised over the strings, ready to begin playing whatever tune he had planned, he walked up to the microphone, which was perched on a stand directly in front of him, he tapped his finger to the mic, and said, "Tonight, I'm singing a very special song, to a very special woman, she knows who she is, I need not say anymore." for a brief moment, our eyes met, and something in his eyes told me to please stay, this was all for me, I sat glued to my chair, waiting for the first strains of music to play, I watched, as Ron turned his head towards the curtain behind him, and nodded, then the song started, it started with a slow string section, and Ron playing some sporadic notes, he then approached the mic, and began to sing, in a mid alto voice, which was much different from how he talked:

There's a light,

Some kind of light,

That never shown on me,

I want my life to be,

A live with you,

Live with you,

There's a way,

Everybody says,

To do each and every little thing,

But what good does it bring,

If I ain't got you,

Ain't got you, Baby,

You don't know what it's like,

Baby you don't know what it's like,

To love somebody,

To love somebody,

The way I love you.

I sat there, amazed, there was Ron, on the stage confessing that he was in love with me, I knew I should've seen it coming, I had begun falling for him only a couple of months ago, he had begun to change, both in the physical, and mental, his mind was getting stronger, and he was no longer failing his classes, and his body was something to look at now, in place of the skinny little boy, there was now a man, I was mesmerized by the words that came from him, and they were all genuine:

Ohhh, in my brain,

I'll see your face again,

I know my frame of mind,

You ain't got to be so blind,

And I'm blind,

So so so blind,

I'm a man,

Can't you see what I am,

I live and I breathe for you,

But what good does it, do

If I ain't got you,

Ain't got you, Baby,

You don't know what it's like,

Baby you don't know what it's like,

To love somebody,

To love somebody,

The way I love you,

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, no no,

you don't know what it's like,

Baby you don't know what it's like,

to love somebody, to love somebody,

the way I love you.

By the end of the song, I was in shock, he had just said to me, the thing I wanted to hear the most, that he loved me, I didn't want to do anything, for fear that it would ruin the friendship that we had built over the years, but yet, here was the dependable rock I could lean on, spilling, not just to me, but to the whole school, I couldn't say no to him, not after that, I waited until he came to the auditorium floor before I spoke to him, "Thanks, Ron." I said, smiling sweetly to him, "Thanks for what?" Ron asked, he could be so clueless that way sometimes, "Thanks for telling me, you don't know how long I've waited for you to say that." I said, beaming with happiness, Ron smiled, took me into his arms, and kissed me, right in front of the whole school, the perfect ending, to the perfect night, we left the auditorium after the announcement of the winner, Ron had defended his title for the second straight year in a row, as we walked out, Ron reached for my hand, and I slipped my hand in his, leaning my head on his shoulder as we walked out, and into a new horizon, as a couple for the first time.