Kikyo's Journey

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Chapter 1: To Hell

I don't remember much of what happened. But I do remember the sound of the arrow as it pierced into Inu-Yasha's chest, forever to be bound to that God forsaken tree. I remember my sister yelling out my name, telling me that I needed help. My body felt so cold, my hands were shivering. Blood was all over me. One thought went through my mind as I fell to the damp earth, never to rise again. Inu-Yasha betrayed me. He stole the Shikon No Tama, the jewel of four souls.

I hated him for that.

I thought it was over, I thought that I could finally rest in peace. But that was a false hope as my body plunged into the fiery pits of darkness. My journey only begun, for I was sent to the most horrid place known to man.

Hell is what it was called.

I felt more frightened than a little mouse at the mercy of a wolf demon. Chains were wrapped all around my body. I struggled to get free. They bit into my skin as I moaned in pain. A small tug sent me sprawling to the ground as I clumsily opened one eye to look up.

"Come Lady Kikyo," the figure spoke, tugging harder. "We were expecting you." I was silent as I looked around, searching for that familiar stubborn, dog eared demon. But as I searched through the endless crowd of the dead, my search was in vain.

"If you are expectin' to find that dog demon Inu-Yasha, don't bother," another figure said to me, as I stared at him in surprise. "He's not gonna be coming down here any time soon."

"Wha-What do you mean?" I asked, my voice raspy.

The first figure looked up into the never ending night, saying, "Yup, ain't his time yet. Sorry Lady Kikyo ma'am. Gotta wait a little longer. Well, on you go then!" He tugged once more as I stumbled forward, the statement slowly processing in my mind.

He. . . He is not to come? But why? I thought. . . Didn't he. . ?

The second figure looked at me and scoffed, saying, "Oh, 'ie see. You were thinking the lad died, didn't ya? So you followed him, did you, so you could be together forever? Not another one."

"Right," the first muttered. "Another hopeless romantic."

I spat in his face, yelling, "Go to hell."

He laughed and slapped me, sending me to the ground. My palms burned as it met contact with the burning surface. "Stupid, I'm already there." Both of the fiends then laughed, as I finally peered closely into their faces.

It was almost too unbearable to see. Many discolored veins covered their body, their ears like those of an elf's. Clothes tattered; they had many scars and wounds across their body, showing various organs and bones. Their eyes were bloodshot; their teeth were long and vicious, screaming out DEATH!! But I wasn't afraid. In fact, I was calm, without the fact of Inu-Yasha.

As I looked around in the dark chamber, I saw lines and lines of beings, both demon and human, pushed and pulled toward the swirling whirlpool of death. Staring in horror I saw several children thrown into the pit, and even saw my people who died thrown in as well. I tried my hardest to keep the tears inside. If I was there to save them, they would not have been here. . .

Approaching the pit, I thought to myself, Why Inu-Yasha? Why did you betray me? Why did you. . . Not love me? My eyes lowered in sadness. You are not even here with me, after I followed you in death. . . You are not here with me. Inu-Yasha, you have not only betrayed me in life, but also in death. My fists tightened as I was standing right above the pit.

I swear on the jewel itself, Inu-Yasha, I'll make you pay. The strange demon pushed me into the pit as I fell into the darkness, feeling nothing but the cold ice of my heart.

Do you hear me Inu-Yasha? I'll make you pay.

To be continued. . .

Ooo, grudge. So anyway this is not gonna be based on the Japanese version of Hell, if there is one. It's gonna be based on mine. Mine entirely. So if you see stuff and say, Hey, that's not true! Remember what I said. I decided to take a break from my YGO fic to go on with this one. I was thinking about it for awhile. So whattya think?