Kikyo's Journey

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Chapter 4: Kikyo's Reincarnation

I walked slowly forward as I felt the sharp whisk of the Shas-Was's whip against my back, urging me to continue to the soul's demise. For once fear lashed my heart; I didn't want to die. Not again. My head turned to the sounds of a child's cry in the destination ahead of us, hearing several screams of fear and shock as the souls in front of me dwindled in fast numbers.

This was the end of souls lingering in Hell. For when a certain amount of years passed in the afterlife, we are sent to the last stage of our deaths, where our true fates of our deaths are decided. There are three choices when we are thrown in the dark pit, not chosen by us, but by a mysterious force that controls this dreaded place.

When I first heard of this, it reminded me of little Kazume, for the first choice is to become one with the earth. You may not have any conscious thought, but if that choice is chosen for you, you will become one with the earth, one with the wind, one with the very life. It is very peaceful, some whisper, to have this choice.

The second choice is to become one of the Shas-Was. If your heart is deep with sin, you shall become a Shas-Was, to forever stay in Hell, with the very skin on your bones rotting, slowly losing your humanity. Many people fear this, for to them this is the worst fate to ever come upon them. To others, this seems like a most wondrous choice, for they are the ones who enjoy the suffering of others. I however, do not.

And the last choice is reincarnation. To be reborn into the world once more. It is strange, to live again, just to die again and be in this place once more. I would not want that, but a most profitable solution to this problem is that you do not remember your past life. And if I am to be with this fate, I would find joy in my heart to forget my life before, to forget the jewel, to forget my role as a Priestess. . .

And to forget my love for Inu-Yasha forever.

My heart started to beat faster as I slowly approached the beckoning pit, feeling my own knees shake in fear, my face turning pale. I didn't want to know what my fate was. What if I become a Shas-Was? The chance of it was so high that I couldn't bare but shiver. Beside me a woman held her child tight, whispering in her ear that they will be together. I gave hope that the mother's wish will come true, for I knew that for a mother to be separated from their child is their own, personal hell.

Nothing can be worse than that. But if that answer is correct, I never knew, for I never had a child to care for my own.

The dirt below my feet started to crumble as I approached the edge of the hole, feeling the dank, bleak darkness enveloping me. I was frightened; I didn't want to go. Subconsciously I stepped back, not wanting to go through with this. 'No, I don't want to become a Shas-Was. . .' I can run. I can run out of here, and stay in this place forever, even if it means that I have to keep my memories. The Soul Skimmers clicked at me with worry.

Suddenly I was pushed into the pit as I screamed in fright, hearing subsiding laughter from above. 'They pushed me in. . .' I wanted to stop falling; it was unbearable to know what would be my fate.

"Please!" I screamed, feeling tears roll down my cheeks. "Don't let me become a Shas-Was! Please don't!" No one answered back as I felt dread overcome me like a dark wave, unable to get out of the way. "Please let me become a part of the earth! Please let me be one with life! I don't want to die again!"

A light started to grow as I stared at it in wonder, watching the chains of my death break away from my body as the light touched it. I stared at my arms in wonder, looking different without those rusty metal snakes around me. In pure delight I lifted up my hands, ignoring the darkness and embracing the light. Never have I felt so happy.

I did not know what my fate was, but whatever it's true nature ended up to be, I never forgot that happy feeling that finally grew inside me that day. And maybe, just maybe, it was better this way. I smiled to myself, and felt a strange bliss overcome me, so that I was unable to see anymore. . .

"Mrs. Higurashi," the doctor announced, giving a happy smile, "you have a girl." He held out the small bundled child as she and her husband smiled happily, staring into each other's eyes.

"What should we name her?" Mr. Higurashi asked, wiggling his finger towards the girl. With a small cry she bit towards it, grabbing his finger with two small fists.

"How about," Mrs. Higurashi murmured, rocking the little girl, "Kagome. Like that sweet little game, Kagome-Kagome?"

Mr. Higurashi nodded, taking the baby in his hands and exclaiming, "Kagome it is then. Hello, Kagome Higurashi. Welcome to the world."

The End

Kagome-Kagome is an actual game in Japan that's kinda like Ring-around-the-rosy. But in this game there are about five players forming a circle around a kid (closing his eyes), and they sing a song. When the song ends, the kid has to guess who is behind him. No one knows the real meaning of Kagome, so it was hard for me to find the right information.

Here's the lyrics.

'Kagome, Kagome, When does the bird inside the cage comes out? At dawns and evenings. Who is in front of the back where a crane and turtle slipped and fell?'

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