Title: Click
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: G
Pairing: Gon/Killua, Killua/Gon

Disclaimer: Hunter X Hunter and all it's characters belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi.


I like keeping memories, remembering them. The good memories are my favorite, but the bad memories are alright, too. It makes me remember how I lived through the problems that always seemed to pop out here and there. Memories are our symbol for living. Without it, we'd just be... simply...


I entered the Hunter's Exam to find out about my father, and become a professional hunter. I still have Aunt Mito's picture when she bid me goodbye. I met Leorio and Kurapica... then became friends with Killua... Me? Friends with an assassin? He's not an assassin... He's just Killua!


Few kids lived in Whale Island, so few I can count them with my fingers. I wasn't close with any of them, though. They were my friends, of course, everyone's my friend! Aunt Mito, the Milkman, the boy who lives down the street, the woman with the pink hat, the little chicken next door, Kaito... but none of them were close... except Mito-san, of course.


Killua is... my very best friend. I didn't know what I'd do without him so I followed him to Mt. Kululu. We were alike and so different, I guess. Maybe that's what brought us together. I have so many pictures of him. Happy Killua, sad Killua, angry Killua, annoyed Killua, sleepy Killua, sleeping Killua, blushing Killua, even naked Killua! Though ever since I took the last picture, he'd been trying to get my camera... hee hee...


I've seen him cry before, but I didn't take a picture. That'd be mean, ne? But sometimes...


"Killua?" Gon shuffled through the trees and leaves, before stopping before a figure that sat on a stump. The figure quickly raised it's head and took a hand to wipe the tears falling from his eyes.

The hand stopped halfway as Gon held the other's wrist in a firm yet gentle grip. Gon walked in front of Killua, bowing his slightly to look at the Zaoldyeck's face that was hidden under the shadow of the other's bangs.

"It's okay to cry, Killua... I'll be here, ne? Genki da yo..."

At that, Killua flung himself forward and desperately clutched at Gon's shirt, crying helplessly. The camera flew out of Gon's hand as the boy embraced the other with a slight smile, "Daijoubu ka, Killua?"

"Daijoubu." A muffled, shaky response was heard, "You're not... gonna leave... ne?"

Gon smiled widely, closing his eyes in the process, "Of course not! We'll be together forever, Killua!"

"Aa." Killua sniffed, and laughed shakily, "Gomen, Gon, I --"

Fyu .

Killua stopped midway and raised a hand to his cheek where Gon's lips had once been, blinking. Gon grinned, "It's okay..." Then he giggled slightly, "Kawaii desu ne, Killua!"

Blush. "W-watashi wa kawaii ja nai!"


About that past scene, minna-san... Pretend it never happened. Killua would kill me if he found out I told you this, ne?

Pretend that it was just simply camera tricks.


No more film.

Genki da yo - Cheer up
Daijoubu ka - Are you alright?
Daijoubu - Fine
Aa - another term for yes
Kawaii desu ne
- How cute
Watashi wa kawaii ja nai - I am not cute
Minna-san - everyone/everybody

Author's Notes: Okay, so Gon's not so innocent... -sobs- TOO OOC!!! ESPECIALLY KILLUA-SAMA!!! And... this whole crap didn't make any sense at all... -sigh- Well, at least take pity on me, minna, and review! -sweat drop- Ja ne!