Losing distance


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, third pov, oocness

Disclaimer : I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh.

written at 9th august 2003, by Misura


He's doing it again.

Joey sighed, which earned him an odd look from Yugi.

He knew his friend was worried about him, but he refused to discuss what was bothering him. Of course this only resulted in Yugi getting even more worried about him.

If only I could catch him at it once ...

... then he wouldn't be able to deny it anymore when I'd ask him about it.

Slowly counting to five, Joey turned around quickly, hoping to catch a pair of blue eyes.

Damn. Missed again.

To all appearances, Seto was frowning over a maths-problem. Joey snorted softly, to let the other know he wasn't buying it for a moment.

He actually wants me to believe the great Seto Kaiba has trouble with some easy maths?

Even -I- solved those problems fifteen minutes ago, and I hate numbers.

Joe stared intently at Seto's face, searching for a trace of a smile or another sign the CEO had noticed him. Nothing showed.

Not that I expected anything else.

Ice-cube Kaiba.

The thought lacked the venom it had once held. In fact, Joey was getting rather tired of Seto's constant coldness. It was fake, nothing but a mask to keep people away, so why couldn't he simply admit that and drop the act?

I know he's interested in me. And I can't say I really mind.

What, exactly, had caused Seto's change in attitude Joey didn't know. All he knew was that one day, about two weeks agao, he had felt someone studying him. At first he had dismissed it as his own imagination, but gradually he became convinced he was right.

It was always Seto who was sitting behind him, seemingly occupied with something else, whenever Joey had that odd feeling of being watched. He was surprised to find he didn't entirely found the sensation unpleasant. Not at first, anyway.

After one week of observation, he had expected Seto to finally -do- something. They hadn't had a fight for quite a while then, which he took as another proof that Seto had somehow changed.

He had even gone as far as to make a list of things he could say in reply to Seto's offer of friendship, to make sure he wouldn't blow it.

So what is it? Has he gone shy all of a sudden or something?

Have I been imagining all of this after all and has he simply grown bored of verbally sparring with a mutt like me?

Angrily shaking his head, Joey tried to focus on the lesson again.

Either way, he's annoying me. A lot.

Maybe I should just ... what do I have to lose after all?

He's pretending to ignore me as it is and I can't say I like it one bit.

Huh, guess I am pretty pathetic after all ; I'd rather have him taunt and call me names than not receive any of his attention at all.

At that moment, the bell rang, prompting books all through the class to be shut quickly, before their owners packed the rest of their stuff in their bags and hurried to the exit.

Now I think me and Seto need to have a little chat.


"Kaiba! Wait up!" Not really caring about the odd looks people were giving him for yelling after a person he supposedly hated, Joey tried to catch up with Seto. Who seemed to be just as intent on departing as fast as possible as the blond was on having his 'little chat'.

Only when they got outside and the crowds of students thinned, Joey managed to get a hold on one of Seto's sleeves, effectively halting him.

And probably pissing him off too, but hey, you can't have everything.

At least I have his attention now.

"What. Do. You. Want." Seto bit each word off.

Releasing his sleeve, Joey raised his hands in a conciliatory gesture. "Just to talk to you for a couple of seconds."

"You could have -asked- instead of grabbing my clothes." Seto replied icily. "But then again, I guess a mutt like you doesn't know any better."

Joey counted to ten. Slowly.

"I called out to you. Repeatedly. Not my fault if you're deaf."

Temper, Joey, temper. This is -not- supposed to turn into another argument, remember?

Seto snorted. "I'm not like you, some dog you can order around. And you're wasting my time, no matter how amusing it is to put you back in your proper place. Get to the point or leave me alone. I'm busy."

Joey narrowed his eyes, feeling the anger build inside him. "All right then, Kaiba, I'll 'get to the point'. Which is that you're in love with me, only you're too scared to admit it openly."

Take that, Seto Kaiba!

to be continued