Losing distance


Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, third pov, Mokuba

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written at 26th august 2003, by Misura

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Chapter note : unlike all previous chapters, this one is Mokuba-centered.

Chapter warning : a kiss


After barely one quarter, Mokuba yawned for the first time. Seto didn't say anything of it, nor of those that followed, though his looks spoke volumes.

Joey was far too wrapt up in the movie to notice anything, but since Mokuba had dragged his big brother to the cinemas four times to watch this particular episode in the Harry Potter-serie, Seto wasn't that interested in what was going on on the screen.

In the second commercial break, Mokuba was sprawled on the couch, his face covered by his raven-black hair, snoring softly. Joey blinked as if awakening from a trance, while Seto fought to keep from smiling at the adorable picture his little brother presented.

"I'll go tuck him in," he said softly, rising to gather Mokuba in his arms and carry him to bed. He felt Joey's eyes following him, a slightly weird look in them. Seto wasn't entirely sure what was going to Joey's mind; perhaps that was for the better.

After Seto had deposited him in his bed, Mokuba mumbled softly, seemingly missing something. With a soft smile, Seto picked up the Blue Eyes-plushie that had fallen to the floor. Hugging it, Mokuba curled up under the blankets. Brushing some stray hairs out of his little brother's face, Seto returned to the living room in a much better mood than he had been all evening.

Left alone in the dark, Mokuba grinned, sliding out of bed to sneak back and watch what was going on in the living room. Before he left, he grabbed an object from his desk that he had been saving to use for a situation like this.


Joey wasn't following the heroic efforts of Harry to save Snape anymore. Instead, he was studying Seto, only averting his gaze to the screen whenever the other boy turned his head, to prevent from getting caught at staring.

After a while, of course, Seto grew tired of it.

"If you insist on looking at me, rather than the movie, you could at least be honest about it," he remarked.

"I'm not looking at you," Joey replied, intensely staring at Hermione and Ginny swinging their wands to fend off a group of Death Eaters.

"Yes, you are." Seto insisted, abusing his control of the remote to turn off the TV. Part of him pointed out that this might not be a prudent moment to have this conversation, with Joey having accused him of being in love with him so recently, but Seto ignored it. "For no reason I can discern. Do I have a stain on my shirt?"

"Well, why were -you- looking at -me- today?" Joey inquired, deciding an attack might be his best defense. It was one thing to blurt out his hopes slash supsicions about Seto having a crush on him, but quite another to have Seto find out that Joey was actually the one having a crush.

Seto frowned. "I wasn't doing anything of the sort. You're imagining things."

"Hah." Joey snorted, shaking his head. "Put the movie back on; I want to know how it ends."

"I've already seen it; I can tell you anything you want to know." Seto offered, feeling generous.

"Yeah, well, right now I want to know why you were watching me," Joey pressed, not about to be distracted again. "Why don't you tell me that?"

Seto seemed to consider the question for a while. "Maybe I did it for the same reason you were doing it."

Joey opened his mouth, probably to deny the implicit accusation in that remark, then thought better of it. "Maybe? What kind of an answer is that? Aren't you able to make up your mind?"

"Are you?" Seto retorted, a challenge in his gaze. He refused to take the first step in this; Joey had started the whole thing, so Joey should finish it too, if he wanted to.

"That's a pretty good question." Joey rose, slowly walking over to where Seto sat nestled on the couch, that seemed rather empty without Mokuba.

Seto watched him, the corners of his mouth slightly twisting upwards in the shadow of a smile.

Bending his head down, Joey brushed his lips past Seto's, too soft to be called a proper kiss, yet too deliberate to be called an accident. Seto was too stunned to react at first, and after the first few seconds, he decided it was too late anyway. He might as well enjoy it while it lasted, and deal with Joey's accusations later.

"I think the answer is 'yes'," Joey stated, when they broke apart.

"That's good to hear," Seto murmured, feeling a bit dazed. Probably due to a lack of oxygen, he decided. Obviously, it wasn't because of anything so silly as 'butterflies in his stomach' or something like that.

Joey grinned, moving his head to make their lips meet again, when all of a sudden a bright flash came from the direction of the half-closed door to the hall.

"What - "

Seto shot up, nearly bumping into Joey. "Mokuba!"

Mokuba cautiously peeked into the room, slightly relaxing when he saw Seto was still standing near the couch instead of, say, stalking in -his- direction with an expression on his face that promised certain death. Or being grounded for the next year.

He was still holding the camera in his right-hand. Mokuba had -thought- he'd put the flash-light on 'off', but it seemed he'd been mistaken. Oh well, at least the pictures wouldn't be underlit now.

"Ah ... sorry for interrupting?" Mokuba tried, giving Seto one of his best innocent smiles.

"When I get my hands on you ... " Seto started ominously.

His tone of voice still scared Mokuba a little, even if he knew his big brother would never actually harm him beyond the occasional 'Go to your room, now!' or 'No more chocolate for you today'.

With a soft 'eep!' Mokuba sprinted down the hall, opting for safety over everything. Besides, he had to make sure Seto wouldn't destroy the evidence of his little 'slip' with Joey. Even if Joey probably wouldn't let him forget about it either ...

Dropping back on his bed after having locked the door to his room, Mokuba contentedly went to sleep, mentally calculating when it'd be the best time to smuggle the camera out of the house to have the photos be developed.


"Why doesn't that ever happen in the movies?" Joey wondered aloud, staring at the now-empty door-opening.

"Because nobody in Hollywood can imagine any pest being as bad as Mokuba," Seto grumbled.

Joey grinned. "C'mon, don't you want a photograph of our first kiss, to show it to people on our wedding-day?"

Seto blinked.

Joey looked at him innocently. "What? You're still going to deny that you're head over heels in love with me, after all that?"

With a groan, Seto decided that there probably was only one way to have the blonde shut up about his delusions about Seto loving him. One fool-proof, satisfaction-guaranteed way.

And so, before Joey could say another word, he used it.