Chapter 1: Send in the Ninja

Corinna stood in the dark and damp room of her boss's laboratory . 'I don't get why he insists on meeting down here,' she thought looking around using her night vision goggles. Her boss was nowhere in the room, but his many experiments were. Corinna considered going over and investigating, but she knew that she'd get caught as soon as she so much as tried it. So, she left the lab tables alone; the serums bubbled, the creatures in cages rattled their steel prisons, and the computers printed off information. Corinna hated being in the lab; it made her uneasy even if she was a trained ninja and qualified assassin. Something just didn't seem right to her.

"Corinna, my ninja, good to see you."

"Yea, yea, get to the point, boss."

Corinna's boss was a cyborg named Synthroid. He'd been her leader for as long as she could remember. First, he'd taken her in after she was left an orphan by a terrible crime spree. Then, Synthroid took her under his wing while she was taught by a famous master ninja. It took several long years of hard work, but Corinna had proved to be a very good ninja that served as an assassin for Synthroid. Recently, he'd relocated his research to Gotham City to be closer to resources on Batman. He had plans to become the number one villain in Gotham, and he was going to show the rest of the villains that he was on top by taking Batman out of the picture. For the information to take down the Gotham icon, Synthroid needed Corinna to do some spying for him.

"I need you to spy for me and hunt down any information you can soak up on… Batman." Synthroid told the seventeen-year-old standing before him.

Corinna crossed her arms. "What is it I need to find out?"

"Who Batman is; that is my main concern. But, that won't be so simple. First, you'll have to find Batman on a scan of the city." Synthroid glided along the cold, concrete floor with his black lab coat billowing around him.

"You can't find that out on your computers?" Corinna retorted.

Synthroid spun around on his heel. "I still need you to test his strengths and weaknesses. You must track him down and challenge him, Corinna."

Corinna pondered over the mission before her. It was most definitely a challenge, to say the least. She'd heard that Batman was pretty tough, and she knew that he was secretive. Anyone with a secret identity, like herself, had to be secretive; it was a must. Corinna paced back and forth for a moment. "What will I get for this," she had to ask.

Synthroid's left eye twitched. "Why must there be a bribe? Helping in the take-down of the city's treasured hero isn't enough of a reward for you, my dear?"

Corinna laughed. "Why would you even think it would be enough? I won't be mentioned. You will be the one put on a pedestal by the scum of Gotham when Batman falls, not me."

"Corinna, you are like a little sister to me. You won't be forgotten when the spoils are handed out."

'Sure.' Corinna thought. "All right, boss. I'll go find out what I can on the Bat."

"Make me proud." Sythroid said as he involved himself with his experiments.

"Always." Corinna replied half-heartedly as she headed out in her black pleather bodysuit and mask. She carried a pack wired with a communication link along with her laser guns and knives. Corinna was ready for when she met Batman.

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