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Chapter 14

Synthroid was busy mixing chemicals with drops of Terry's blood to create a poison that would hit Terry hard. All the trials were failing, and Synthroid's patience was running thin. Finally, he dumped all the vials together to find the mixtures foam and smoke, but they mixed together to form a deadly concoction. Amazed by his stroke of luck, Synthroid picked up the beaker of chemicals and stared at it; it fizzed and spat. Synthroid chuckled and said, "Let's hope this will get rid of the Bat."

Jim, the runaways, and Synthroid's men burst into the room. "Synthroid." Jim said to get the Cyborg's attention.

"Suit up, my men, we head out. Runaways, follow them and let my men get you some armor." Synthroid said. "Except Jim. You stay here."

Jim walked over to Synthroid and stared up at him. Synthroid's chemical concoction swirled within the beaker in a wide range of blues and greens. "What is that, sir?" Jim asked.

"This," Synthroid told him. "Should take out the Bat." I will give you some to put in a dart gun. If I do not get to Batman first, I want you to."

Jim grinned evilly; he liked the sound of that. Especially since he wanted Corinna for himself. "I would be ecstatic to take out Gotham's hero." Jim replied.

Corinna had laid in Terry's strong embrace for a long time before Terry sat up. She hadn't known why until she saw some device, with a blinking light, on Terry's desk. She knew that Bruce must be calling Terry, and she watched Terry race over to the device as he pulled his jeans on. The sight made Corinna laugh as she sat up and stretched. Her spine popped a little then she let her shoulders slump over, relaxed.

Corinna reached down in the floor and picked up her suit, and she dreaded having to put the suit back on. But, she slowly slid the second skin back on and proceeded in locking the armor plates into place. Then, she slipped the weapons in their holsters and was ready to move into the fast-approaching night.

Terry answered Bruce's call and was thankful that the device he was using only showed Bruce his face because he didn't want to explain to Bruce why he was standing with no shirt on and pants that were on but not zipped up. "Terry, we have trouble."

"All ready?" Terry asked disgusted. He glanced over to the window then back at the device. "It's not even fully dark yet."

"I know, but our new enemy is out and about."

"What's happening, Bruce?" Terry asked as he became serious and forgot all but his work.

"Building are being invaded by what witnesses call cyborgs."

"Do we have a figure?"

"Over four dozen."

Terry sighed. "Damn, that's a lot for me to handle at once."

"Well, you won't be handling them all at once, McGinnis." Bruce replied. "They are attacking in four teams."

Terry sighed again. "Great. I thought it was bad enough to have to deal with one group of forty-eight. Now, I have to deal with four groups of twelve!"

Corinna listened in on the conversation with full interest. She knew it was Synthroid's work, and she wanted in. "Terry, I want to help."

"McGinnis, who's there?" Bruce demanded.

Terry turned and shot Corinna an angry look that shouted, "Why are you getting me into trouble?" Terry turned back to the device and said, "This is the ninja that attacked me a few nights ago. She's going to take me to Synthroid."

"McGinnis." Bruce warned.

Corinna walked up and took the device from Terry's hands. "Bruce Wayne, I swear this is not a set up. Synthroid has become my enemy, and I can no longer work with him. His demands are no longer something I wish to deal with, and I will have no problem showing him how well he taught me over the years."

"What is it that you can tell me about what Synthroid is up to tonight?"

Corinna smirked. "He is looking for me; he is angry and wants to punish me. But, he knows too well that I will not come quietly. I will fight him to the death before I let him drag me back into his maniacal scheme."

Bruce sighed. "If you can help us find him, then I will put full trust in you."

"I thank you, and I won't let you down. I can hunt Synthroid down because I could hear the distinct sound of his mechanical body hum from miles away."

Terry took the device back from Corinna and asked Bruce, "Where do I start?"

"The old part of town. It is being attacked first."

Corinna thought for a moment. "Does Wayne Manor have good security," she asked.

Terry turned to face Corinna as Bruce replied, "Yes, it has good security." Terry turned back and made a face at the device's monitor; he knew that the manor did not have really good security because bad guys seemed to find ways into it every now and again. So, he had to know why Corinna was curious.

"Why is that important?" Terry interrogated.

Corinna stared at him. "Because, Synthroid will hit it in force. He wants to prove to Gotham that he can take down Batman. How else to rid the city of Batman than take out his mentor's home and the home to the Batcave.

Terry scowled. "You told him where the Batcave was while you were working for him."

Corinna backed away from Terry since she did not care for the angry look she was receiving. "At the time, I was not your ally. So, I did. That is why we must steer Synthroid off of that path."

Terry growled and asked Bruce, "How much time do we have?"


"Good." Terry replied before shutting the device off.

Corinna backed away some more and stood observing Terry's every movement. Her ninja training allowed her to be ready for any sudden move that would mean to harm her. "Terry," she said gently but forcefully warning him.

"Don't worry. I won't hold it against you if you can stop him. I'll need your help if I'm to take on forty-eight cyborgs."

"They aren't cyborgs, Terry." Corinna told him.

"What?" Terry asked as he pulled the mask of his suit on.

"Only Synthroid is a cyborg. The rest are dressed in metal armor to look like they are cyborgs. Plus, not all of them are men; some are Spellbinder's runaways."

Terry mulled over the information. "That gives us a good advantage."

"I thought it would."

Terry and Corinna rushed out of the window that Corinna had slipped thought hours before. Terry leapt out and started his thrusters. He turned around to see if Corinna wanted him to fly her there, but she was already hopping from roof-to-roof in the direction of battle. Terry shrugged and flew the way that Corinna was headed and hovered over her once he had caught up.

"We're headed to Wayne Manor, correct." Corinna said.

"That is correct." Terry replied.

"Even though I know the way, why don't you lead?" Corinna suggested.

"My pleasure. Do you think you can keep up?" Terry teased.

"Oh, believe me, I can."

So, Terry began to fly and grinned as he saw that Corinna ran almost as fast as he could fly. He was amazed that she was trained so well, but he was also glad when he thought about the battle that the two of them would be engaged in. The skills she possessed would be a great addition any combat.