Robert jumps off the bus and begins walking down the road towards his house. It's a typical winter day in his home town of Southampton, England. It was cold and wet. He'd moved to Southampton at the age of 5 along with his parents. His parents had never really explained why they had moved there from their home in America. Whenever he asked, they just said it was because they couldn't stay. He rarely asked anymore though. He was happy in England.

Well, he was when the sun shined. Typically, it was a rainy, miserable day in Southampton. He was soaked. He opened the door of his house, which he still shared with mum and dad. He could smell something coming from the kitchen.

"What's for dinner mum?" He shouted as he threw his backpack on the floor.

"Pasta" shouted Lisa back from the kitchen

Robert walked upstairs to get out of his wet clothes. He'd spent the day at University finishing his most recent assignment entitled "The space programme 1945-1989". He'd always been interested in space ever since he was small. He never knew why, and pondered it as he walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Hi dad, how as work" he enquired as he sat down at the dinner table.

"Not bad, the usual" replied Charlie as he folded up copy of the newspaper and tucked into his dinner.

Charlie worked down the docks, helping to load and unload ships that docked in Southampton, one of the busiest container ports in Europe. Today was a particularly busy day, due to the run up to Christmas.

"How was university today then?" asked Lisa

"Not too bad, another boring lecture on the foreign policy under George Bush Jnr. He sounds like a bit of a loser"

"You were lucky you weren't around when his dad was president" said Charlie

"Robert, me and your dad need to talk about something with you. As you're getting older, we need to tell you something" said Lisa.

"Of course, what is it?" Robert answered

"It's about your sister" said Lisa

"I had a sister?" Robert answered. He was taken aback. He never knew he had a sister

"It's a long story and explains why we had to leave America. About 20 years ago, about a year before you were born, something happen to our daughter, your sister. Her name was Allie." Started Charlie

To be continued!!