Robert turned down a back road and continued running. The man was catching up with him, and showed no signs of slowing down. Robert was starting to get tired now, and the man caught up with him.

"Right, I have you now" he snarled "I need to ask you a few questions"

"Why do you want me, I haven't broken any laws" gasped Robert

"Where do you live boy" answered Jonathan, ignoring his last question

"Why do you want to know?" spat Robert

"Listen to me boy...." spat Jonathan

"No, you listen to me..." shouted Robert

Suddenly Jonathan hit Robert and he flew into the wall.

"And next time you interrupt me, I'll hit you hard" said Jonathan. "Now, we're going to get into my car and you're going to show me where you live"

Jonathan dragged Robert to a black Mercedes and threw him into the back seat where a woman sat.

"This is my half sister, Mary. You better be nice to her." Jonathan laughed

Robert looked round and saw that Mary was holding a gun.

"Hi Robert, How are you?" Laughed Mary. "Our families go way back"

Robert didn't answer and started to guide the agents to his house.

A few hours later, Lisa returned home from work. Charlie had just rung her to tell her that he'd be home late. A ship had just arrived and there was a slight problem with the cargo. She saw people in her living room and before she could say anything, one of them stood up.

"Hi Lisa, how are you? You're looking healthy" said Mary

"How did you find me?" Lisa answered

"Well, that's my job." Laughed Mary

"What do you want with me and my family?" Asked Lisa

"Wow, you do ask a lot of questions don't you?" snapped Mary "We're here to talk about Allie"

"What about her?" Asked Lisa

"Well, two weeks ago, a craft landed in the Mojave desert. Guess who was onboard?" Smirked Lisa "We picked her up and she was wondering where you were"

"What have you done with her?" Pleaded Lisa

"Don't worry, she's safe" Answered Mary

At that instant, Charlie entered the house.

"Ah, the whole family's here! We better get going before little Allie comes to any harm" Said Mary

"Wait a minute, what's this all about?" Shouted Charlie

"I'm sure Jonathan will clear up any questions you have en route" smiled Mary as a team of armed FBI agents entered the house.