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Relationships Suck!

Chapter 1-Dating!

Tyson's Dojo-Nine A.M.

Tyson walked slowly toward the living room table, rubbing an eye and

yawning. He let his gaze travel to each of the seats, all but three occupied, one

of which was his own, "Good morning guys. Hey where are Rei and Hil?"

"Rei was outside training and when Hilary came in she said she'd get

him." Max answered with the visible piece of toast rolling around his open


"Max, will you please swallow before talking. I'm getting sick just watching

you." Kenny said, rubbing his head with his hand.

"Come on Chief you've been around it so long it shouldn't bother you

anymore." Tyson said laughing as he sat down and reached for his breakfast.

Kai just ignored the random chatting between his three companions.

Suddenly all three were snapped out of their carefree thoughts because of

yelling. No words were clear until Hilary came storming through the dojo. By her

body language, they could tell she was fuming. Her hands were in fists and her

back was hunched, her vision searching the floor for countless answers.

"Hilary-" Came the voice of Rei, but it was quickly cut off by Hillary.

She spun around and faced him, "Well if that's the way you feel Rei

Kon, we are Through!" Her point made when her hand flew through the air and

landed soundly on his cheek. With that done she ran out of the dojo making sure

to slam the door as she left, leaving a stunned Rei with his hand resting on his

red cheek and a silent breakfast table.

"I have to go talk to her." Rei said as he started to head for the door, but

Tyson was already up and blocking the way.

"I'm sorry buddy, but I'm pretty sure she'll kill you if you try to talk to her

now." Tyson said leading him to the table as he peered at the door.

"But we can't leave her out there." Rei said as he sat down.

"I'll go and talk to her." Max said getting up from the table and walking

quickly out the door.

"Besides we need to have a talk." Kai said glaring at Rei, "I believe that

you have some explaining to do."

"Like how you go Hilary that pissed off. Even I'm not that talented."

Tyson said smiling at his friend, who now had his head in his hands.

"I messed up guys. I messed up big time." Rei replied shaking his head.

"That still doesn't explain anything, Rei. Why don't we start with when

Hilary said that you guys were through? What did she mean by that?" Kenny

asked peering over that the neko-jin.

"What do you think she meant?!" Rei snapped at him, "Sorry. I'm just a

little upset that's all. We well we are I should say were dating."

Tyson started to choke on the piece of toast that he had stuck in his mouth

to satisfy his rumbling stomach.

"What?!" Kenny exclaimed, "For how long? How come you didn't tell us?"

"One question at a time, for about two months I guess." Rei said smiling

slightly at the memories, suddenly his smile turned into a frown, "But none of that

matters anymore."

"How about you start from the beginning?" Kai said as he set down his

glass of juice and turned to his broken teammate.

In the Park

Hilary sat crying on a park bench, not wanting to face up to what

happened. Her tears fell silently on her legs as she let her face hang down.

Max walked through the park searching for the girl. A couple of girls a few

feet away giggled at him. He then realized he ran out side in his blue plaid

boxers, 'She better talk to me.' He thought angrily as he glanced down at his

boxers. Suddenly he saw a shadowed form sitting on a park bench, looking as if

it was crying. As he drew nearer he was certain it was the girl he was looking for.

Sitting down silently on the bench he placed a hand on her back, causing her to

jump and look up at him.

"Max." She sniffled and tried to wipe away some of her tears, "What are

you doing here?"

"I decided to come for a lovely walk at 9:30 in the morning in my boxers.

Geeze Hilary, I came looking for you." He stated letting the sarcasm over take

over his first sentence.

Hilary giggled slightly at his indecent state, "You really shouldn't be out

here like that. I mean you could get in serious trouble."

"Yeah, but you need someone to talk to. How come you ran out of there?

And why did you slap Rei?" He asked looking at the girl beside him, whose face

had quickly fallen at the sound of the other's name.

"He deserved it." She stated bitterly, "Shovenist pig."

Max was shocked, "Don't you normally save those kinds of sayings for


Hilary laughed, "Yeah I guess I don't really mean it. I'm just really upset. I

mean I love him and all, but what he said. I just can't believe he said that. We've

been dating two months and he's never said something like that before."

"Dating? Love him? Wow, um you better rewind and try again because

I'm definitely not on the same page as you. Why don't you start from the


"It's not that easy to explain Max. I guess if you're willing to listen, but it

might take awhile." Hilary said, ruby eyes meeting blue eyes.

"I'm willing to sit here all day if I have to, but two months and we didn't

know." Max said shaking his head in amazement, "I had no idea."

Hilary giggled slightly, "You wouldn't." Suddenly she sobered, "I went

pretty far too."

"What do you mean?" Max asked looking at her questioningly.

"Why don't I just start from the beginning so you don't get lost?" Hilary

said as her vision dropped once again to her pale legs.


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