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The Chocobo whisperer

Chapter 1

Zell sighed heavily and rested his head on his hands. He crossed his eyes and shifted in his seat. Was it really necessary for Squall to talk in a monotone?

Glancing up he saw even Squall looked bored, pointing at random figures on a whiteboard. As he watched, Squall picked up a board pen, aggressively took off the lid and rammed it on the bottom. There was an embarrassing silence as the pen squeaked across the board.

"And last months figures show that at last the monster situation in Esthar has finally begun to calm down and we have agreed with President Loire-"

"Daddy." Came a sudden whisper.

Squall glared around the table and the people stifling laughter.

His angry gaze rested on Irvine, who was leaning back with a casual arm slung over the back of his chair. Selphie was trying to quietly admonish him through giggles.

Irvine flicked the edge of his hat up and gave Squall a small wave "Howdy Squall." He drawled with a smile.

Squall gave him a death glare for good measure and turned back to the board.

"As I was saying, President Loire agrees with me that we no longer need to send so many teams to Esthar."

Zell once more tuned out the speech and heaved another world weary sigh. Why, why did he agree to become an administrator? It was more boring than….than…everything.

Quistis was covertly yawning behind a gloved hand while blinking sleepily. Beside her, Seifer appeared to be openly sleeping. He was facing in the general direction of the whiteboard, but with his eyes closed and his even breathing- it was fully possible that he was unconscious.

Rinoa blew on a pen lying on the table and made it rattle forwards, giving everyone a quick apologetic grin she snatched it up.

Only Xu seemed to be paying attention…or maybe not. She was scribbling furiously on a pad in front of her, but it might have been the reports for Class 11B that had been due in yesterday.

A representative of NORG sat quietly at the end of the table. Although NORG no longer lived on the premises of Balamb Garden, he lived back in Shumi village, doing penance by helping making statues of Squall. He still had a love of money, and more importantly to Garden, had money. Therefore he was still part of Garden. The representative was just sitting there, not at all interesting. Zell guessed (quite accurately) that if Cid would (quite unlikely) decide to run into the meeting naked and do a few circuits around the table, the guy with the weird hat would not stir a muscle.

Zell stopped, maybe…hes dead! Zell sat up straighter and craned his neck to look under the hat. He attracted a few odd looks as he stretched over the table and stared at the NORG representative.

The man with the weird hat still did not move.

His face was still in shadow, if he could lean forward a little more…

Meanwhile, Squall paused. He watched, bemused at the blonde martial artist staring at the NORG representative, while stretched over the table. A peculiar silence had descended in the room, as Squall had stopped talking and was blinking at Zell.

After a short period of time, Zell seemed to realise the quiet, he jerked up. Flushing he withdrew back into his seat muttering something about stretching. He cast a dark look at the NORG representative.

Seifer seemed to have woken up, and looked disappointed about it.

Squall seemed to recollect himself and had slipped back into the dull monotone and wearing an expression that he would rather be facing Ultimecia, Ultima and Omega weapon simultaneously than continue. Heavy lids slipped down over his steel blue eyes.

Zell tapped his fingers on the cheap pine table, his head being supported by a hand under his chin. Gazing absently out of the window, he failed to notice the irritated glances being thrown his way.

Tap tap tap tap…

Unknown to Zell, the NORG representative shifted slightly.

Tap tap tappity tap tap.

Zell, being engrossed in a Balamb seagull drifting close to the window, failed to notice the NORG representative clear his throat.

Squall was now on the benefits of the new system of pass cards for entry in the Training centre.

Tap tap tap…

The seagull had landed and was staring with beady eyes at Zell. The tapping paused.

The NORG representative seemed to relax a little.

Tap tap tappity tappity tap…

..And winced as Zell began the insistent tapping once more.

A few minutes passed where the NORG representative waited almost desperately for the sound to stop.

There was a screech as chair legs were pushed back and the NORG representative stood up.

Squall broke off his last sentence about the problem with amorous T-rexaurs and looked in amazement.

The rest of the room was staring at the infuriated man slightly open-mouthed.

Zell transferred his attention from the seagull and looked up, his fingers poised above the table.


The NORG representative gave an inarticulate scream of annoyance and anger and stalked out.

Zell watched him go as if the man was crazy. "What's his problem?" Zell asked, clueless.

The meeting continued.

"WAHOO!!" Zell ran out of the meeting room and punched the air in jubilation. Squall followed, "Don't act too sad." He commented dryly.

Rinoa ran out from behind him "Thank Hyne!" she took a deep breath and turned to smile radiantly at Squall.

Zell grinned apologetically at the Squall, "Sorry."

Squall raised an eyebrow "Well, you're not the only one." Looking pointedly at Rinoa.

The brunette girl took hold of his arm "I sorry, but I don't particularly find randy dinosaurs that interesting. But…whatever floats your boat!" she smiled cheekily at him.

Squall came dangerously close to a pout.

By this time the other members of the meeting had joined them. Xu said something to Quistis and wandered over to her office.

Selphie bounced out and balanced on one leg and gave a sigh of relief "Hey guys! Anyone hungry?"

Quistis came out and smiled tiredly. Seifer stretching with yawn behind her. He walked out and raked a hand through his hair "Catch you guys later." He waved lazily and walked towards the lift.

Quistis watched him go with an amused smile then shook her head. "Did you say something about food?"

Zell grinned "Ya know, theres a really good hot dog place in Balamb now…?" he waited hopefully.

Irvine groaned and pushed Zell lightly "How 'bout no?"

The blonde man's shoulders slumped in defeat "Damn." He muttered.

"Oh well, I tried!" he stood up straight again and shrugged. Punching the air, he

questioned "Sooo, where are we going?"

Quistis walked over to the lift and pressed the button. Selphie looked a little disappointed but then cheered herself up by stealing Irvine's hat. The sanguine cowboy made a little sound of protest as a giggling Selphie jammed the hat on her head. At the sight of the emerald eyes sparkling he relented "It's a loan." He said kindly.

Selphie turned missing the split-second expression of affectionate longing on the auburn haired man's face, which disappeared as soon as it came.

He gave an easy smile as she posed for a laughing Rinoa and Quistis. He walked past her and picked the hat off her head and put it back in its rightful place. Selphie squealed in indignation and leapt after the cowboy into the lift. She latched onto his neck "Revenge!" she cried grinningly devilishly.

Irvine grimaced "You don't seem to realise quite what this is doing to me, Sephy." He murmured.

She let go abruptly and blushed. "Hey guys?" she said quickly and motioned at the lift "It won't wait forever!"

'The guys' agreed and crowded into the lift. The door pinged shut. As the lift was only really designed for around three or maybe even four people, and the group comprised of six people.

"Uh, Squall?"

"…Yes Rin?"

"Maybe you should consider having a larger lift installed."


The group finally decided on a small fish restaurant in Balamb. The waiter had pushed two tables together and the group sat around, chatting lightly and eating.

Zell leant back, after finishing his meal at least half an hour before everyone else. He gave an inward shrug, it wasn't his fault everyone ate so slowly.

His gaze became slightly absent and reflective.

A year had passed since the defeat of Ultimecia. Seifer had returned to Garden, suitably humble. At first Cid had deemed it better to have him where the could keep an eye on him. But as he actually became a SeeD and people had found that despite the occasional annoying arrogance, he was actually…quite a nice guy.

Well that was other people's opinion, Zell snorted, he thought that Seifer was still the same jerk he had always been. Although at least he wasn't laughing maniacally in a dark cave somewhere, plotting the downfall of SeeD.

Squall and Rinoa, as expected, were a couple. They did have their differences from time to time, but were as happy as could be expected.

Squall was still Commander, and Cid was still headmaster. Edea lived in Balamb and, truth be told, that was where Cid spent most of his time.

All the Orphanage gang were high level SeeDs, Quistis was working to becoming an Instructor again.

Selphie and Irvine were bickering good-naturedly over the last chip left. Zell looked on fondly, like an indulgent parent. Honestly, those two were like a couple!

His gaze was drawn to Squall laughing at a comment made by Rinoa. Zell frowned, maybe be should try and find himself a girl. It was ages since he had dated. He took a deep breath and puffed out his chest. Watch out ladies, he thought, the Zell mojo is comin' at ya!


He turned to see Quistis glancing at him curiously "Are you alright?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Heheh…" Zell scratched the back of his head awkwardly "Nothin' Quisty. I'm fine."

The blonde woman smiled "Okay."

Outside the sun began to set on the island of Balamb.

Meanwhile a million miles away, a yellow bird warked unhappily and kicked out a Geezard. The monster flew back several feet and snarled as it twisted its body to get on its feet again. The mother Chocobo was surrounded, she gave an anxious sweep of the surroundings, seeing only Geezards. They cackled and sensing the Chocobo waver, redoubled their efforts.

The Chocobos last thoughts as the night closed in were of a small blue egg.

A random idea whizzed into my brain and you have seen the effects. Please tell me what you think. And the pairings are the conventional (Squinoa, Seiftis, Selvine and Zell/ library girl).

Zell is a hard Pov to work from, but I enjoyed doing it! This is kinda a break from my other fic, Devil's Cub. Damn writers block….My muse Algiers is very lazy.


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