Chapter 8

"Class A SeeDs…and we're lost."

"We're not lost."


Rinoa sighed heavily and rolled her eyes at the ongoing argument between Seifer and Quistis. Zell caught her eye and grinned, Peep was on his shoulder, huddled up against his neck, apparently sleeping.

Zell put shaded his eyes with a gloved hand "Hey guys!" he called, squinting into the distance at an odd structure. "Is that it?"

Quistis paused and looked "Yes, I think so. Thank you Zell. We could have been wandering around for hours if we'd left Mr Navigator here in charge." She rose an eyebrow at Seifer.

He growled "We're here aren't we?"

Quistis sighed, when they reached the hexagonal structure, she paused. "Right, mission briefing. We're here to find out if reports are true that a rebel gang is hiding out here. There are a lot of tonberries around so this could take a while. Any questions?"

Seifer rose a hand.

"Sensible questions." Added Quistis hurriedly.

After a moments the hand went down.

There were no more questions, so the group entered the structure.

"It creeps me out here." Said Rinoa, shuddering, after a minute of silence.

Peep peeped and it echoed around the empty square. The sky overhead had darkened and grey clouds crowded ominously. A desolate wind swept past the group. Spatters of rain began to fall, further darkening the sombre colours of the ruins.

Rinoa peered forward "Oh my god! A tonberry!" she cried. Indeed, in the distance, a small green figure waddled towards them.

They all got into battle position, and waited.

The green figure continued to waddle towards them threateningly, brandishing a small knife.

Zell coughed and sniffed.

"Weather sucks, doesn't it?"

There was a chorus of agreement from the group.

"Did anyone bring their raincoats? I mean, I thought we wouldn't need them, but it shows, you never know."

Again, there was agreement.

Rinoa relaxed and began fiddling with her sleeve. Peep yawned and eyed the piece of blue thread Rinoa had pulled from her coat. Peep glanced towards Zell, who grinned back.

Peep cheeped impatiently. She had no idea why mother was standing around the rain, watching a small stumpy thing get closer. Why couldn't they go somewhere dry and warm where she could eat Gyshal greens in piece and make a nest out of that pretty blue coat? She looked forward again, and spied some shelter behind the stumpy thing.

Hopping down from Zell's shoulder, the perch making a sound of protest as she did so, she ran over the ground, getting wet. Zell's eyes widened and he ran after the small bird.

Peep reached the tonberry and stopped in front of it. She peeped angrily as it waved the knife at her.

Suddenly the tonberry was shot by a large fireball and then ran off with its tail on fire.

The rest of the group reached them and Quistis gasped "Chocometeor!"

Peep looked smug and preened her wet feathers, which reminded her. She ran up the steps and disappeared inside the structure.

Zell and Rinoa followed but Quistis was stopped by a voice saying "Being upstaged by a chicobo Trepe?" Seifer laughed and went on ahead.

She scowled at his back and followed quickly.

She just knew this was going to be one of those days.

Two hours, approximately four dead tonberries, and a bruised Seifer later, the group stood on top of the structure, the wind whipping their hair (and feathers).

They had found roughly one sweet wrapper to suggest anyone had been here in the last year, and Zell wasn't sure if he hadn't dropped it the last time he was here.

Seifer voiced everyone's thoughts.

"Well this has been one great big waste of time."

They were about to turn away when a large door creaked open. Rinoa frowned "That's Odin's Chamber." She said, confused.

Zell sniffed "That was creepy." Peep peeped and shuffled her way further into his collar, her bright eyes just showing over the material.

Quistis paused at the entrance. Seifer walked over to her "Um…" he began, showing a rare moment of hesitation "Would that be the GF that I …?" the unspoken question hung in the air.

Zell flounced past him into the door "Chopped up? Yeah."

Seifer growled and followed the fighter in. The chamber was silent and echoing. Zell walked into the centre "Woah, nice place." Quistis and Rinoa walked in and regarded the room.

Seifer grimaced in distaste as his coat disturbed the thick layer of dust on the floor as he walked over to him "Yeah, lovely location."

Rinoa sighed "Last time there was a big GF."

Peep huddled on Zell's shoulder, looking entirely miserable. Zell ruffled the soft feathers on her head "Cheer up!" he said with a smile.

Seifer shook his head "Wuss." He muttered. Zell was about to retort angrily when suddenly there was the sound of definite footsteps…

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