Author's Note: This fic, it has been stuck in my head for the longest time. Now, in my head, I only got as far as the middle, so later on in the story, please don't get mad if it drastically drops in excitement... This is, after all, one of the more experimental fics. Also, the main character of the story is in fact, based on me. But not everything about her is like me. The settings and such are real things in the real world, and nothing is made the real world (other than characters). I had more trouble in trying to make the title make sense (unsuccessfully) than make the story. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the fic!

Summary: "Today, around 4 and 4:30 PM, three local children have mysteriously disappeared in their own rooms. Two being twins, Randi and Rodney Parker, 9, and Nita Kendall, 13, the third child, having no relation to one another by known sources. Police have been looking frantically and found nothing yet..." It started with 3 kids. And then others around the world. All having one thing in common: the love for KND. When a girl becomes one of them, she finds herself in another world, another 'show', known to cartoon fans as "Codename: Kids Next Door". All kids encounter the KND universe, frantically looking for a way out. Can this girl help them escape?

Disclaimer: I have not ever owned Codename: Kids Next Door and never will. Like the main character, I only fantasize.


Operation: REAL

R.eal operatives
E.venly attack
L.overs of KND-

Writing Operatives—Ahhelga (Pauline) and Rika T. Wilshire Umo-




The sky was clear, and dark. Stars splashed the setting in the air. Only, not many people would have seen this beauty in smog-central San Fernando Valley. Lights brightened skies and streets, and only in the tightest of places rested darkness, such as a bedroom or an alley way.

The city was loud and hectic, even at night. The freeways were slightly busy, and there were more fires. Yep, everyday things in Southern California... This time, everyone was even more hectic because of television. Every person was waiting to get home for at least one TV show. Kids were anticipating new episodes on Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel, and such of shows they love. The older, teenage crowd, were waiting for shows on The-N, or MTV, (or for some, what the kids were watching) and others. Adults, and older were waiting for a sports event or the debates or news. Everyone was anticipating for something.

Who knew that TV would cause such havoc?

For, in an apartment by the FWY (freeway to those who don't know), was a girl. Her name was Piper Alexander, twelve and happy with that... This girl was like most kids—cartoon addicted. And among those shows were Codename: Kids Next Door, her favorite. It was almost on, and she was happily sitting on the rug in front of the TV; the couch was too far away to sit on.

Feeling the adrenaline, she bit her lower lip, showing her black and orange braces, while clutching her ankles in Native-American style seating. The new Kids Next Door was on! Just as Tommy (Tommy and Nzinga on Fridays on CN) was saying "It's a brand new Codename: Kids Next Door" the TV switched channel.

Piper's eyes bugged out, as she stared at the screen—the news, yuck!

"Piper, I need to watch this for a second," said her mother, who was coming in through the door, holding the remote. "There's a piece about the store, and I'm in it..."

"Mom!" she cried. "But it's the new Kids Next Door! I don't really care if you're on the news! No one watches the news!"

"Well, I do, and I want to see..." warned her mother. "I know for a fact that Kids Next Door is at ten o'clock also; you have been bugging me about it for the past when ever!"

"But-but!" she tried to argue. "Why can't you use your TV? I can't, because it doesn't have cable, and I won't be able to hear what they're saying! It's too static-y!"

"Well, that's what I mean, I won't be able to see," the grown woman said, while putting down her bag on the counter before plopping herself down on the couch. "Just watch, you might hear about something interesting..."

Piper groaned. She walked over to the couch next her mom, as she was pulled down by gravity. She redid her dark brown hair into a loose bun, and wiped her hazel eyes. She wore a violet T-shirt over a black long sleeved one, with baggy jeans. It was her usual look. And, if it was like a cartoon, she'd never really have to change outfits.

Piper thought of what should she do. She was thinking about going on the computer to read fanfics, but she did that enough times in the day. She also contemplated about drawing fan art of her favorite couple, Numbuh 3 and 4. People said she had a knack at drawing, but she didn't think so.

Waiting for her mom's piece to pass, she sat.

"Today, around 4 and 4:30 PM, three local children have mysteriously disappeared in their own rooms. Two being twins, Randi and Rodney Parker, 9,"—here showed a picture of two smiling blue-eyed kids (both having blonde hair under green caps, and wearing the same green shirt and ripped jean shorts—the only difference was that the girl had her hair in a ponytail)—"...and Nita Kendall, 13, the third child,"—it now showed a smirking dark-eyed girl with tanned skin with long black hair wearing a pink tank top—"...having no relation to one another by known sources. Police have been looking frantically and found nothing yet..." The female reporter sat, looking solemn.

"Oh, how sad, isn't it, Piper?" her mother inquired to the young girl, who just scowled in response. "Piper... they're kids just like you..."

"Well, I don't know them, so it doesn't matter to me..." she replied, resting her head on her arm on the arm rest.

The reporter continued, "These children were believed to be watching TV, as the children's parents, watching the same thing. There are no leads just yet, but police have assured us that they will be found..."

Hmph. Piper thought. Wait a minute... at 4 o'clock on CN is Kids Next Door! I was watching it, Operation: GROW-UP... No, they couldn't have been watching it. Silly me, I'm just watching just to wait for my mom to change the channel...

Before she knew it, the special piece ended and her mom stood up. Piper immediately changed the channel, but it just started credits. She gaped at the screen. How could this happen?! She missed KND! Ok, sure she could watch it at ten, but—but...

"Hun, I got to get to Ted's," her mom said suddenly. "I got to help him pack the shipments for today..." She put on her coat.

Piper sighed. Ted was her mother's—and her—friend, a grown man who worked in an eBay company. It was called Doctors of Auction, and her mom was his main helper. In return (other than a pay check) he'd take the two of them out. She hadn't had a father ever, so he was basically like one. And her mom would go usually at night—and wouldn't come back until late-late night or in the early morning. (A/N: Mom and I have a friend like that, yes, and his name is Todd. He owns an eBay company named Auction Doctors, so yeah...)

"Yeah, yeah, mom..." she said in a way that sounded like she ws bored.

"Oh...Ok..." her mom replied, seemingly disappointed. " know what's in the fridge and my number... See you, love..."


She should have said something else—something to say more than bye for a journey that she was embarking...

Kids Next Door was finally on, and Piper was back in her spot in front of the television. She has seen this enough times to memorize the beginning...

Numbuh 5...

Numbuh 4...

Numbuh 3...

Numbuh 2...

Numbuh 1...

Just as Numbuh 1 landed, she felt her eyes grow larger, and fall back onto the floor. She had fainted...

If only she knew where she would end up... If she did, she'd be bringing her cell phone. (A/N: Well, that's what I would do.)

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(And we're back!)

Wh-Where am I? Is it day time? Why am I outside?

She noticed a bird fly by. Only, it wasn't a bird. It wasn't real, she meant. It was flying, yes, but there were things such as... the trees! They were definitely not real.

Wait a minute... Trees? Where was she? She immediately sat up and looked around. In front of her was a—cartoon?

"Hi, my name's Randi!" the cartoon girl said, kneeling in front of Piper. "You're finally awake, hm?"

She looked exactly like the girl on the news with the twin brother... Only, she was in KND style... Piper came to an idea. She immediately brought her hand up to her face. It was all...bulgy and fat.

"Th-this is not my hand!" she exclaimed.

She looked down at her legs, which were just like Numbuh 4's jeans and her shirt. Sure, she had her two shirts on at that moment (the black one and violet one), but they surely weren't the ones she was wearing. The black shirt looked like it was stuck to her skin ended at her wrists, of course, not like Numbuh 3's, but it didn't look like Numbuh 1's either (they were sweaters not long-sleeved shirts she came to realize). Her hair was perfectly shaped, and not a hair out of place, save the two strands that stuck out on the top of her head. Her bangs were parted, sort of a cross between Numbuh 362's and 3's, while her hair was brought back in a small ponytail at the back. She licked her teeth, there were still braces, but like any other cartoon with braces, there was no color and her teeth looked perfect and white.

"You look awesome!" Randi exclaimed. "Well, at least you're not as freaked out as Nita there..."

She pointed her thumb in back of her at her brother, who looked exactly like her only, without the ponytail, and a girl who was weeping. The girl had been quickly recognized as Nita, the girl on the news, and she was wearing a pink tank top that was slightly above her belly, and a
lavender colored skirt.

"But I look fat!" the teenage girl (she's 13) cried. "I don't wanna be a cartoon as much as I love KND! I had such a perfect figure!"

She leaned against the tree as Randi and Piper stared.

Piper spoke up. "All of you guys were on the news, and they said that you disappeared..."

Randi sighed. "Well, yeah, but all we know is that we fainted and woke up here..."

"Same thing with me..." whispered Piper.

"I know," she replied.

"So...why are you here?" Piper asked. "Here in this small clearing, I mean, not in another place..."

"It's the only place we do know..." replied Randi. "Nita is too scared to move on to other areas, and Rodney is still examining this place with...trees. I just want to explore the rest of this world... It's not everyday you're in the world with the KND..."

Piper stopped. That was right, she was in the KND world... how could she have forgotten? It wasn't a coincidence that they looked like them! Oh, man, that meant she could see Numbuh 1, and Numbuh 2, and the whole team! She got excited...

Wait a minute...this is probably a dream... she thought. No... I wish it wasn't, but if it wasn't, how will I get out? How can this be real, though? It's definitely a dream...

"It's a dream..." whispered Piper.

"Oh, heavens, no!" Randi cried.

"'Oh heavens, no'?" repeated Piper. "Who says that any more?"

"Well, where I come from, it's still cool!" she defended.

"Yeah, right..."

"And still, this isn't a dream... I got hurt; I fell out of the tree and my dreams would end by now... Also, Nita said that she doesn't dream, which is kind of weird, so that just proves that this isn't a dream."

"Um...but what if you're all part of my dream?"

"Hm...interesting... Wait a minute; I'm for sure another person, so I can't be in your dream without being completely dependent! So...that must mean it's my dream..."

"But then, reverse that over to me, Randi..."

They sighed. It wasn't a dream. It couldn't be a dream for Piper; she never met anyone so smart in a dream... They sat in silence (well, not so silence because of Nita's crying), thinking.

Behind the bushes was a pair of eyes, hidden behind red hair...

"So...what should we do, Randi?" asked Piper.

"I say we should go!" she exclaimed. She turned to the other two. "Hey, you wanna come with us to find the KND?"

Nita jerked up. And Rodney gladly sighed.

"Sure, sis..." answered Rodney.

"Of course!" Nita exclaimed. "We gotta find Hank—I mean, Hoagie!"

She stood up, and jumped around, yelling "Hank! Hank!" Rodney went up to his sister and thanked her. He noticed Piper and stuck out a hand...

"I'm Rod—" he started.

"Rodney, yeah I know..." she said. "I'm Piper."

"Piper!" exclaimed Nita, who was obviously listening. "Wanna go find Hank?!"

Piper replied. "Um...Nita, Hank is Hoagie, and he's—"

"I know that! Just--"

They noticed the bush move. Out came a boy, he was obviously listening and he had a straight face. Red messy hair fell over his eyes (even if at the top it was neat), like most of the KND (who had their eyes covered), and he wore a grey sweater like Numbuh 1's, and skin-colored pants. He had very peachy skin, and freckles around his Numbuh-5-looking nose. Piper stared at him.

For a cartoon, he's cute.

Wait, wait, what was she thinking?! She doesn't like guys, for some reason, they like her. But...even as a cartoon, he struck her.

"You're not going to get anywhere like that..." he whispered. "You can't find the KND headquarters..."

"And what makes you think that?" Rodney asked.

"I already know... There's no way to get to them without being in trouble or knowing all their hideouts..."

Nita exclaimed, "Yeah, so?! We all watch Kids Next Door, so we must know at least some hideouts, huh?"

The others acknowledged. The boy sighed. After the others agreeing to the idea. They were about to go when the boy shouted.

"Stop!" he shouted, pointing at the rest. "I know where they are...just...we have to go together, and it's this way. So, you would have been going in the completely wrong direction. You should follow me..."

"Wait, wait, wait!" yelled Rodney. "Why should we listen to—huh?"

There was a loud crashing noise. Smoke started to rise from a few trees down, and the five kids stared. Piper, out of instinct, started running towards the smoke, through the trees, and then the others followed. She stopped in another clearing: in front of a pod-looking-thing. Immediately after her the others stopped, the boy stood next to her and gaped.

They heard coughing from the pod and heard a door opening. The smoke was in the way of seeing, but as the person got in view, all of their mouths practically dropped to the floor.

Nita squealed. "Oh my God! Oh my God! It's—!"

The other's whispered it along her yell, "Chad..."



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