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Summary: "Today, around 4 and 4:30 PM, three local children have mysteriously disappeared in their own rooms. Two being twins, Randi and Rodney Parker, 9, and Nita Kendall, 13, the third child, having no relation to one another by known sources. Police have been looking frantically and found nothing yet..." It started with 3 kids. And then others around the world. All having one thing in common: the love for KND. When a girl becomes one of them, she finds herself in another world, another 'show', known to cartoon fans as "Codename: Kids Next Door". All kids encounter the KND universe, frantically looking for a way out. Can this girl help them escape?

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There has been some cases where females—or even males—have attacked celebrities, really hot guys, really hot girls, really hot celebrities, or even friends. Now, in the mind of a hormonal teenager lies only glomping, kissing, and even farther.

Of course, it's only instinct, and most think before acting. Not Nita.

"Oh my God, Chad!" she yelled, literally glomping him. "I absolutely love you! Of course, you're so cute with Numbuh 362! But she's no match for I'm here!"

Piper heard Randi scoff. The girl next to her yelled out.

"No! He goes way better with Cree!" Randi yelled, as she got closer to the two teens. "It's only common sense..."

"What are you two talking about?" This hadn't come from Chad. It had come from Rodney. "He's best paired up Numbuh 86!"

"No, no!" Piper yelled now. "Numbuh 86 is way better with Numbuh 1!"

"What are you talking about, Piper?" Randi exclaimed. "Numbuh 1 clearly is well with Numbuh 5!"

"Numbuh 1 goes with Lizzie!" Rodney said. "She's only his girlfriend!"

"And..." Nita said. "Numbuh 5 goes with Numbuh 2!"

Piper spoke up, "Finally, someone who thinks clearly!"

If this were an anime, I'm sure Chad and the boy would sweat drop, but since the kids were dropped in KND world, there was no such thing. Chad was still as clueless, though.

"What's going on?!" Chad exclaimed. "Who are you guys?!"

"Will everyone just shut up for a second?!" exclaimed the silent boy from the sidelines. "Thank you, Lord! It's not wise to tell him, guys... We shouldn't tell anyone else... Nita get offa 'im... It can get very hectic... I said get off of him, Nita... Chad, I'm sorry, but we gotta go... Isn't that right, Nita?"

She groaned, and got off of Chad. Randi had a questionable expression.

"Wait a minute... how do you know Nita's name?" Randi asked.

"I, err, I, uh...saw her on the news!" he said, trying to cover up...something.

"No one still hasn't answered me!" Chad screamed.

"We—" Piper spoke up but was interrupted by the boy.

"We're in the KND!"

This had come from the boy, and everyone stared at him.

"Yeah, that's right, KND!" he said again.

Chad stared, for a second, and then immediately took out his laser gun. Everyone stuck their hands up, quite scared.

"You..." he pointed to Nita. "As much as I hate the fact that you attacked me, come here..."

"Hey! Why does she get to go with you?!" Randi exclaimed.

Chad glared back at the blonde girl.

"She's a teenager, kid," he said, annoyed. "She can't be one of you..."

Rodney then said, "But she—"

"Oh no, whatever shall we do?" the redhead said.

Piper looked to him, confused. His hair lifted up a bit, facing her, and he winked. She stared for a second.

"Oh...Oh!" she exclaimed. "Oh no, Chad, what are you going to do to us?"

Rodney and Randi soon caught on, and Chad laughed in a maniac way. He held Nita's hand tightly (she still had that lovesick expression on her face), and smirked.

"Well, lousy KNDorks!" he said. "I think that this girl would be a great hostage, don't ya think? I'll take her in and make her one of mine!"

"You mean I get to be your girlfriend!" Nita squealed. "Oh my God, it'll be the best, Chad! But I thought you liked Numbuh 362!"

"What?!" he exclaimed. "Why do you guys keep pairing me up?"

"We—" Piper started but looked at the boy next to her. "Never mind... what ever you were going to do..."

"Well, I... Aw man..." he said. "They're coming."

"Who's coming?" asked Rodney.

"Well, children," Chad said, pressing a butt on his watch. "I'll be off. And I'm not going to forget this Nita girl..."

"Huh?" Nita said, as a jetpack appeared on his back. He grabbed her by the waist and she squirmed, but he flew upwards, without struggling. It was then that the kids on ground noticed that he was wearing his BRA. Eventually, they were so high you couldn't see them.

"Well...Nita was taken..." Randi said softly.

"So...what do you wanna do?" Rodney said casually to his sister, like it was nothing.

"Hey! Guys!" Piper yelled out. "Nita was just taken by Chad!"

"Yeah, so?" Randi said.

"She's been annoying from the start..." Rodney replied. "It's not like Chad is a bad thing, either..."

"Yes, he is!" Piper said back. "He's the KND's enemy! A worker for Father!"

"Father is cool!" Randi piped up.

"Dude!" Piper said. "Do you dare call yourselves KND fans if you don't even watch out for the bad guys?! Do ya!"

"Jeez, Piper..." said Rodney.

"Fighting isn't going to solve anything," said a voice behind Piper.

She turned around to see the redhead. She almost forgot he was there. He was looking at his watch and then put his hand down. His head turned toward them, and his eyes were showing. Two black orbs, resembling the rest of everyone's eyes in this world, were staring at Piper.

"Piper... do you think we can save her all alone?" he said softly. "Did you forget that there are still kids who are coming from the real world and landing here? We have to find them all and go straight to Moon Base."

"Why do you think that?" Rodney asked. "Why do you think that getting everybody will help us go back?"

"I just...know," he said.

"Enough of this!" Randi yelled suddenly. She pointed to the redhead. "Who are you and what are you doing to us? What are you making us think?!"

He scowled. His voice was slow and calm, "I'm Parker, I'm trying to help you get out, and I'm trying to let you trust me..."

"Oh yeah, and how do you know so much?" Rodney asked.

"I...listen, I'll tell you all in due time..." Parker said.

Piper sighed. Like Parker said, this was not the time for arguing. "Hey guys, let's just take his word on it and stick with his plan! We don't even have a plan!"

Randi piped up, "Oh yeah, what about just walking around and exploring! We could find something, like Chad!"

Parker now said, "I already did, and it didn't help, all I did was get lost! Luckily I found you guys, who, unfortunately, were lost! But, I did find away out of the woods before I met you..."

Randi scoffed. "Right... Well, okay, we'll listen to you. Won't we, bro?"

Her brother shrugged. "Sure sis..."

"Great..." Parker said. "Listen, Piper, there's something important that needs to be said about you..."

"What is it?" Piper said, hopefully. Not really sure why, but she had a very fluttery feeling when he addressed her.

"It's—" he was quickly interrupted by a hyped-up bus landing by the pod Chad crashed in.

It was known as the COOL BUS to the KND fans. After a few gasps and "Hey that's that bus!" led to the door's hatch opening, and lifted up, like the door on the car in "Back to the Future". Out came an operative, in a helmet, that read "362" and another wearing "86". This was time for the real gasping.

"Numbuh 362 and Numbuh 86!" yelled Piper.

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(And now we're back!)

"Oh no," Piper could hear Parker say.

Numbuh 362 seemed to ignore Piper. She walked up to them, followed by Numbuh 86, with her hands crossed.

"Greetings," Numbuh 362 said. "Well, did you happen to see a teenager named Chad, who came out of that pod right there?"

"Yeah!" Piper squealed. "He flew off on his jet pack, and he took one of our friends!"

She heard an "ahem, 'our'?" from the twins, but ignored it. She turned to Numbuh 86. She couldn't resist it. Numbuh 86 was right there! But...following Parker's orders, she stayed in her spot.

"Is that so?" Numbuh 86 said.

She took out what looked like a curved pipe (to make it look like a phone), which turned out to be a communicator. She nodded towards Numbuh 362, and pressed a button on the communicator.

"Mission control! Mission control!" she said into it. "The suspect carries on a hostage, and is flying the skies. I want air force up there now! Search high and low for him; just bring him to me!"

Numbuh 362 sighed and looked at the kids. She had only been about Piper's height, and she could've sworn on the show she looked so much older, but she couldn't help but admire the head (head as in head of KND) before her.

"Sorry you had to deal with this..." she said. "Why are you out here? This is unmapped territory. No one comes here but only for search and rescue, and the rest is for reasons you don't need to know..."

"We got lost..." Rodney said softly. It was not a lie either, though.

"Well, I would imagine in this place!" she exclaimed. For a second, she turned to 86, who was still talking to Mission Control. "Well, I guess we should get out of here...Wanna ride?"

"What?!" 86 shrieked. "They can't go in my ship! We don't even know them! What if they're teens in disguise?!"

"What?!" both Rodney and Randi exclaimed.

"We are most certainly not teens!" said the female.

"And we wouldn't be all that bad in your ship!" now said the male counterpart.

"Please?" they said simultaneously.

"Fine," muttered 86. "You'll go in the ship, but only for rescue! Once we get to your destination, we'll go immediately after that... And if I find anything out of place, I'll find you and—"

"What she means is that you are welcome to join us, just don't ruin anything," 362 interrupted.

"Yes!" said the twins.

Parker sighed. He looked at 362 for a second, like he was going to say something important, but shook it off. Piper was staring at him the whole time. Something was up.

They filed up into the COOL BUS. Immediately, everyone took a seat, Numbuhs 86 and 362 filling in the front two. They pressed a few buttons and turned a few knobs. Numbuh 86 took over the steering system.

"So, where exactly are we heading?" Numbuh 362 questioned. "Well, we gotta go..."

Before anyone could say Numbuh, Parker immediately said "KND Moon base."

Numbuh 362 and 86 looked at each other, and then looked at the four kids in the back. Numbuh 86 looked in front of her again, making her way upwards.

"How do you know about Moon base?" said the blonde.

"We're operatives!" Randi said in an instant.

Parker slapped his forehead, and let it drag down. Piper and he glanced at each other. What's up with this girl?

"Oh my gosh!" she said. "I'm Numbuh 789!"

"I'm 776!" exclaimed her brother.

Parker shot both of them a murderous glare. Their eyes went wide as they purse their lips into their mouth and let their eyes roll, landing on each other. Piper sighed and made a soft giggle.

"You are not 789 and 776!" said Parker.

"Yeah we are! Prove it that we're not!" Randi said.

"Prove it that you are!" Parker said.

The twins smirked at each other. Both took out a paper from their pockets and showed them to him. Piper recognized it as the "Numbuh Generator" Official KND Card. Randi's had a girl that looked almost like her, only it was more of an oval head, her hair was in a braid, and had different shaped ears. It read "Official KND I.D. Card Numbuh: 789". There was more writing underneath, but didn't really matter. Rodney's was almost exactly the same, only had different hair and a different Numbuh: 776.

"Wow, you must've been there when the game first came out..." muttered Piper.

"You betcha!" squealed Randi. "Only 776 people before me, including my brother!"

"Aha!" said Parker loudly. "You got that off the internet! That's not real!"

The two glanced at each other. "Fine," the blonde boy muttered. "We did..."

"Mind telling me what's going on?" Numbuh 362 interrupted.

Parker now said, "They're not real operatives, just phonies..."

"Well then, that means..." said 86, not taking her eyes off the glass window. "That you all are fakes! Who are you and how do you know about KND!?"

Everyone turned to Parker. He'd be the one to consult at a time like this. He glanced at Piper, like expecting her to say something. She didn't have the slightest clue.

He spoke up very softly, "We may not be operatives, just, we know a lot... It's kinda complicated to explain without proof..."

"Numbuh 362, we don't mean harm, really!" Piper piped up. (A/N: Me and my little sayings! Honestly, one of these days I'm going to become Numbuh 2!) "Seriously... Please, I don't know why but we need to get to Moon base...Isn't that right, Parker?"

"Please, don't go on..." Numbuh 86 said. "It's so weird to know that you know us and to not know you..."

"Well, I'm Randi," the girl said. "And this is my twin brother, Rodney."

"I kinda figured you were twins..." Numbuh 362 said knowingly.

"Named Parker," the redhead beside Piper said.

"Charmed..." 362 said blandly.

"And I'm Piper..." Piper said shortly.

"I'm—" 86 was interrupted.

"You're Francine 'Fanny' Fulbright AKA Numbuh 86!" said Randi a little too quickly.

"Psh, I didn't need you to say my whole name..." muttered the redhead girl.

362 slightly chuckled and figured it was time to "introduce" herself. "And I'm Numbuh 362 also known as—"

"Hey look down there!" interrupted Randi. She was pointing out the window next to her.

Down below, were three more kids, doing who knows what. Finding it was suspicious, 86 went down to investigate. They swooped down, and landed gracefully. This was another clearing and Piper, looking out the window, noted that the kids looked quite different.

All of them exited joyfully right after they landed. Randi and Rodney came out first and grinned at each other, knowing that the kids would see 362 and 86. Piper came out next; she stuck her hands in her pockets and smiled softly at the three before her (except for the twins). Parker came out after Piper. He didn't smile, and didn't frown; he just kept a straight face.

Finally, 362 and 86 came out. They could see the kids' eyes grow larger. 86 just crossed her arms, and scoffed at the kids. One of them looked older—almost teen, so she didn't really trust them all that well. 362 just smiled at them.

She spoke up, "So what are you guys doing here?"

The three just let their mouths hang and stare at them. One was a girl that had black shoulder length hair, a blue shirt and dark jeans, and she bit her lips, wanting to squeal. The one in the middle, a boy, who had blond hair and an orange T-shirt with black shorts, stayed calm. Lastly, a girl was standing there, looking a bit freaked. However once she spotted 362 and 86 she calmed down, still shocked. She had Blonde shoulder length hair, had a jersey which Piper couldn't describe without a lot of detail, except that it had a 47 with red and white stripes.

"I know, cool, huh?" said Randi. The three turned to her. "Oh don't worry; we're also from the real—"

Piper's hand shot up and covered Randi's mouth. She smiled nervously, and you can, if there was, see a sweat drop. Parker let out the breath he was holding as soon as Piper let go of the girl's mouth. The black-haired girl leaned her head to the side in curiosity.

"Lemme guess, you're lost too, huh?" Numbuh 86 said out of the blue.

Everyone turned to her. And the three nodded.

"This has got to be a dream!" said the blonde-shoulder-length-hair-girl a little too quickly.

"Let's make this quick..." 86 said in a bored tone. "Names, and what are you doing here?"

The raven haired girl quickly rushed to everyone, starting with 362.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I'm Vina, big fan!" she moved to 86 in one movement. "Vina, like I said! Big fan of all of you! Even if I don't know who you four are..." She turned to the others.

The boy rolled his eyes at Vina. He smiled and then said, "Joey, here..."

Then, the blonde girl beside him, interrupted. "Hi, I'm, um, Ginny! So...anyone of you Bucks fans?"

It was quiet as everyone stared. It took a moment to realize that everyone was standing there.

"So, you got one question down (the whole 'who are you' thing) and you have yet to answer why you're here..." Numbuh 362.

"If they're like us..." said Rodney. "They must have just ended up here if you catch my drift."

Everyone, with the exception of Numbuh 86 and 362, realized what he had meant.

" do we get out of here?" Joey said. "Just in case we want to go back to the real world..."

Piper and Parker shot daggers at him. He stared and asked, "What?" but the expression on 362's and 86's explained to him. They looked confused with a what-are-they-crazy?-look.

"Real world? This is the real world!" 86 said.

"Not to us..." whispered Piper.



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