Operation: TIME-TRAVEL

Today or
In time

Very crazily

By Ahhelga

Author's Note: Hi! This is my second major fic! Now, unlike WITNESS, this would seem more KND-related. Not so violent, and not so grown-up themed (the whole Witness Protection Program doesn't seem like a kid thing) So, I figured, why not something everyone could enjoy, and would seem like an actual story or episode? (Even if this would have some things that are not really child-themed.) Also, this will have no cursing at all. I will also gladly take ideas for the title to be improved (the anagram, I mean), so if you have any, please be so kind and tell me, thanks! I hope you have a great time reading!

Pairings: 3x4, 1x5, 2x5, 1x86, 1xLizzie, MushixTommy, MushixSandy, 23x35 OCx2 OCxOC (When it gets closer to the end, you'll see the couples that are the true ones.)

Disclaimer: I do not, and will not, ever own Codename: Kids Next Door, so please stop bugging me.

Chapter 1- Enveloping Mysteries

Kids always seem so naïve, so oblivious to the world. Many would say they were unintelligent, as some would say hyperactive, but few would look at each and every child and call each and every one of them a prodigy.

I was one of those people.

Of course, I knew, I could never have been one of those children, and I know I never will, but all I can say is that the people, who were once a child, were all special, but oblivious to the horror that is their future.

I, however, was, and am, afraid of that future...so I climbed the nearest open window I found: the easy way out. I was even lucky enough to find it. Only one other has found my reason of escape.

I still haven't found them.

I heard rumors. I heard lies. It's kind of scary to think that there was more than what there is known about life. If that even makes sense.

Well, all kids, young and old, have all been special in some sort of way. And most have used this to their advantage.

They've used techniques, building, and a few other tactics with their skills. I wish I had been like them, and I now know I can never be. However, I watch over them, look over what they do. I have seen them be born and grow, and I have seen their death, and their reliving. I cannot do anything else...

They were called the Kids Next Door, and amongst them, Codename: Kids Next Door. Aliases were known by "Numbuhs" and they were usually in groups of five or singled-out for their specialty in one field (such as leadership and craftwork). Eventually, the once town-only project branched out into a nation-wide organization, which became international. I longed of joining, but in my condition, I couldn't.

One team caught my eye, however. Right after they saved me, I couldn't help but think about them. I started to see them more and more often, and the more I did, the more I started to follow. This became an obsession.

But...all that changed.


Operation: TIME-TRAVEL

Writing Operatives—Ahhelga (Pauline) and Rika T. Wilshire Umo (Her mind)


Their tactics were great. Their skills were even better.

Numbuh 1, Nigel Uno, was leader and commander. At ten, he was amazing. He had a girlfriend whom he loved, a team that were loyal and caring friends, a great appearance that made him look intimidating, and a knack for beating up bad guys.

Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr. was Numbuh 2. He'd have the skills for just about anything that had to do with mechanics and flying. A passion of his so great that it couldn't compare to his thoughtfulness of his friends (whom he'd playfully tease around usually); it made him extra special. Also, with puns and jokes like that, it's hard to detach from him.

Numbuh 3 was Kuki Sanban. A very bubbly and jumpy girl who'd always do the right thing...even if she didn't realize she was doing it. But her obliviousness was so strong that it would always put a smile on her face, but when she did notice that the things she loved most were gone or hurt, she'd be one heck of a devil. All otherwise, she always would defend others, while making everyone happy.

However, Numbuh 4, Wallabee "Wally" Beatles, would be quite an opposite. He had a "backbone" as most would say. He would always act brave and want to beat down opponents. It was only natural that sometimes he was afraid and had a soft-spot for a few things...or people.

Lastly, there was Numbuh 5, who was casually known as "Abby Lincoln" to others. She'd always keep to herself and not want to be disturbed. Her actions spoke louder than her words, literally, and so, she'd be pretty quiet. But in battles, she'd think of other ways, ideas, and tactics. It was quite a gift, as was her skillful sneaky self. But she was probably the most important person in this whole charade.

They made up one of the best teams ever in the Kids Next Door. And they were one heck of a team outside also...

This was their story, a story that has yet to be forgotten, 600 years later...

((KND Moon-base—November 17th, 2:32 AM))

"I expect you are having a well night, hm?"

The boy behind bars scowled. His spiked black hair reached only so high, and he wore a sweat suit that was only for warmth and camouflage. Black gloves and boots were placed on him for reasons only they knew, and it didn't help that he was stuck in a jail cell.

"Well, I'd be pretty darn okay, if you didn't have to put on these gloves on me..." he answered the girl.

She smirked, knowing that she couldn't do that. She wore a blue outfit, and had blonde hair that reached her shoulders.

"Numbuh 362, a Numbuh 44 is here to see you..." called a voice from the door. "He's expecting—"

"I know what he is expecting!" she called back, cutting the girl's voice. "And I'll be there in a second...Just tell him to wait a moment!"

"Yes, ma'am," answered the girl.

Numbuh 362 turned to the boy again. She smiled, grabbing onto one of the bars. She extended her left hand to rub his chin. He immediately moved his head back to avoid her.

"You know...no matter what you do..." she started. "There's always going to be that one boy who once was..."

She stepped back, into the darkness and disappearing. He sighed.

"No...no," he said, falling to the floor. "I'm not. And I'll show you all..."

((A Suburban Neighborhood—November 18th, 3:46 PM))

"Ok, so we'll go in and out..." announced Nigel, walking across the street with his team. "There is no need for being in the same position as we were last time..."

"Oh, c'mon, Numbuh 1," Hoagie complained. "It's only candy. And besides, Numbuh 5 already met the new guy, and she says he's cool."

"Yeah, Numbuh 1, chill, alright?" Abby suggested.

"Oh, I suppose..." he gave in. "Fine, we could get as much candy, ok?"

"So...what happened to ol' Knightbrace, eh?" Wally inquired.

Kuki shrugged, and skipped along.

"I dunno..." Hoagie said. "I don't keep track of our villains much..."

"Well I do," stated Nigel. "He went to some insane asylum. Kinda drastic for me..."

"Yeah, well...what ever..." Kuki just said. "Hey look! There's the corner! Who's gonna run with me to the store?"

Right on cue, everyone started running. But, when Nigel (who was in the lead) turned the corner, he stopped. Almost everyone behind bumped into him, but he just kept staring as they complained and eventually stared also. Kuki, who was skipping the whole way, skipped to where they were supposed to end—the store. She jumped up and down, her eyes still closed but gleeful.

"I win! I win!" Kuki exclaimed.

No one answered back, but when she opened her eyes, she saw. The row of stores, that were once there, was gone. They were all burned to a crisp in ashes and dust. And, in a matter of seconds, one of the other stores sparked...the fire grew and grew. It was causing the whole block of stores to burn away. Now, it would usually take much longer to burn it all down, but only in minutes it did. The question was how was it doing this?

"Oh...my..." mouthed Nigel.

Kuki gasped and fell on her knees. Wally, who was standing in next to her, patted her back. But he, too, was in shock. Everyone was.

"Get out of here!"

The voice was hoarse and it came from behind them. Everyone turned around to see a man. He had shaggy blonde hair and he had a rough goatee, however, a backwards red cap covered most of his hair. He was holding up a laser gun at the kids, in gloves, and his other hand held something that looked like an envelope. The kids couldn't tell if he was mad or worrying because he wore sunglasses. The hand that held the envelope tightened his jacket, like he was hiding something.

"I said go!" he yelled out.

"What's going on?" Wally asked.


A laser shot right past the five. Only, this wasn't by the man that was warning them. And they didn't want to stay long enough to find out. They all ran towards the tree house...

"Hey guys!" the man called out again, as they turned around just in time. "Catch!"

He threw the envelope, which Abby caught. She continued to run, thinking it was for the best. As did the others. They finally reached the tree house and started to pant. They figured they shouldn't get inside.

"Well...should we open it?" asked Abby.

"I say we should!" yelled out Wally.

"But--but what if he only wanted for us to hold it?" added Kuki.

"So?" said Wally. "It may be some attack on kids by the dumb adults!"

"Yeah, well, Numbuh 5 thinks that if it is, it's a trap..." she said softly. "That would be just too easy to get it. Hello, he practically gave it to us!"

"He did give it to us, Numbuh 5," Hoagie pointed out.

Nigel sighed, and listened to their arguing. He always liked (or really just had a knack) for paying close attention and not to mention organizing, but that was a whole different story. He was going to call upon the group when a voice broke his thoughts.

"Hey, kids!" called the voice that was recognized as the man's.

They all turned to see him, running towards them. He looked much better now, a little more energetic, but there was a sense around him, like worry. He stopped right in front of Abby and slightly panted. He stuck out a hand, indicating the envelope.

"The envelope...please," he said sternly.

"Now what if us kids need it?" Abby said suddenly. "Is there some sort of way to make us believe that I should give it to you?"

"Yeah!" Wally yelled out. "Y'uh cruddy adult!"

The man winced at the words. He put his hands down and sighed. He looked straight at Wally.

"First of all, it's Ch-Charlie," he stated. "Secondly, how am I supposed to convince you that I should keep it without opening the envelope?"

"Well, then, let's open the envelope!" said Hoagie.

Nigel could've sworn he heard Charlie growl. He crossed his arms and stared. It wasn't everyday that a grown-up was like this. It was either stupid or evil...or both. He was neither. He was just aggravated.

"Mr. Charles, or...what ever your name is, I don't think something so close to you will be something so simple..." Nigel said. "Now, we'll be on our way to open it..."

"Numbuh 1..." Abby tried to interrupt (but failed miserably).

"Team, let's move out!" Nigel said again. "C'mon!"

"Numbuh 1..." whispered Abby. At first, she'd agreed with him, but now... it seemed like a bad idea.

Nigel put his finger under the seal and started to open it. The rip itself was actually pretty quick, but frighteningly slow in Charlie's ears.

"No!" the grown man yelled out. Why did I have to come here! The Kids Next Door will not listen to a grown man!

Nigel felt a pull, and thinking it was one of his friends, he brushed it off. He couldn't however, for when he did, his whole body was pulled, and it wasn't by any human hands...

((A Suburban Neighborhood—November 20th, 3:48 PM))

Thump! was the sound that their landing made.

A few groans from Kuki and a small pun from Hoagie later on, was when the five kids noticed something. They were in a pile of kids, on a different street.

Kuki was atop Wally and the rest were in another pile all together. Nigel, who was the first to open his eyes or notice anything, saw that they weren't on the same street anymore, but at one that had different looking houses. There were two-story ones, and colorful ones, and certainly large and small; these were not the houses on the street that contained the same looking homes all together.

He started to stand up and brushed himself off. He heard Abby scowl at Hoagie and yelled, "Get offa me!" He didn't really hear the rest standing up, because two shadows interrupted him.

"Who are you, and what are you doing 'ere?" ordered a voice from the silhouette. "Answer me!"

The voice came from the taller shadow, and it definitely seemed like a girl's voice—almost like the voice of Numbuh 362, but a little less girlish. No one could see the kids' faces (yes, they were definitely kids) because of the sun from the background.

"I said answer me!" the girl said again.

"We shouldn't bark at them..." said another voice, which definitely belonged to the other shadow and was a squeaky voiced boy. "What if they're not from the other side...?"

"We can't be too sure..." the girl whispered. "Now you five, state your codes!"

The five kids looked at each other, confused. Nigel then rubbed his hands, trying to think about what to do. It was then he noticed that there was a watch, a pretty hi-tech one. It was red and had different buttons around it. In the middle was a screen that read:

November 20th, 3:52.

Two days? Nigel thought. We were out for two days? That Charlie man is going to get it! He took us to some unknown town and gave us these stupid...watches?

He looked at the others' wrists. They all had watches too, only different colors. Hoagie's was sky blue, and Kuki's was green, Wally's was the expected orange, and Abby's watch was...violet? He shook the last thought off, it wasn't all that important; and stared back at the shadows.

"Why don't you tell us what's going on?" he said.

"Why would we need to tell you that?" said the boy, not in a way of ordering but in questioning. "It's kinda obvious...you're a kid right? You should know..."

"Hey Willy, maybe they're not kids, but some stinkin' adults in disguise!" exclaimed the girl.

"Oh, why I oughta!" yelled Wally. "We're not stupid adults! We're kids that don't know what's going on!"

"But everyone knows in this world what's going on..." said the boy softly, thoughtful now.

The girl scowled. "Not adults," she muttered. "In 2026, their—"

"2026!" exclaimed Hoagie. "But it's only 2004!"

The kids stared at him. After a few seconds of silence, the two busted out laughing. The KND were now confused. In the mixture of fits of laughter and silence, there was a line to be broken.

"It's not 2004..." whispered Abby. The team looked at her, while the two kept laughing. "Has anyone else noticed the watches?"

Nigel said "I", but she had ignored him and looked at her own, as the others noticed their own watches. She pressed a button, and a 3-D model of the earth came up above it. She pointed at the model and said something so quietly, that the others could barely hear.

"While all ya'll were talking, I was playing around a bit with this..." she said. "I've found out that we're not in 2004 any more...but in 2028... Isn't that right, kids?"

She turned to the giggling kids, who had just calmed down.

"What do you mean not 2004 any more?" the girl said. "It hasn't been 2004 since, well, our parents were ten!"

"My sister means..." the boy started.

"Numbuh 5 knows what your sister meant!" Abby said pretty loudly.

"Numbuh 5?" said the girl. "How can you be Numbuh 5 when he's up on the moon and...well, that's not important. You can't be Numbuh 5!"

"Exactly..." Abby replied. "We're from 2004... and it's now 2028... So that means we just did some..."

"Time-traveling..." whispered both shadows.

"Well, if this is true..." said the boy. "That means...we could—and should trust you..."

The girl took a step forward. The sun was out of reach and they could see her clearly, and not as a shadow.

Blonde hair that reached her mid-back, with a bit of a bowl cut bangs, it dawned on them that she looked exactly like Numbuh 4—only a female...


Author's Note: Yes, yes, it may seem like I'm going a bit quick, but believe me...this is just the beginning. I have this story pretty well planned out, so don't have doubts. I know the chapter kinda sucked but it'll get better. Also, here's one clue (and I won't give you any more before they come): watch out for secrets and details...you never know what I'm hiding... Also, I do know I have another KND fic up, and that other one is the only other KND fanfic I will have out for the mean time... Please be so kind and review. Thanks.

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