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By Ahhelga

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Chapter 12--The Future Freaks Me Out

Her eyes bulged out. This was not happening. This wasn't real. It was too surreal to be real. Her sister…Mushi…was standing there before her. Tears in the back of her eyes started to swell. Was this good or bad, she asked. It was both, she answered herself. Mushi. So many years now.

"Mushi!" she exclaimed, ready to jump up, but realized she was still bonded to the chair.

Mushi, lifeless and still, just stood there, looking down with a blank stare. It was terribly, terribly hard to read her expression other than the eerie calmness. Next to her was the shadow that had been keeping Kuki here all this time. And he seemed to be enjoying Mushi's neglect towards Kuki. She clenched her teeth in anger at this.

"What have you done with her?" The statement was more of a demand than a question.

He smirked in response. His toying with Kuki's emotions started to bug her and she could only take so much. In fact, she had been becoming wise to his actions. Instead of getting angrier now, she calmed a little more and studied Mushi in front of her. The young girl was just so fragile and so helpless that she didn't seem to even realize what was going on. Of course, Kuki questioned whether it really was her sister, for this was not the Mushi she knew years ago.

"Oh, but it is her," the man answered her mental question.

Kuki looked up at him, all fear forgotten in the fact that he could read minds. If what he was said was true, and she was beginning to stop doubting it, Mushi had changed all these years. But then again, one changes all the time. She herself had changed throughout the course of her life over and over it seemed.

Oh how long ago it was when she, Kuki, had been so full of energy.

"You'll remember to be yourself like that after I'm done with you…"

But how is that possible?

He replied, "All these people here had to undergo the same 'dramatic' experience I am giving you. It's all a trick of the mind. You'll feel so much better once I'm done…"

But Kuki wasn't stupid. Not anymore, that is. She knew his trickery. She knew what was going on. She knew who he was.

"You may've gotten me, but just you watch…no one else would join you, Faber…"

And at that last sentence he smirked.

Brian had given out a small pout. The other stared. Things were all going too fast. It was like a weird dream.

"Yes," Brian said slowly. "Chosen ones."

The others stared. Wally clenched his fists tight. He didn't like the sound of this. There was too much suspicion going on.

"The reason we know you're the chosen ones is…simple, really," Brian continued more slowly now. "A while back, my comrades, my ex co-workers in all of this, had been called out of our bases for a meeting. None of us, other than the twins, knew who one another were before that or much of anything, really. I had been a lone worker, separate from my sector. I never did hang out with them much, partly because of my own working and also their own private working. I can't even remember all of them. So, I had been like a loner. I wasn't like a geek or nerd, instead I liked my job a little too much. I just loved working with the mission archives, since my job at the time was archive organizer and classifier.

"At the meeting, which was taking place in a small village by the Nile's Chocolate Lagoon, I found myself irritable that I was forced to work with other membuhs. Especially ones like them. The twins were quite annoying at first. Since they were both foremen at the Australian base, I thought that they were exactly alike. Actually, they weren't all the same. Sure, they hung out together, but the different personalities struck me odd. Ex-Numbuh 54, Hannah, was extremely down-to-earth and quite an environmentalist, while her brother loved power over anything and was pretty arrogant. And the real love between them was quite…low."

Here's where Wally snickered, gathering several glances from the others, Kuki especially. It wasn't really known in history for Wally being considerate, thought Brian. But then again, they were all kids, and none of them really were on the outside. Amazingly, Wally was extremely rude throughout the whole trip so far.

Brian continued, trying to ignore Wally's attitude, "But they weren't what struck me odd, there was still now ex-Numbuh -34. He was the weirdest of them all. Well…not really, he was just a little odd. And, he also loved so many different things from what regular children liked. But most importantly, he obeyed adults. Up until this day, I don't know why. It just seemed he was always obedient. It was one quality that was the most normal thing he had. That's how odd he was." He took a sigh and looked over at the kids.

"You must meet them. They are in need of your help."

"Hold up!" Nigel stepped up. "You didn't mention ex-Numbuh 78! You know… your brother, Alexander? Do we meet him?"

"What about him? He's right here." Alexander said that. He was still and pale. "We don't need to get him. He came to us. And now, we can't get rid of him."

Everyone basically cocked their heads at the remark. It was a very weird sentence to say. What did he mean? Both Brian and Alexander answered it by turning their heads at the teen in the pod.

There, in the pod, the teen was unconscious. And all the others gaped at what was before them.

Charlie and Chad had stopped on one particular roof. It was like a business building. Like the buildings that were usually noticed, but not really. Charlie, a little exhausted, sat down on the ledge.

"Careful," said Chad.

Charlie looked up and licked his lips. Chad suddenly had a bottle of water in his hands and he was gulping it down. Charlie watched with envy, for his thirst got the better of him.

Chad looked down on the boy and then raised a brow. He handed over his water to Charlie. "Here, take it, kid."

Charlie immediately grabbed the water bottle and gulped down the rest. It was the best water he had ever tasted in his entire life. He looked at the bottle to see the brand, and found weird, unrecognizable lettering. The bottle was a clear blue with just those four letters.

"Chad…" Charlie said slowly, as he said the other's birth name. "What does this say?"

Chad craned his neck and then scoffed.

"Stupid Araknians," he muttered. "It's Araknian. Stands for 'Death'."

Charlie's eyes bulged and he dropped the bottle. Death? And what exactly was Araknian?

"I wouldn't worry about it, kid," Chad said. He had a habit with calling him 'kid'. "Araknians may have a bad sense of humor, but they've got the best resources in the entire galaxy, I must say."

Charlie looked up. "How would you know in the entire galaxy?" He scoffed.

Chad shrugged, "Traveled it all one year. Many places are great tourist locations, but most of it is a bunch of crud."

Charlie stared. Chad stared into the sky. He began reciting the constellations that made it all. Charlie heard him say a couple of times that there was a path. His muttering made Charlie so curious.

"Where are we going, anyway?" Charlie asked, standing up.

Chad looked at him, his blonde hair falling into his eyes. "You really want to know?"


"My time—your future."

"That was my memory."

Hoagie took a breath. Nigel stared at the ceiling. His wife Abby was trying to get him to speak.

"I don't know what I should do," Hoagie said.

Nigel spoke, "Come over."


"I said, come over," Nigel said a little more forcefully.

"But it's like—!"

"I don't care." Nigel took a sharp breath in. "It'll help you calm. And will help me, too."

Hoagie didn't respond. There was no point in arguing with a mad Nigel. If he only knew about him and Abby…this mood would be going on much longer.

"I'll be expecting you."

And with that, Nigel hung up the phone.

"What was that about?" Abby asked, putting her book that she was reading down quickly.

Nigel looked at her blankly.

"What! I have a right to know, you know!" she said, bookmark-ing the page now.

Nigel scowled. "Don't be so demanding."

Abby rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah, and you're not. I just was curious. Gosh!"

"Hmph. You should learn to control your moodiness from the pregnancy," he said softly, turning his back to her.

"What was that? Control it?" she said. "You know damn well that I can't control it."

"Well maybe you should be warning me when you get like that!" Nigel shouted over his back.

"Huh. Is that it?" she asked. "Shall I warn you every time I have to go to the bathroom too!"

Nigel whispered, "You might as well."

"Oh! Then excuse me, I'm sleeping in the living room tonight!" she yelled as she stood up from the bed. "Good night!"

She slammed the door. Nigel sat there, in silence. This was not good. Why had he just done that? He felt like a fool. Of course, it has been like this a lot more lately. Both she and he found the excuse as pregnancy plausible. Or at least that's what they hoped it was. Somehow, the passion had disappeared. When they found out she was pregnant seven months ago, he was disturbed. It didn't seem right. He was together with her before that, but the first month wasn't exactly a sexual relationship.

He sighed. This was going to be a rough night.

"That's ex-Numbuh 70?" Willy cried out.

Angelo nodded. "Yes. My brother was here this whole time."

"He's so…so well preserved!" Nigel said.

Angelo raised a brow. "Excuse me?"

"Erm, you see…he's just…so…" Nigel stammered. "Could we speak to him?"

Angelo and Brian glanced at each other. They gave a slight shrug. All were eager to speak to him, and both the boys probably were too.

"I don't see why no—" Angelo started.


Everyone turned to who said that. Abby's fists were clenched, as were her teeth. Everything stayed that way for a full ten seconds—which felt like ten decades. The brim of her hat covered her face, so it was hard to read what she was thinking in her mind. A questioning air surrounded all of them.

"No…" she said once more, her head looking up now.

"What's wrong?" asked Brian.

She stood still. "This isn't right." She paused. "You know what I mean, Brian. If you looked into the past, you'd know this is wrong."

Brian stood, coldly. They both shared a long, hard stare.

"Fine, I know," Brian said to her. He turned to rest. "Obviously you others don't know what we're talking about."

Their reply was silence.

"Alexander…" Brian said, walking up to the glass port.

His fingers scanned the surface. His mind was lost in thought. But once he came back, he started speaking again.

"Alexander was the most level headed of us all… He was calm. He was bold. He was the true leader. He looked up to you, Sector V. He especially looked up to Nigel." Nigel's face grew red. "His aura was…impeccable. Anyone who came into his surroundings felt a difference in the air. That's what he aimed to make. I was so amazed at him. I wanted to be like him. Everyone did.

"Of course, there comes a time when…not many people like you. Either you've experienced that or not, Alexander was always hated. Not by just one person, but by many. I have said we all wanted to be like him, but that's when you get to know him. Before that, you despise him. He's quite the headstrong warrior that could destroy us. He fought the KND. He was so close to controlling all of it. He was like a dictator. That's why he's here. He didn't want to go. He didn't want to be decommissioned. Then…his brother Angelo here tried his best to stop him. Not even his brother could defeat him—the same brother who Alexander taught everything he knew to. Eventually, the KND guards resulted to tranquilizing the boy. It was the only way. He was in a coma for a year.

"Many put experiments on him. They tried to figure out what made him run. What really gets him going? That's what they all thought. The S.E.N. (Science Experimenting Nerds, if you didn't know guys) found out. They put it in their computers. All their files were coded with a series of passwords and firewalls to block off anything that got in the way. And just when they were about to announce all of Alexander's secrets, they disappeared. Just like that.

"None of us know why. The secret might've been too huge to let it out—and someone else might've fount out they were about to announce it. Unfortunately, I would've investigated, but the KND locked me up in here—with Alexander. Alexander's locked up in the pod because…because he's still stuck as a thirteen year old. He still is ticking. If we let him out…he'll want to destroy the KND all over again. And we can't afford that."

Nothing but silence came. Sector V stared at him. Angelo rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Obviously, they were about to let out a boy with the mind of thirteen, when he's sixteen. Abby sighed. This was what she was afraid of. She knew.


That's a funny thought. Wally scoffed at himself. These were bad times. The last thing on his mind was the weather. He couldn't even concentrate on Nigel's theorizations on their past. A sigh escaped his lips. That's all the British man could ever think of—their past, and what it meant.

All Wally needed to know was…why. Why was Kuki the first thing that stood out when he reached high school? Quickly, that thought was pushed back, and was immediately replaced with "Where is she?"

"Where are they?" he said aloud now.

The agents were long gone. They were probably going to be checking their databases for Kuki Beetles, and her offspring. He needed much more than that. He needed an explanation. This was no run-away kind of thing. Wally was positive of that. There was no reason that Kuki would run off with their kids.

She was kidnapped. And so were his kids.

He couldn't stand it. He had to know. He had to know now. And he wouldn't rest until he did.

It was like a dream. This wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening. Just a moment ago, he and Chad were on top of a roof, exchanging stories. Now… he was in a room that was pretty…high-tech. A little too high tech for his taste. It was so…futuristic. And then a thought hit him. Quickly, Charlie looked up at Chad.

Chad looked down, and rubbed his rough chin, smiling largely. "Welcome to my humble abode, Charlie."

"In 2167."

Charlie trembled. He looked around. So…high tech. Immediately, he ran over to the window, that was large and round. The plexiglass was thick; Charlie could tell when he pressed his face against it. The outside… No words could describe it. He was shaking. No, this wasn't the future. He can't do time-travel! That's…that's impossible.

"You're going to stay here, if we ever need to stay for the night," Chad said to him, his eyes twinkling.

"But—but I can't stay here!" Charlie yelled out. "I have my home to get to!"

Suddenly, another voice came in through the other room. "Chad! Is that you?"

Chad turned around, to the doorway that Charlie hadn't seen until then. There was a window on it. Charlie could be watched from the hallway. Ugh, his father would love to install that into his room. His dad was so paranoid about Charlie's wellbeing. Heck, he was glad Abby was with him sometimes, when she calmed him down at least. Abby was a nice lady. But not nice enough.

"Listen, kid, I'll inform you more about your room and your surroundings later," Chad said. "For now, follow me. And don't stray off."

Charlie nodded. He was curious—but scared. What was Chad going to do?

They both walked out of the room (which had automatic doors! Every kids' dream!), and Charlie kept his promise not to wander, no matter how tempting it was. Eventually, they came into another room. A living room. Charlie sighed at the comfortable feeling of it.

"You're lucky, this room is kept the way it was like back in your time," Chad said, smiling. "My wife and I couldn't part from last century. We loved our time too much to let go."

Charlie thought to himself. So, there was something else he learned—Chad and his wife were from his time. That was good, to say the least. But he wondered who this wife he spoke of was?

His question was answered when a dark skinned woman walked into room. She had a classic 50's mom look to her. He stared. That…was odd.

"Chad, I…oh…hi there," she said, eyeing Chad every once in a while. "Chad, could I speak to you?"

"Sure," he turned to him. "Kid, stay here for a sec. I'll be right back."

Charlie nodded. Both walked into the hallway, the door shutting behind them. Quickly, Charlie got up and put his ear to the door, careful not to open it. And he heard.

"Not another kid!" the woman yelled. "You always do this! Picking up kids from the job! You shouldn't."

"Oh come on, its harmless fun," he replied. "And…besides… this kid is the job."

"Wh-what do you mean, Chad?" she said steadily.

He paused. "I mean…the Boss called up for this kid. He could supposedly stop the wars."

Stop the wars? What the heck does that mean? Charlie's head was spinning.

"Stop the wars!" the woman mimicked Charlie's thoughts.

"Shh, shh, don't let the kid hear!" Chad said. "He can't know too much. Or…the Kids Next Door will have my butt."

There was that organization again—The Kids Next Door. What was it?

"Hmph, this is dangerous business," she said irritably. "You could die. And you might even take a kid's life this time. Again."

"Don't bring that up, Cree," Chad sighed.

"I won't, but I'm just warning you," the woman named Cree said. "If you ever need help, I'm here. Don't hesitate to transport me to save your behind."

"Hesitation's far from my mind." And by now, it sounded like they started kissing.

So he could have me killed? Thought Charlie. This was one weird adventure.

At this point, I feel as if I should interfere. Remember me? From the beginning? Probably not, since you've been so engrossed in the story. I would too. If I didn't know what was going to happen. As you could tell, this compelling story is getting good. But I must say, it's far from over.

I am working my best to tell you, all, my entire story. And I cannot tell you that story without telling this. All these people will come together as one, just to let you know. And until then, there's mystery, chaos and romance. Unfortunately, I'm not in any of those great parts.

Here I let out a sigh, because as much as I would love to ramble on about the future—and the past—I can't. My life has been much too long and too dreadful to go on. Until the next part, ta ta.


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