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Chapter 1:Lucky Charms

The family has gathered round the dinner table for the evening meal. Andy, Aunt Bee, Barney, Thelma Lou and Opey are settled in around the supper table in the formal dinning room. Aunt Bee has made Barney's favorite, liver and onions. "Aunt Bee, you have out did yourself this time with the liver, I have not had such a meal in I don't know when, Barney exclaimed". Aunt Bee looking flushed responds to Barney, "Barney you think any meal I cook is the best you have ever had". Andy jumps in, "Aunt Bee you know you are the best cook this side of Mount Pilot. Remember all those blue ribbons you won at the fair last year with your pies and cookies." "That's right Aunt Bee you are the best cook in this whole county", Barney added. "That's right Aunt Bee", chimes in Opey. "Paw, have a question to ask you" "What Op?" "Well, you know I have been taking drivers education in school. The teachers said it's now time to start practice driving. I was wondering if this weekend you and I could start my driving lessons?"

" I'm sorry Opey I wont' be in town this weekend, I have to go over to Mount Pilot to work for a sheriff who is out sick." "Oh paw, the other guys will all be starting this weekend, I wish I could too." "I could take him Andy", Barney offered. "I don't know Barn, you just got that new car of yours." "You think you wouldn't mind a kid driving it around?" "No problem Andy, I trust Opey, he is a very careful person." "Okay Barn, Opey you listen to Barney and pay attention to his instructions." "Okay Paw, I'll be real careful". The days flew by during the school week and sure enough the weekend was here. The day was sunny and bright without a cloud in the sky. Andy had already left for Mount Pilot and Aunt Bee had left to go shopping. Opey was getting dressed up in his room Opey was so excited about his first driving lesson. He was a little nervous too. What Opey needed was a good luck charm to prevent any problems from happening. He was 15 but still had a bit of childish behavior regarding charms. For example he had his lucky socks for baseball. Opey had not washed his lucky socks since last baseball season. He had hit a home run with those socks, he was afraid if he washed them his home run days would be over. He had his rabbit foot for when he went hunting. He never missed a shot if brought the rabbit's foot along on hunting trips. He had his lucky coin for taking tests at school. These things had not failed him in the past, now he needed something for driving luck. What could it be? His bird was too noisy and that would be a distraction to his driving. His socks were starting to smell, they were okay for playing ball, but would stick up Barneys car. During his class the teacher had always emphasized keeping your hands on the wheel at all times. You know what would be a great lucky driving charm, his tree frog. When Opey placed that frog on sticks and other stuff, it's hand stuck like glue. That's it; Greeny the tree frog would be coming along for the ride. Greeny will remind Opey to always keep his hands on the wheel while driving....