a cold ring.


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chiisa na koto de daiji na mono ushinatta

I've lost something important because of small things.

She walked up the aisle.

tsumetai yubiwa ga watashi ni hikattemiseta

The cold ring showed its glimmer to me

The veil fluttered behind her, a sheer white butterfly over the back of her head. This time, her hair was down.

"ima sae areba ii" to itta kedo sou ja nakatta

I said "All I need is today", but that wasn't the case

Sunlight streamed through the palm tree leaves. It was a perfect day for her wedding.

anata e tsuzuku doa ga oto mo naku kieta

The door to you vanished without a second

She dragged her feet. Maybe it was a good thing the aisle was endlessly long.

anata no shiawase negau hodo wagamama ga fueteku yo

The more I wish for your happiness, the more selfish I become

Even now, even though she had stalled for so long... she still imagined him coming for her.

soredemo anata wo hikitometai itsu datte sou

But still, I want you to stay, and I always did

Right when Baralai asked if there were any objections, she knew he'd come, out of breath, but still managing to shout "I object!"

dareka no negai ga kanau koro ano ko ga naiteru yo

When someone's wish comes true, she'll be crying

She'd whistled for at least an entire half-hour, whistling until she felt dizzy, and then whistling some more until she nearly fell off the dock into the ocean he'd loved. Maybe that would have been a better fate.

sono mama tobira no oto wa naranai

That way the door won't make a sound.

They were smiling – all of them. They had been waiting for her to tie the knot for twelve years. Twelve long, horrible, nightmarish years, without a sun.

minna ni hitsuyou to sareru kimi wo iyaseru tatta hitori ni

I wanted to become the only one who can heal you, who is needed by everyone

She was halfway to Baralai... and to him.

naritakute sukoshi gaman shi sugita na

And I've endured it a little too much

She had met him in Luca, on a trip with Rikku and Lulu. They'd said it was a girl's night. She'd known it was to distract her.

jibun no shiawase negau koto wagamama dewa nai desho

To wish for my own happiness is not selfish, right?

Even now, he was a friend to her, but nothing more. She could never see him as she had seen... him. But still, she'd found herself unable to say no.

sore nara anata wo dakiyosetai dekiru dake gyutto

If that's so, I want to hold you as tight as I can

Maybe it was just the passiveness she'd developed. Maybe it was because living was beyond her, an all she did was exist. Maybe it was because she felt she couldn't break any more hearts. And now, she was here.

watashi no namida ga kawaku koro ano ko ga naiteru yo

When my tears dry up, she'll be crying

She looked down at her flowers. Rikku had ordered them for the High Summoner's wedding, so of course they were vibrant and filled with color. They were all roses – red, orange, white, purple, pink. There was one yellow rose in the middle.

kono mama bokura no jimen wa kawakanai

That way, the ground under us won't dry up.

She was ten feet away from her future husband.

anata no shiawase negau hodo wagamama ga fueteku yo

The more I wish for your happiness, the more selfish I become

Where was he? She couldn't wait all that while until the time when objections could be made. Even better, why wasn't he here now, rescuing her from this false wedding she'd been roped into?

anata wa watashi wo hikitometai itsu datte sou

But you never hold me back, you never did

She felt like running now. Maybe he'd come as she ran, together at last as a horde of wedding guests ran after them. They could laugh all while they ran, never being caught.

dareka no negai ga kanau koro ano ko ga naiteru yo

When someone's wish comes true, she'll be crying

Five feet, now.

minna no negai wa douji ni wa kanawanai

Everyone's wishes can't be granted at once.

She stood next to him.

chiisa na chikyuu ga mawaru hodo yasashisa ga mi ni tsuku yo

As the small earth rotates, I learn to become more kind

"If anyone would object to these two being placed in eternal bliss forever and ever, until death do them part, please speak now, or forever hold your peace."

mou ichidido anata wo dakishimetai dekiru dake sutto

I want to hug you once more, as softly as I can.

She opened her mouth.




an: hmm. Well, this fic may be crap, but the song is really, really, REALLY good. called "Darekano Negai Ga Kanau Koro" by Utada Hikaru aka Hikki. This fic can be much better if the song is playing whilst you read. Of course, even a song can't change it if this is crap. Oh well. As usual, it was a lot better in my mind than as a fic.

Also, I know this is a terrible cliffy. It's part of a fic of mine that will probably never reach my keyboard since I feel it would embarrass me and no one would read it. However, if you do want me to start said fanfic, please review and say so. Thank you.