Losing Ground

Chapter 1

Chuckie Finster, a senior in high school, scribbled down the notes for the geometry test as the bell rang signaling the end of the class period. It was time for Chuckie's history class, which he had with his step-sister, Kimi, and all of his childhood friends, and he collected his books so he could make his way out of the classroom.

On the way to his locker, Chuckie was slammed into by the jocks. They laughed and cusses as they all called him, "Nerd!" Chuckie never got used to being tormented, even thought it was a daily occurrence. Chuckie slammed his fists into his locker. "This happens every day. When will they leave me alone," he asked exasperated.

Chuckie was grabbing his textbook and notebook for history class when the locker door next to his slammed shut. "Hey, Finster," a cool, feminine voice said.

Chuckie turned and saw Marina Lawson, also a senior, standing in front of him in all of her punk glory. Chuckie nearly dropped his books at the sight of Marina in her off-the-shoulder, fishnet sleeved shirt and rocking black pants with suspenders hanging from them. She wore a black choker with a gothic cross. Her curly hair was gelled so that it wasn't frizzy, and the back was pulled back into a ponytail.

"Marina." Chuckie breathed as he nervously brushed his shaggy hair out of his eyes.

"How about you come over to my house tomorrow?" Marina asked smiling seductively.

A group of Marina's friends were waiting for her next to the history doorway, and Chuckie's step-sister, Kimi, watched from inside the classroom. Kimi was shocked to see Marina talking to Chuckie. "What does she want," she asked herself. "She's not his type, so what favor does she want?"

Chuckie smiled uncontrollably. "I'd love to," then his smile faded, "But, I have to work tomorrow."


"Barnes and Noble." Chuckie said quietly.

Marina grinned and stepped up next to Chuckie. Her eyes were heavily etched in black eyeliner and eye shadow, but Chuckie found it sexy. His mouth went dry just at the sight of her, and he realized he was falling for her too hard too soon. Marina's pouty, lip glossed lips opened as she said, "How about I come visit you, then?"

Chuckie felt his face flush. "Sure."

Marina smiled. "Great. I'll be there at noon."

"I'll be on my break then."

"Rock on," she replied before heading back towards her friends.

Chuckie stood stunned for a moment as his head surged with thoughts about Marina. None of the thoughts were particularly school appropriate, but it was an uncontrollable reaction for a teenage boy. He snapped out of his daydream fairly quick and headed into history class before the tardy bell sounded through the halls.