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CH 1 Devon's invasion

"Maxie! The town is fully surrounded and my men are ready!"

"Good. Attack at O six hundred hours. Rustboro, and more importantly, the Devon Corporation, with fall at the hands of Team Magma!"

"Yes, sir." What looked like hundreds of older teenagers were walking towards a large town that hadn't woken yet. They all had pokeballs drawn, ready to throw. The fountain in front of the beginner's school seemed to grow louder as the hooded teens neared. The hoods had little black ears on them, and were on the back of a small jacket that only covered the people's chests. Under the small jackets were black t-shirts, tucked in to tan, baggy jeans that were held up with a black belt. The belt had a big, red colored M for the buckle.

"Leah, are you nervous?"

"Hmm. I'm not sure the Admin made a good choice, having me take part in such a huge operation! I haven't even been in ONE mission!"

"Shelly knows best. You've been training with her and the other newbies, and you'll do fine. Just remember, first thing you and your squad do is round up all of the rebels who think they can overthrow us, and kick their asses."

"But, DJ, what if Vulpix isn't good enough?"

"You have your Shuppet, don't you?"

"Yeah, but Vulpix is my best. Oh! I forgot to tell you. I caught this yesterday!"

"Hmm. Let's see." DJ let his sister's newly captured Pokemon out of its pokeball. "Good! You caught a Poochyena. Just catch a few more Pokemon, and you'll be tough to beat in training, and you'll do great on missions."

"If you say so."

"What are you two doing? Family time can wait! Leah! Wait until I give the order to release your Pokemon!"

"Sorry, sir." "I've just spoken to Maxie, and I'll give the order to attack at 6, so be ready!"

"Yes, sir!" DJ had been part of Team Magma for a couple years, now. Just a month or so ago, he went back to the orphanage to pull his younger sister into the team. She agreed and fled from the orphanage. Maxie made sure all records of each member of Team Magma disappeared. Leah and DJ were no exceptions. Their names, identities, social security numbers, identity of their parents who were dead, all vanished. They had no family, and the orphanage didn't even realize they had gone missing. No one cared about, or for them, except the team that brought them in.

"Ready, attack!" Leah ran with the others in her section as her brother split to join his own.

"Good luck, DJ!"

"You too, Leah!" Leah and the others with her stood watch by the fountain, waiting for trainers from the town to wake and challenge them. DJ followed his own group to the front of Devon Corp. They stormed in, pokeballs at the ready.

"On three, let the Chinchou out. Three!" Four of the members let out their Pokemon. The Chinchou were short, about a foot and a half. They were oval shaped and blue. The large eyes looked around, and started to light up their yellow antenna. The glow illuminated the lobby of the building, and DJ could see no one blocking any doors. They walked closer to the stairs. Their main goal was to reach the top level and hack the computer system to take over the corporation.

"Wait. The alarm cannot go off. Koffing! Smokescreen!" The Admin leading DJ's group sent out a circular purple colored Pokemon. It had a yellow marking shaped like a skull crossbones near its gaping, smiling mouth. It had small holes all over it, issuing small amounts of gas as it floated in mid-air. The Pokemon's wide eyes got wider as it puffed up, and then contracted, letting out a large amount of smoke. The smoke passed over the walls, and red beams of light showed up in the hallway in front of DJ and his crew.

"Continue!" The small portion of the team knew it had the most important job of all in taking over Devon Corp. Each of them, one by one, inched carefully through the now visible security lasers. What was on the top floor of the corporation, laid many inventions that either enhanced the power of Pokemon, or helped trainers in their quests. But Maxie was looking for what he knew was there. A device that brought ancient Pokemon fossils back from extinction. The Pokemon wanted by Maxie: the ancient Pokemon, Relicanth. DJ, or even the Admins had no idea what importance Maxie saw in this Pokemon. From what they had discovered in past missions, is that Relicanth was a fairly weak Pokemon. Of the rock and water elements, it was especially vulnerable to the grass element, and the rock characteristic did not help against the water's weakness of electricity. Relicanth was also heavy and slow, unless in the water. Plus, every last Magma member knew all of Maxie's Pokemon, each one ten times more powerful than the weak rock fish. But members of Team Magma had absolutely no right to question a direct order given by an Admin, or much less Maxie himself.

"Which floor? Check the map, Taylor."

"The map says the highest floor is the eighteenth. If the elevators are accessed before a non-locked switch on the tenth floor turns off the security, the alarms will automatically be activated. There's a switch off for the alarms on the third floor, but it needs a card key. The entire fourth floor is touch-sensitive, and will sound the alarm. We need a card key, or we can't get by."

"Unless we don't touch the floor."

"That's impossible, sir."

"What do you mean?"

"We don't have that gear here, Matt!"

"How dare you call me by my name! You will call me SIR unless I say otherwise."

"I'm sorry, SIR."

"That's better. Now. First rule of being a Magma operative. Always come prepared." The Magma Admin, or administrator searched through his backpack. He pulled out a rope, and a spear gun. He hoisted it on to his back, and led the team to the third floor. Now. DJ. Send Ghastly into the room. He led his Ghastly out of the level, and to the stairwell. DJ went with. He reached the fourth floor, and opened the stairwell door. Ghastly floated through, purple gas trailing and filling the dark room. DJ saw five security lasers, pointing from corner to corner down the hallway. Ghastly, being a ghost, transparent, went right through the lasers, not setting them off. DJ and Ghastly headed back down, to report what he found.

"Sir, the hall has five security lasers, corner from corner, none of them covering a path on the ceiling."

"Good. Then we'll be able to pass through. Taylor. What do all floors have by means of security beyond the fourth?"

"The fifth floor has a vault full of money, there's a lot of security inside the vault, but other than that, there's nothing on the higher floors. Until the twelfth and eighteenth."

"We'll deal with that when we get there. Our main concern right now is getting past the fourth floor."

Rustboro City

"Leah, hold tight. No one's gonna battle us until they're AWAKE! Can't you see that they're sleeping?"

"Sorry, I'm just tense."

"Uh, just be ready when or better yet, IF they come. This is a quiet town. We may not get many that get aggressive."

"I know, but this a top ranking mission, and my first."

"Don't worry, Leah. Hey, my first mission was stealing an unguarded Ultra Ball for Maxie. It was sooooooo boring. You're very lucky to be on a high priority mission like this. Shelly must've seen somethin' in you. Maybe it has something to do with your older brother.."

"Oh, DJ. I wonder how he is now, in that building."

Devon Corporation- 4th floor

"Taylor, you first."

"Yes, sir." The young girl climbed on to the rope. The Admin had shot from his spear gun, and hit the far end of the hallway, with a rope attached to it. He attached the other end of it to the side of the hallway the group was on. When each member of the group crossed the rope, they did so by attaching their belt around it, and slid slowly across it. Taylor slipped twice, luckily away from the security lasers. DJ was next, sliding flawlessly across the hallway. He had had practice on his last mission; DJ took part in the mission of finding the rare Relicanth fossil, in the desert near Mauville. The team members for that mission had to perform this same procedure across quick sand.

"Ah, no one left, it's my turn." The Admin came over the fastest of the group. Being sure not to touch the floor, each person swung from the rope in to the open stairwell. They climbed to the fifth floor, and headed for the stairs on the other end. The building was designed so that each stairwell only led to one other floor, and didn't continue to higher ones. Because of this, DJ and the rest of them had to walk across every floor's hallway until the tenth. When they reached they reached the sixth floor, DJ spotted security cameras. They were turned off. The tenth floor came about ten minutes after leaving the fourth. This floor is where the cubicles started. The group split up and searched every one, finding phones, computers, and personal family pictures. DJ walked in to find the cubicle labeled, "control". He walked inside, and found a large quantity of buttons and levers, things like, "emergency elevator stop", or "security", or "bomb threat". He searched and searched, but no security off - off switch.

"Ugh, maybe we should just take the stairs the rest of the way." "Impossible. The stairwell to the twelfth floor is locked and needs a card key. It's touch sensitive and will activate the alarm."


"Where's the security switch?"

"I haven't found it yet." The whole crew was squished in to the small cubicle, looking for any button relating to security. DJ then spotted a switch labeled "security turn off". He flipped it to "off", and looked at the elevator. The arrows pointing up and down were still red.

"What gives?!"

"Here. Read closer." DJ put his head near the switch and read aloud.

"Within ten seconds of flipping this switch on or off, press the "security" button to activate." DJ looked to where he saw the "security" button, and flipped the "security switch" on and then off, and quickly reached over to press the "security" button. The arrows on the elevator blinked from red, to yellow, to green, then to blue. The group walked towards the elevator and pressed the arrow facing up. It opened with no sound, and DJ and the others stepped in. The Admin pressed for the seventeenth floor, after looking at the map.

"We want the eighteenth, not the seventeenth."

"Yes, but the map says that any access to the eighteenth floor triggers the alarm. I figure we'll just take it from the seventeenth."

"But, if we can't get access, we can't get what Maxie wants."

"Hmm. Taylor, what do the alarms do?"

"They sound off the police from this town, Petalburg, and Verdanturf."

"Can we trust the Magma's on the ground to take care of them?"

"I'll radio Maxie." The Admin dug in his pocket and took out a walky-talky and started to talk into it. "Maxie. We're on the seventeenth floor. The eighteenth will sound an alarm if accessed by the stairs or elevator. There's no way in without sounding it."

"That's fine. My group is ready to handle the police."

"Right. Okay team! Get through the door to the stairwell and head to the eighteenth floor. Group at the top of the stairwell. Do not, I repeat do not enter the eighteenth floor until I give the go-ahead."

"But what about the police?"

"Maxie says they can take them." At this, every member in the group charged through the door, and gathered at the entrance to the entrance to the eighteenth floor. The Admin had a plan.

"Now. I'll take the main desk over from there. Jack, Lisa, have guns drawn at the entrance at the stairwell. Edward, Spenser, you take the elevator entrance with your guns drawn. Taylor. DJ. Come with me. We're gonna try and hack the computer and take over the entire building." Each member nodded as their assignment was given to them.

With everyone in place, DJ could hear the police sirens. Flashes of blue and red shone across the room, illuminating it. Since there was no reason to keep secretive, now that everyone knew what was happening, they called back their Chinchou, and turned the lights on. DJ could hear gunshots in the background, and only hoped that his sister was okay. After about two minutes of trying to hack the password, the Admin, Taylor, and DJ were controlling the entire building, the lighting, the locks, and even the security. The police and bomb squads were flooding in to the building, only to be flushed out again by deadly gasses issuing from the walls. DJ looked out of the high window. On the ground, DJ witnessed a bloody mess of police, and Magma operatives. Many Pokemon had come out and were battling. A huge flash of fire caught DJ's eye. He couldn't be sure, but he thought it was his sister's Vulpix. He then saw heavily armed police climbing the side of the building, firing all the time. Shots were also coming from the ground towards the police, and a few were hit, only to fall to the ground in a huge mess, occasionally on top of another police officer below.

"Sir! They're coming up the side of the building!"

"Stop them anyway you can! Here. Use my Charizard!"

"Thanks. Go Charizard!" The giant fire-breathing dragon burst through the window in a dazzling array of flames, and swooped around to flap its wings to blow the police of the building. Charizard caught each one, laughing as it juggled them two hundred feet off the ground. It then got bored and flew them to the ground. It stood there launching its flamethrower at any police person it could find.

"Charizard will help down there. We have to worry about getting the fossil regenerator for Maxie. DJ. Open every door and cupboard. Magneton! Go! Magnetize the locks and open them!" DJ looked through each of the opened doors. He found many PokeNavs, but tossed them aside.

"Where is it? Sir! I can't seem to find it! There are only PokeNavs and cheap prototypes!"

"Don't worry. I found it. It was in a drawer in the desk. I'll radio Maxie." "Sir, we have the device. Should we leave the tower behind?"

"Yes. We have no use Devon Corp. anymore."

"I understand. Jack, Abra, now."

"Yes, sir. Abra! Come on out and use Teleport!" All of the members of the group were Teleported to where Maxie was standing with another Admin.

"The device Matt."

"It's right here, sir."

"Good. Jack, DJ, get rid of the police. And when you're done, all of you assess damage and report back to me." DJ walked towards the hundreds of police along side Jack.

"Ghastly! Hypnosis!" Ghastly's eyes glowed, and beams of light flooded from them on to the police.

"Now! Breloom! Sleep Powder!" The mushroom Pokemon blew out a haze of shining blue powder, and it floated down on the police. All of the Magma operatives covered their mouths, and retreated to where Maxie and the others were.

"Now hurry and assess before they wake up!" DJ and the others split to take sections of the city. DJ counted and recorded the names of the dead and unconscious Magmas as he placed red flags on them so they wouldn't be counted twice. They took the unconscious back to the medical helicopter for treatment, and continued to launch the sleep powder every time someone new entered the city. They piled the dead one of the helicopters, and flew off immediately.

"What a success! And only three Magmas dead. I expected more."


"Leah! I so happy you're safe."

"Ugh, One of my friends died. She just started too, it's horrible. I didn't know it'd be like this."

"Don't worry, Leah. On other missions, no one dies. This was a huge operation, and it went great. It was pretty fun, actually."

"I guess, look at Poochyena! I don't know what happened, but it looks stronger now!" DJ let out the Pokemon, but it wasn't a Poochyena, it had evolved in to a Mightyena.

"Congrats, sis, it evolved. It's called Mightyena, now." "Wow! That's amazing!"

"Pack up! Group six that entered the building! Good work. I want a full report explaining what took place in there from each of you by the end of next week." All of group nodded with a "Yes, sir".