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Chapter 4

Rescue Mission

Alex looked on in horror from his hiding place as he watched helplessly as Arinia was taken prisoner by several Team Aqua members. He was tempted to run after her, but he knew that his tiny Magby could never take all those Aquas. So instead of running to help Arinia, Alex started running towards the Team Magma base with the thought that he would inform Maxie about Arinia's capture. Alex was forced to hide a couple of times, Lilycove police and other Aqua members were around almost every corner, but as soon as the coast was clear, Alex continued running towards the Team Magma base. On the way back to base, Alex caught up with another grunt from Team Magma and told him the important parts of what happened as they both ran back to base.

#################Team Magma Boardroom#######################

"Dang it...... It's not like Arinia to not show up....... Oh well, I'll fill her in later........ Okay first up in our line of business, I want to have some members positioned in Pacifidlog so that they can be close to the Sealed Chamber in case Team Aqua decides that they want to interfere with our plans." Maxie said, sounding very businesslike.

Many Admins nodded.

"Good, then it's agreed, we will have some grunts sent to Pacifidlog to be positioned there. I'll work out the list of grunts that will be sent there later today." Maxie said.

Just then the door opened and Alex entered.

Maxie whirled around, "HOW DARE YOU! This is an Admin meeting, what right do you ha-"

"It's Arinia! She's been captured!" Alex cried.

Maxie stopped midsentence and looked stunned that one of his top ranking Team Magma Admins had been captured. "Who captured her?"

"Team Aqua." Alex replied, not missing a beat.

"Thank you, you're dismissed." Maxie told Alex while he seemed to be in deep thought.

Alex nodded and left the room, not wanting to envoke Maxie's wrath on himself any more than he had already done.

Once Alex left, Maxie turned back to the Admins, "Okay, this changes everything. Before we even consider positioning members in Pacifidlog we must rescue Arinia."

"Right, she's like your daughter or something." Matt said sounding slightly confused.

DJ looked confused too, since he had seen Arinia before but had never heard that she was actually Maxie's daughter.

"Well technically she's my daughter, my adopted one anyway. I adopted her so to speak after her parents were killed in a deadly hotel fire. She was the only one I found alive, so I rescued her and took her under my wing and raised her as my own." Maxie replied.

Mal looked up, since she too thought of Maxie as her father even though Maxie didn't think of her as his child.

"Was Arinia alright when you rescued her?" DJ asked.

"Other than a little smoke inhalation, she was perfectly fine considering that she was four at the time this happened." Maxie replied.

"So boss, where do you think the Aquas took her?" Matt asked.

Maxie thought for a moment before he said, "I have a hunch that they took her to their base in the Seafloor Cavern. They know we hate water, so it would make sense that they positioned their base their so that we wouldn't bother them."

"But we're going to have to rescue Arinia." Matt said.

"True..... Okay, here's the general plan, all the grunts will remain at base while all the Admins and myself go to rescue Arinia. Understood?" Maxie said.

All the Admins nodded.

"Good, meeting adjourned. Come on, let's go save Arinia!" Maxie cried.

All the Admins jumped up and followed Maxie out of the boardroom to head out on the rescue mission, but before they left Maxie made an announcement that all the grunts were to stay at base and were to continue training their pokemon while they were gone. Then Maxie and all the Admins hurried to their loading dock and boarded their submarine and began the long trip towards the Seafloor Cavern. Maxie hoped that they weren't too late and that Arinia hadn't spilled any important information to the unworthy ears of Team Aqua, but only time would tell for sure.