Memories of You- by masamune

Memories of You- by masamune

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Warnings: Angst, yaoi, the usual!

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I'm visiting you again…

Nearly four years have passed since that time. In a tragic cycle of irony and fate I find myself with you again on this day. The clouds declare rain, but I pay them no attention. Nothing could have stopped me from coming here today, not even all the fires in Hell.

It was four years ago that I last saw and spoke with you, Treize Khushrenada. It is a name many know, and one that will forever be remembered in history. He will be remembered as a politician, as a brilliant strategist. People will recall him as a leader of men, and an elegant, noble soul. Some will curse his existence; others will mourn his loss. He will be remembered.

I cannot remember you as anything else than a lover. The face of a kind and gentle man will be my memory of you. My entire fated history seemingly intertwined with yours right until the very end. But all things end.

Or perhaps not…my love for you, that will never end. Even when I am gone my soul and emotions will remain as energy of eternal love for you.

The faltering sunset casts a pale red glow on the horizon. Roses. Never can I see the color red without remembrances popping into my mind. Each time, your handsome visage flashes through my mind and my nostrils are filled with the your smell.

I turn away from your gravestone… such a pitiful memorial for such a great man. Treize… you'll never leave me heart will you? The pain is so great sometimes that I can't think of anything but you. The gaping void in my life can never be filled. It eats away at me more and more each instant. A moment of life without you isn't life at all. Four years I've tried to ease the pain with memories.

I know you wouldn't want me to be sad. It may upset you even more to think that your death is the cause of so much agony for me. I shouldn't cry, but the tears won't stop falling from my eyes.

I miss you…

I can almost hear your voice in response. Whispers of wind that seem to come from beyond death just to comfort me. I understand that this is all you can give me…these phantoms and memories. After all, you've given me the greatest gift in the world already, your love.

Treize, you want me to go on don't you? How? How can I? Your spirit and the barren, time worn memory of you wears me down. There's nothing I can do but reflect on it. I want peace of heart as much as you do for myself. I can't though Treize… I'm not that strong…

I have to come back here. This is as close as I can be to you… at least in this lifetime. Even seeing your grave is enough to make me continue. Shouldn't it be doing the opposite? I get my strength from you and it ties me to you even closer. I can't escape, and I really don't want to.

All I offer is a whisper, a plea to the wind and to you. I want to forget, but then what will I be left with?

"Treize, stop following me around."


Note: Don't ask where this came from!!!! I really don't know. Just popped up. *I* didn't even know if it was going to be Wufei or Zechs until the third to last paragraph…whew… this is more writing then I've done on any of my other fics in days. Oh well, I hope you all enjoyed it. Send feedback if you have the time