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I love father/son, brothers stuff in general. This is my first Charmed fic. When I was watching Charmed last season the Wyatt-Chris story-line got me totally hooked. The fic´s main topic will be Chris and Wyatt relationship but they´ll also interact with their parents. It starts after Chris-Crossed. I know that eppy was a long time ago but I loved it.

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Brother´s bond

Chapter one: The spell

Piper and Leo were discussing Chris in the attic.

"I don't know if we can trust him. " Leo's voice sounded worried. He couldn't make up his mind about Chris.

"I'm sure he doesn't mean to hurt Wyatt. "

"I have the same feeling but I still think he's hiding something"

Piper lowered her voice. "Don't talk so loud, he's downstairs he'll hear you. "

Leo was going to ask 'and so what' when the wall glowed, opening the portal from the future and a demon came in. Piper and Leo looked surprised at him and they were going to attack him when the demon shimmered out.

"Where the hell did he go? Leo!.Orb downstairs, protect Wyatt!" Piper was yelling. It had been strange; the demon hadn't even tried to attack them.

Leo grabbed Piper and he orbed them to Wyatt's room. Chris was there while Wyatt was in his cradle. Chris was already fighting with the demon. The demon had suddenly appeared by his side and tried to attack him. Chris had defended himself pushing the demon against the wall. Suddenly the demon disappeared from the wall.
Piper grabbed Wyatt. Chris looked around.

"Everyone all right?" Chris sounded worried.

"Yes, the demon didn't attack us, he came through the portal in the attic" Leo looked at Chris intentionally.

Chris looked at him worried. The portal? That meant the future. And that meant Wyatt wasn't giving up on taking him back.

"What's going on?. Watch out Chris!" Leo shouted suddenly. The demon had just appeared by Chris' side and attacked him with a knife. Chris orbed out quickly but not quickly enough. The demon managed to make a cut on his arm. After that he shimmered out.

"What the hell..?" Leo looked surprised.

"Quickly, to the attic" Chris shouted orbing out. Leo followed him.

They arrived to the attic just in time to see the portal disappeared.

Chris looked at this scared. The demon had left. But why? He had only given him a cut. Could the knife have something? What was Wyatt thinking? Perhaps the knife was poisoned or something but he didn't feel bad at all. The cut had been a little deep but nothing major.

Leo turned to him.

"Chris. I think it's time you tell me what's going on"

Chris thought for a moment. He couldn't tell him he was his son. That would be revealing too much. But may be if he told him about...

"Wyatt. " he said suddenly.

"What do you mean? "

"Wyatt sent him. "

"What the hell are you talking about? Wyatt is downstairs with his mom." Leo was really confused.

Chris faced him after taking a deep breath.

"I didn't come to stop a demon from killing Wyatt. I came to stop a demon from turning him. "

Leo just looked at him surprised. He didn't want to believe it. But something, a slight sense of connection with Chris made him believe he was telling the truth.

"And what do you think he wanted, Cause that demon couldn't really believe he could kill a white-lighter with a knife. " Leo just looked at him and Chris couldn't believe the joy he felt just because Leo believed him.

"I'm not sure. " Chris tried not to show how upset and scared he was. Before Wyatt turned and even after that, they had been really close and he couldn't believe his big brother wanted to harm him. Wyatt had been the one protecting him from demons, not sending them.

"Come here, I'll heal that wound, and then we'll figure out how to tell Piper and the others...Piper will freak out." Chris smiled at his father and nodded. Piper would freak out, sure, if she only knew the rest.


At the future attic, the demon was coming out of the portal. Wyatt was waiting for him.

"Could you do it? " It was stupid question; he wouldn't dare come back if he didn't.

"Yes, sir" the demon gave Wyatt the knife that still had Chris blood on it.

Wyatt smiled. "Good". Then he obliterated the demon. He didn't need witnesses. This was between Chris and him.
"It's time that you can home, little brother" he mumbled. He had everything ready. He took the knife and he carefully let some of Chris' blood fall in a pot.
He had to hurry. He said the spell.

Through time and space, hear my call
Under this spell you shall fall
Using the bond we share with each other
Surrender to me my little brother.
Open your thoughts open your mind.
From now on, they are also mine.
No longer free, you can't escape.
All my orders you will obey.

Then he took another knife and he slightly cut his hand. He sprinkled Chris' blood with his own. He waited until they mixed and he saw how his covered Chris' to the point that it almost disappeared.

He smiled. It was done. If this had worked he should sense Chris' thoughts, even in the past. It'd work better when Chris was finally at home but he didn't want that yet. He concentrated. Yes, he could sense Chris. It had worked. Chris had no escape from this. He focused on Chris.
"And now, little brother...listen to me..dream..."