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Chapter 23: Brothers for ever II

Wyatt couldn't believe what was happening. He didn't know what to do but he knew he wouldn't lose his brother. He couldn't. He did the first thing that crossed his mind. "Noooo, Chris come back. I order you to reappear!"

Immediately Chris' body reappeared, and it looked like he had stalled the fading to a slow crawl. He looked at his brother, looking as much as he felt confused. "I can't believe that worked. How did you do it?"

Wyatt sighed. "I just did the first thing that came to my mind."

Chris smiled warmly. "My tyrant and bossy big brother. Who could guess that his overestimated powers would actually be helpful."

He sat on the bed, exhausted and Wyatt did the same.

"I'm not sure why it worked, but I sense that it's not going to last. Your presence is still weak, I'm not feeling it the way I should," Wyatt said doubtfully.

"I think I know. Your spell links mind but not souls, right?"


"Well, I guess that when you die your soul is the last one to leave. My mind is controlling my body and I guess it would be the first to fade. I'm not sure but you'll probably be able to keep me here with your spell until it's time for my soul to leave. Then there will be nothing to do and I'll disappear and no one, not even you, will remember me. You just gave me some time."

"And that will be enough." Wyatt stood up, suddenly determined.

"What do you mean?" Chris looked at Wyatt, surprised.

Wyatt placed a warm hand on his brother's shoulder. "Come on Chris, let's go."

"Where to?"

"To the past, to fix the damage you've done."

Chris didn't know how to react. Was Wyatt really going to help him? "We're going to the past?" he asked surprised. "You did a lot first to bring me back, then tried to kill me and now you're going to take me back to save me?"

"Of course. But you'll come with me and you'll do exactly as I say. We'll go, we'll save you and then we'll come back."

"What is it exactly what you're planning? They don't know I'm their son. I told you that I didn't tell any of them who I was."

Wyatt sighed. "I'll tell you my plan later. You also said that you told dad I'm evil right?"

Chris looked away before answering. Wyatt's tone had been filled with anger at the last part.


"Well, at first we won't tell mom and dad who you are. But once we do we'll say that you fixed things but you messed up your birth and we went to the past to save you and tell them that everything is all right."

"But if I changed everything, why would I remember that?"

Wyatt frowned. "I'll think of something. No one knows that much abut time-traveling. You've made such a mess that anything could happen."

Chris looked at his almost-disappearing hands. "I'm not sure but I don't think I should argue, I don't have much time." Besides, if their parents didn't believe the story completely, that was better for him right?

Wyatt read this and he sent Chris a warning look. "They'll believe me. I can act good if I want to. My first step to accomplish that will be changing my clothes, I look kind of evil and you look really funny in those pajamas".

"They are black pajamas, as almost everything in your house."

Wyatt smirked. "My demons wouldn't be that afraid of me if I walked around dressed in fuchsia, right?"

"I won't argue with you about colors when I'm about to disappear. So, do you have something that doesn't make us look as really-evil-rulers of the world?"

Wyatt smiled and flicked his hand. Both of their clothes changed. They both were wearing jeans and colorful T-shirts now.

"This is too colorful, Wyatt. And don't you think that your shirt looks a little childish?"

"No one will think I'm evil if I'm wearing this. Besides, dad gave me a t-shirt like this one when I was a kid and he loved it."

"That's the point, you were a kid. Besides, not evil doesn't mean ridiculous. You've been evil for so long that you don't even know what makes you look evil. You are just wearing that T-shirt because daddy liked it. If he finds out you are still evil he won't be happy, no matter what you are wearing."

"If dad was alive, he would totally support me. But that's not important now, we are wearing this and that's all." He didn't want to admit it, but the idea of seeing his father again made him nervous. His last memory of him was his violent death. He didn't want his brother to read that. Besides Chris didn't have much time. He turned to his brother in a tone that didn't admit discussions. "Now come with me. We're going to the attic".

Chris just followed him. He couldn't believe Wyatt was actually doing this for him. When they arrived, Wyatt began drawing the triquetra quickly.

"Are we leaving just like this? What about your demons?"

"I can decide at which moment we'll arrive, and we'll come back to this exact moment, so nothing will change, and they won't notice anything."

"And if we can't come back?"

"My spell is safe and I won't mess up with time like other people".

Chris shrugged. "Okay. Besides, if we change things we might not remember what we changed after coming back anyway."

Wyatt hadn't thought of that. What if Chris managed to change something and he didn't realize? Or if he couldn't save Chris and he forgot about his existence changing his entire past without even noticing?

He wouldn't allow that.

"Mmm, you're right; I should make a spell so I can remember everything, despite any shifts in time."

Chris felt sorry he hadn't kept his thought to himself (or at least tried to). If Wyatt did such a spell even if Chris managed to save him, Wyatt would remember this time line. And the power he had in it. What if Chris saved him and good and all he still chose to become the source? Chris knew that Wyatt had always loved his powers, no matter what.

Wyatt read this.

"That's right, little brother. Maybe this spell will put an end to those time-traveling ideas you seem to have. And I won't tell you the spell. This way if you change things I'll remember this time-line and switch things back to normal, and you won't be able to stop me from doing that"

"I can make a spell myself and who wants to remember you being such a jerk anyway. Perhaps mom and dad will conceive me but not live together and I won't have to deal with you anyway."

"I haven't thought of that" Wyatt seemed alarmed. "You've changed things so much that perhaps we'll leave mom and dad together, thinking everything is right and after we come back here they'll split. What if changing your conception turns you into a girl?

"Stop it Wyatt! If mom has a girl, then I won't be borne, period. But I haven't thought of that, mom and dad could split and we could have half-siblings...or perhaps with dad being an elder if they split things will change too much. May be he'll take you up there and I'll stay with mom and we won't think of each other as brothers."

"I can't decide. I don't want you to try to change this time-line but I also don't want you to forget that you are my brother."

"Tough decision, right?" Chris couldn't help enjoying his brother confusion. He hated that Wyatt had so much power over him but he had to admit this was a decision he didn't want to make. It was hard to know if he had changed things too much. Still, he didn't think there could be so many changes. His memories were still the same, after all. (Or at least that was what he thought).

Wyatt surprised him with his next words.

"Yes, that's why you'll make it, and do it quickly cause we are running out of time".

Chris didn't know what to say. Even thinking that those changes weren't possible, he found that the decision was really hard to make.

If he could really choose, he would choose to forget this horrible time-line, especially his mother's death and Wyatt killing Daniel, Bianca and trying to kill him. On the other hand, he would never choose not to be Wyatt's brother. He remembered all the times when they were little, especially after Piper's death when Wyatt had been there for him.

"Make it quick, Chris. You don't have much time. If you want to say the spell take my hand" Wyatt extended his hand watching his brother thoughtfully. He could read his mental-struggle and he was wondering what his decision would be.

After a few minutes of silence he found surprisingly relieved when he felt his brother's hand on his.

"I want to remember. We have to be brothers, no matter what."

Wyatt found himself smiling.

"Of course, brother's forever and in any time-line. Read the spell from my mind and say it with me"

Chris nodded and they slowly enchanted:

When past and present meld as one

New thoughts and feelings will be spun

Let not Before affect us Now

Our mem'ries we shan't disavow

"I don't feel anything. Do you think it worked?" Chris asked Wyatt.

"We won't know until we make real changes in time, even then I think the memories of this time-line will go at exactly this moment to us." He looked at Chris worryingly. He was fading and re-appearing again.

"Let's hurry" Wyatt drew the triquetra and then he closed his eyes, muttering a spell. Chris tried to read his thoughts but he couldn't. When Wyatt finished the triquetra glowed.

"What did you do? Which spell did you use?"

"A new improved spell that allows me to go back and forward in time, but you won't hear it"

Chris wanted to argue but he felt really weak. He didn't have much time.

"What will we do once we are there? What plan do you have?"

"I'll tell you there. For now just remember to do everything I say, don't go anywhere without asking me if you can and if they ask tell everyone that you saved me and I'm good now."

Chris just nodded. He didn't have time for thinking anything twice. Whatever Wyatt's plan was they would have to try it and he would pray for it to work.

He almost faded again and for a moment he felt about to fall.

Wyatt quickly held him. And like that they went exactly at the same time through the triquetra.

Chris felt strangely sad when they appeared at the old attic, and it was odd to see the whole family there.

His eyes went instinctively to Piper and he felt some joy coming from his mother. Could she sense something? Both she and Paige said his name and he wondered if they were worried about him, if they liked him a little better than before. He hoped so. His mother's attitude had hurt him deeply even if she had been nicer to him when he had those nightmares.

He read that Phoebe was confused and that when she looked at Wyatt she thought about some visions she'd had.

"Who's he?" Chris heard Phoebe's question and thought it was natural she would ask. But he wasn't expecting to hear Leo answering that it was Wyatt.

He felt an incredible rage. Almost a year with him and he didn't have a clue of who he was and he could see stupid Wyatt and recognize him? Why did he recognize Wyatt so quickly in a second when he had spent a year with Chris without even suspecting they were related?

Without even realizing it he hit the stupid prick with telekinesis. And he couldn't even feel sorry about it.