This is my first Slash fanfic, so please go easy on me. I have recently discovered my new favorite couple (Harry/Draco), and I plan on writing at least a few fanfics about them. Here is my first attempt. Thank you for reading it, and please RR!

Veela Child, Moon Child

by Twilight Goddess7


The Potters had always been proud people. Said to be direct descendants of Merlin himself, they were proud of their lineage and proud of their rank in the wizarding world. There were few Potters who were rash enough to risk their reputations for dark power, and those that were quickly came to regret it. That isn't to say that all Potters were good...for this would be a lie. No, there were light Potters and dark Potters. Potters that wanted power, and those that contented themselves with what they had. Potters that were fully virtuous, and Potters that were a touch amoral.

And yet, the Potter clan had always remained one of the most respected families in the Wizarding world. Many magical beings had intermarried into the said clan, including numerous veela, elves, fae, vampires, and even an unknown creature or two. This caused the Potter blood to become powerful and laced with the gifts and traits of the aforesaid beings. Every once in a while, a specific trait would show up in a random Potter, and eventually endow that person with the rest of the characteristics found in the being from which the trait originated.

One good example of this would be William Potter, who lived around the time of the world-famous muggle playwright, William Shakespeare. William Potter was a wise wizard, said to harbor extraordinary power with nature. At the age of sixteen, William came into an Inheritance that shocked his family. He became a Born-Vampire. Born-Vampires were vampires that 'inherited' their gifts from a recessive gene that had to be passed down through both parents. This new 'gift' allowed William to indulge in a very strange and fastidious life, which led to him marrying one of his distant cousins, who happened to also hold the name of Potter.

Other Potters such as William were rare, but they did turn up occasionally, leading to even greater respect and awe from the magical community around them. There were many branches of the Potter clan, though most ended by the nineteen-hundreds. By the year 1910, there was only one branch of Potters left, this line descended from the purest blood that a wizard could possibly have.

Most of the wizards and witches of this branch strove to marry into only the purest blood and most respected families known to their world. A few, however, dared to veer off into unknown blood, resulting in a strange mixture of happenings.

The Potter branch added many names to their clan as the years passed, eventually including a young man bestowed with the name, James Harrison Potter. This young man, much to the shock of his family, fell in love with and married a muggle-born witch called Lily Anthea Evans.

Little did this young Potter and his lovely new wife know, that they would have a hand in bringing the last lingering evil in their world, whimpering to it's end.

The Malfoy clan was laced with Dark Arts. Everyone who was anyone knew that. They, like the Potters, revered pure blood and made a habit of disowning (or destroying) anyone of their own who thought otherwise. Again, in likeness of the Potters, they allowed themselves to mingle with the blood of other magical creatures. And they too, had a few choice members who were lucky enough to gain characteristics other than wizardry.

Though the Malfoys were said to hate the Potters beyond any other clan in their world, it was also a known fact that some of the said families befriended and even intermarried with each other.

By the year 1976, there was but one heir to the great Malfoy clan. That being, Lucius Octavian Malfoy. Like most Malfoys before him, he was raised to hate muggles, muggle-borns, and anyone else they deemed unworthy to associate with.

The most honorable family of Black was not among those.

The very day he turned five, Lucius Malfoy was betrothed to the delicate Narcissa Allona Black, who was but three years old. Taken with the beautiful baby girl, Lucius doted on her from that day forward, leaving neither family in any doubt of the children's future together.

Indeed, throughout their education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, both grew to love each other beyond anything anyone could ever imagine. Lucius, who was expected to take the 'dark mark' of an uprising Dark Lord, immediately balked at the idea of putting his beloved in such danger. In the same way, Narcissa dreaded the day when her love would enter the services of the evil and fearsome Voldemort, for fear of Lucius' life.

Despite being raised in environments that were ideal for future Dark Lord followers, and not excluding the fact that both still held many ideals that they had been raised to hold, neither wished to chance the other's life. Their love for each other was too great.

Seeing potential in this, Headmaster Dumbledore immediately set to work devising a way to lure Lucius (who was quite powerful) into working for the newly constructed Order of the Phoenix. Promising safety for Narcissa, and a safe-haven for Lucius, both finally bent to the will of the older man and agreed.

It was during one of the many times her husband was called away at the Dark Lord's bidding, that Narcissa came to know another young wife who's husband spent every day facing the dangers of the war. Lily Evans-Potter. Though Lily was a muggle-born, she had also been the brightest witch at Hogwarts. She soon proved to Narcissa that not all beliefs were correct, no matter how strong the hatred was behind them.

The two women soon became cautious friends. Their husbands also managed to form a sort-of truce, that allowed for many enjoyable days of sharing pasts and future hopes.

Two years into the horrible war, a ray of sunshine shone through in the lives of both couples. Within months of each other, the two women became pregnant. Narcissa with one, and Lily with triplets.

The next year on February 19th, Draco Lucian Malfoy entered the world. He literally lit up the lives of all who knew him, with his angelic fair countenance and brilliant white-blonde hair. He was a loud and demanding soul, his cries often ringing out for seemingly no reason at all. But the adults adored him, and his parents doted upon his every cry.

Months later, on July 31st, three more Potters entered the world. Two boys, and one girl. The first born was a boy, named Adrian Byron Potter. The second born was a beautiful baby girl, Amaryllis Jade Potter. The youngest was another boy, Harrison James Potter. While the oldest two had gained their mother's red hair and their father's brown eyes and darker skin, Harrison, or Harry, as he was always called, was a tiny replica of his father, save for his bright green eyes and light skin.

The triplets were as different as night and day. While Amaryllis (Amy) tended to cling to her father and refuse to calm if he was away, Adrian was more taken with his mother, though he too, had a good set of lungs bestowed upon him. Harry had no preferences, and was quieter than the other two. He was content to stay in the background and observe everything going on around him.

The Potters and Malfoys immediately set about aquatinting their children with each other. Six month old Draco was already sitting up by himself by the time the Potter trio was introduced to him. At first, he threw a tantrum whenever the foreign children were put into his playpen with him. Soon, however, he seemed to realize that the strange little creatures were here to stay, and he grudgingly accepted them.

By the time they reached their first birthdays, the four had become quite comfortable with each other. Like all babies, they didn't like sharing toys or playing with each other. They simply kept to themselves and they were happy.

Their mothers, however, had other ideas.

Each night that Draco's family returned to their home, he was forced to kiss each Potter child on the cheek as a 'thank you' for "playing" with him that day. The innocent little Draco, unaware if this was anything out of the ordinary, did it without complaint. And every time, the two mothers would sigh and 'awww' over the sight, while the fathers shared knowing looks.

None of them realized that on Halloween day that very year, Voldemort would attack the home of Lily and James Potter.

And by a shocking twist of fate, every family member would survive because of one child.

Though who that child was, was anyone's guess.


Lily cried out as a terrifying laugh filled Godric's Hollow. She scooped two screaming babies up off the living room floor, and attempted to bring the one silent one into her arms as well. But with Adrian and Amy struggling as they were, and Harry sitting petrified on the floor, it was a difficult task that cost her too much time.

"LILY!" James shouted, skidding into the room and quickly jerking their third child off the floor. Lily let out a scream as the laugh grew closer to the doorway and a shadow appeared on the wall. A lone black-clad figure entered the room, it's horrifying presence enough to silence even the most hysterical child.

"Avada Kedavra!"

A terrified silence filled the room as green light sped towards the helpless family.

There was a flash of green light...

a horrific scream...

and then nothing.

"The Prophesy stated that this would come to pass. But all three of the children were born on the same day. Which one was it?" James Potter asked, cradling his sleeping daughter close to his chest. He and his family had been rescued from their destroyed house and brought to Hogwarts before news had even gotten out about the attack. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin had been the ones to find the wreckage, and had lost no time in bringing their friends to safety.

"Peace, James. May I examine them for a moment?" Dumbledore asked gently, motioning to Adrian, who was being rocked by Lily. She reluctantly handed him over and the older man did a thorough check of the boy. He repeated the same check on Amy and Harry (who was being held by his godfather, Sirius Black).

"Both Harry and Amy have injuries. Amy is on her shoulder, while Harry's is on his forehead. But Adrian has none," Dumbledore said simply. His voice implied nothing, but James' eyes lit up.

"So it is Adrian. He is the child from the prophesy. His power was enough to stop Voldemort's curse and destroy him, but not enough to save his siblings from getting slightly hurt!" He said in an excited voice. Lily cuddled her son closer and looked at the professor for confirmation. The older man frowned.

"Actually, there is no way to tell. It could be any one of them. Injuries have nothing to do with it," he murmured, taking the wide-awake Harry from Sirius' arms and holding the boy up at eye-level. Brilliant emerald green eyes stared back at him, an intelligence beyond their years lurking in their depths. Dumbledore smiled and gently pulled the boy into a hug, allowing the child to snuggle into his white beard.

"And Voldemort is gone for good?" Lily whimpered, her eyes pleading. Dumbledore sighed.

"There are many ways he could return, Mrs. Potter, I will not lie to you. But if and when that is, I do not know, nor do I care to. I recommend that you enjoy the peace you have now," he said quietly, stroking the silky black hair of the youngest triplet. The boy's eyes fluttered closed, and a tiny sigh emitted from his lips.

"Yes, enjoy what you have now," Dumbledore whispered, turning away from the relieved group as the tiny child in his arms fell into a contented sleep.